So, basically, as i i you you just like rent this thing, it’s, like it’s 50 bucks a month with autopay, they take five bucks off so it’s like 55. um, but i was really curious on how well the throughput power is so um. This is my vantage device. It has i’ll explain what this has on it. I just made a quick clip, but i wanted to see how long this will take to upload. So it has two long lan ports, Applause and the uh. The blue one goes to the the vonage thing here: i’m, not probably going to keep that very long. I want to try the t mobile line link service, and i just – and i noticed that this device has a it’s got a cover on it. The art has an rj11 jack, so i haven’t contacted them. I’Ve only had this hooked up for two days, but i didn’t realize that this actually has a battery backup if you unplug it it’ll still stay powered on. I kind of like that idea. You know not that we have many power just how to just hear what we don’t um, but this is uh. I think this is a good idea. I, like the idea i’m trying to get rid of spectrum and the um the download speeds i wish i don’t know how to like put inserts and videos and stuff but um. This is actually a pretty good location. I’Ve tried in the living room like next to the other window, and i’ve tried it over here next to the window, and it works pretty good.

This seems like it’s a hot spot for it for some reason and you can get messages on the number that’s assigned. Like if they send you like, you have to send, they have to send you a uh, a code to create an account and it was actually on the little display. You can do other functions on here, there’s a message screen, but you can see there’s only like two bars on it and it’s. Actually, the throughput power is really good and it’s on the 4g network, so um, i just have it connected to the uh. I don’t want to use i’d rather use my nightgear, not netgear nighthawk router, because it seems uh, it seems it’s good coverage um compared. I mean this is okay too, but this is stronger. I can definitely see by the signal, so i shut off the the wireless part on that one: um it’s, dual band and there’s actually there’s. Actually some heat that comes out of this, i kind of – was really surprised. Actually it has that big white, the adapter, is huge, it’s, huge, so um, but anyway, so i hooked it up to this. I have done multiple multiple tests between the two uh routers um, i just kind of separated them. I tucked i turned off the 2.4 and the 5.8. I think it’s five gigahertz whatever it is. I turn it off on that um. This has both bands and actually i had an interesting result with this with the 2.

4 gigahertz band, because normally, when i test it on the cable internet um, it it’s a lot slower, but not the case here on the 2.4, i was getting about the same results. So i don’t know what the issue why it does that but um they’re both very close to the speeds um on the same on the same band, so i’ve had this router for a while. I, like it a lot if it dies, i’ll buy another one and gear nighthawk, um, so anyways, so the speed tests were um. I averaged probably Music 50 gigabits down and i actually had an upload of about 30 gigabits up. That’S amazing – and i want to see how long this video takes to upload. I was like really surprised. I’M, like wow that’s, faster than cable cable here, it’s, usually between 10 and 12 up upload download, is, is faster on the cable um like 115 megabits, but between 50 and 60 i saw a peak of 64 today, 64 megabits that’s fine it’s. Just me. I don’t game with it so, but i wanted to test it and see how well uh how well it works. I actually have i’ll show you what the box comes in here. I have it out here. So what you do is you you order this it. It took about two weeks because it was back ordered and i receive it in this box – has everything in there for it to get it set up.

It wasn’t that hard to set up you just have to get that when you do the account it’s already plug and play you really don’t have to do anything. I just had to create an account which i did um but uh you. So if you don’t it’s there’s no obligation for this device, so you don’t have like a year’s contract on it, it’s just whatever month to month whatever. And if you get rid of service, you have to return the device, because if you don’t return device there’s a 379 dollar fee, so you got to make sure if you get rid of it. Please send it back so um it’s really there’s. No data caps, which was great, i mean that’s, just that’s i’ve, never heard of such a device that you know you had no data caps, especially for a wireless one that works off cellular um so and it has the apps great. You can see what your data usage is i’m, just kind of trying to get used to how to use the app and um. You know i already got my first build for it already, but you can pay it right online or you can do auto pay and it’s. Only 50 50 bucks i’m on this source, 55, so it’s about the same cost as the cable and actually my modem’s right. There i just unplugged it so, but seems to be good, so we’ll, try it for a month and we’ll, decide or i’ll decide.

I should say what i want to do either keep this as long as it works good. This is fine, like i said um. My average stones are about 50. – usually more 55 56. Something like that, but i did see one upload peak at about 34 mbps and i did a little clip before this video uh. I think it was yesterday and it uploaded really fast. I was really impressed so so maybe i could do more videos if it doesn’t take absolutely forever. I usually always do them for my phone here, um so let’s see how long this video takes and uh yeah. I would definitely i would definitely recommend it. It’S definitely uh worth it like. I said it’s battery, backup so power outage. You can still use your phone off of this um. I have no problem with that, so i didn’t realize there was a battery backup in it, but it gets assigned a phone number. You get all that stuff. When you get the device it’s on the box um, you just activate it.