, Im, John Burek.: This is Matt Buzzi.. We are here this morning with a new Dell detachable, which we opened the box and wed seen it a few months back and had forgotten that it had taken this new form factor., So Matt and I were having this discussion. Yesterday. Matt Yeah, the 2 in 1s, been around but its been a convertible. You know its pretty standard. Now these days. Convertible, you can rotate the hinges around fold: the keyboard behind the screen. Thats, how the 2 in 1s been in the past.. This is now, as you may most easily be able to compare it to the Microsoft Surface, like design where theres a separate keyboard, multiple touch on and the main device is actually a tablet.. So this is the entirety of the PC as it were., But its really a Windows tablet., And obviously that means its super light super thin, but theres obviously also some concessions that go along with that. And its a pretty big change which well get into. The XPS 13 lineup now has three different products and theyve all kind of changed., So its a bit of an interesting shift.. Normally I wouldve been like okay 2 in 1, XPS 13.. I know what to expect., But this is a bit of a curve ball. John Right. Yeah.. So the original original I put in quotes XPS 13 2 in 1, was a yoga style device where it rotated. Screen came around and you could turn it into a tablet.

But keyboard stayed attached to it. Matt Right. John. This is retaining the same name, but its got sort of the Surface Pro design where you pull the screen off of a base. And so well show you that. Matt Once were talking about it. Now off the bat 999 is the base model for the tablet., And This is sold separately, but you can pretty easily while ordering you know, add a stylus for or a keyboard.. This is kind of a keyboard and cover and stand in one., Its called the XPS Folio., And this is another hundred dollars.. So you can go from 999. Add 200 onto that, if you want the pen and the folio., But you can also get either or neither., But I will say much like the Surface. To kind of make this a hybrid laptop to make this a laptop replacement. You kind of need the keyboard and the kickstand., Otherwise its a tablet, which is fairly useful., But a Windows device. You want to use as a PC, John Right., Matt generally speaking., And it doesnt really come alive unless you use the keyboard and the stand. John Yeah.. One of the things you had mentioned when we were discussing this before we went on air was unlike some of the other Windows tablet designs. You cant just use it on its own and stand it up on a desk.. It doesnt have a built in kickstand. Right, Matt, Right. John, So like a typical Surface, Pro does have a fold out leg right, Some of the other 2 in 1 designs or 2 in 1.

Adaptable designs like this have a built in leg or some other solution to make it stand up on its own. Matt Right. John, But this one is … Matt, Just the tablet. It needs the stand., So you saw me snap it into place.. That gives it a nice cover.. You know this is good for just carrying around or throwing in your bag., But to actually use it. You take the stand. Ill. Try to make this easy to see.. This kind of This is how it looks on the back.. You can snap it into place, and then you can fold it down, which kind of gives it these angles of adjustment.. So, unlike the Surface adjustable kickstand, it doesnt have infinite angles to kind of stop at.. There are two magnetic strips where you can stop this and that way it adjusts the screen angle for the viewer., Its pretty easy to do.. I got a little confused when I propped open this. The first time and didnt really get how this triangle formation should lay out, but it becomes apparent pretty quickly. This kind of defaults. This one of two angles is a little too steep right, John Yeah. Matt For most angles. I would say., Unless youre sitting, really laughs, really vertical. John Right. Matt. If its really in your face, I think this other one thats a little bit more lean back is probably John, Maybe its our posture. Matt Yeah.. Maybe it is my posture.

. I can feel myself slouching as were sitting here., So it probably is me. John chuckling But yeah.. So then you get this pretty familiar at this stage. I think the Surface Pros been around long enough. This isnt gon na surprise too many people. Weve, seen a lot of other companies sort of imitate and Dell Im trying to look into the logic of again. We can get into this a little bit more when were done talking about this specific product., But why this shift to this detachable form factor. John Right. Yeah., I have to say the keyboard deck when I looked at it. I was like this is very, very Microsoft. Type cover right: If you look at the way the keys are constructed: theres, no island or rim, around them., Matt, Yep. John, Its very much you know square wide, flat keys and even feels very much like a type cover, as meant for I was looking. I was kind of like Im wondering is this made by the same folks, Even the folds, on the back. If you show the back of the folio, when you flatten it and close it up. Matt Right. Those lines. John Those fold lines., I mean theres only so many ways you could do a you know a stand. I suppose., But this looks awfully awfully type: cover. Matt Yes. Yeah. One one small note: theres a nice little groove here for the camera cause. I was first wondering how that would work and it goes right.

Over., Pretty clever., John. Oh, the camera protrudes in the back. Matt Yeah theres a rear, a world facing camera, as Dell refers to it John World facing Matt Very high resolution., So I mean thats. Nice cause a lot of people, its kind of a joke at this point using your iPad to record something.. But I guess, since this is a Windows machine, you may actually want to be recording a presentation., John Gotcha., Matt Or you know anything like that., So its a nice high res. I think you can record at 60 fps too. Video camera on the rear., John. Ah okay., So the world, oh the world, was that way. Matt The world was that way. John Now its that way. Matt Users, this way. John Okay., Got it. Matt. This is more standard., I think its a 1080p camera as well., So two good quality cameras., Which for the build As far as the build quality, goes and as far as the kind of feature set 999, is a pretty good starting starting point.. Its a! U series processor so its 12th gen., But its? U series which kind of limits the power. But its actually the same processor thats in the regular XPS 13, which we didnt love as much this year. It kind of toned down the power.. It doubled down on portability and thinness, but you lost a little bit of the usability., And I think that might be especially true now that this exists.

, Because theyre using the same processor theyre roughly the same price.. So its kind of like the same system and ones in a tablet, form factor and ones in a super thin ultra portable form, factor. John Gotcha. Matt. That might be what Dell wanted. Its like John Maybe. Matt, The same device concept and then pick what format it comes in., But its a little bit like theres, no power option, now. John Right.. Well, it may also come down to the fact that if this is fanless its probably not going to hit the peak clocks, that say the XPS 13 would., Which has more real estate for cooling., Matt, Right. John And you know active cooling.. You know, whereas here you know you might you know in sort of a CPU intensive operations or things that you know sort of are hitting the system constantly notice a difference. Well see when we benchmark it. Matt Right. John, You know but thats, I suspect, probably whats, Going on here. And a lot of these fanless type tablets that weve seen in the past, which used they dont call them that anymore, but remember the old Y series, processors intel That might be Even though its a U it might be operating almost like the equivalent Of a Y once you factor in the thermal limitations., Matt Yeah.: U, with a cap on it. Yeah., John Right. Or Asterisk. Yeah., Matt Yeah., Speaking of other limitations of the tablet, theres two USBC ports with Thunderbolt, 3 or Thunderbolt 4, rather excuse me.

And much like The Surface Pro 9 and the XPS 13 standard laptop and the XPS 13 plus, which is a new kind of design theyre trying out this year, too. No headphone jack. John Oh. Matt. So they do include USB C to USB A and USB C to 3.5 millimeter jack adapters in the box.. So I can only complain so much about you took away our headphone jack. For some people they dont care.. I think the logic in these systems weve seen it in which is so far really just XPS products and Microsoft. Surface products that the shopper for these kind of devices a bit more premium.. They probably have a nice wireless earbud set or headset., So its not really gon na be a loss to them if they cant plug in their headphones.. I do think its a nice option to have, but the jack kind of The adapter kind of eliminates your room to complain. John Right. Matt Too much. You can still plug it. In., You do got ta carry the adapter around with you., So John Right. – And you got this slick looking machine here and then youve got this funky. You know Adapter down the side. Matt Right. John. The other thing I would say, is Matt. You only have two ports to work with first of all., John Right, yeah., Matt Ones for charging and the other John Yeah. Matt. If the others using a headphones jack, then theyre kind of laughs.

, John Yeah.. The other thing too, is just the positioning of them too.. I realize that if youre going to be, you know using this on the plug all the time youre gon na have a USB CThunderbolt, 4 cable coming out of the side. Matt Yep. John. You know going to power, which is a little bit hmm. Matt Its by the time you fuddle with that and the stand and the dongle youre gon na try to be …. John Right. Matt, I dont know. John Yeah.. If youre working on it, you know in a mobile, you know situation youre in a coffee shop or on a you know, tray table on a plane or whatever you know, youre, probably running a battery and thats fine. Matt Yeah. John, But yeah.. Just the positioning of those two ports, its a little bit like right in the middle of things. Matt, Yep. Yeah., So I mean it works. And this performance in our preliminary tests is capable. Its again the same processor., So its gon na be fine for everyday tests.. This isnt gon na be a powerhouse. If you want, like a media, editing system, look for something more powerful., But as far as popping it open doing some word, processing, answering emails and getting a nice kind of build quality and experience its a good product. John Right. Hmm. Im wondering, though, about that camera sticking out the back there. Its just strikes me one of the things where its like, like clunk, you know Matt laughing Clunky, you run something down the edge.

Think Im a little afraid of that. Getting you know dinged or …, Matt Yeah, no, no protrusion.! I guess you could at least say you can cover it with this locked in motion, so John Right, yeah. Matt Should be able to protect it. John, Fair enough.. Is this a? What is this up here? This little oval on the top edge thats.. Matt Im, not sure that might be a receiver. John, Oh right., Its letting the wifi, Matt Yeah yeah. John antenna signal get through. Matt Yeah. John. I was wondering if there was like a privacy shutter thing going on there for the camera, but I guess not. Matt, Not that no. John Yeah. Matt. So yeah I mean overall, it does work.. We do have here the regular XPS 13 that weve alluded to.. Obviously the same concept but as you can see its a regular …, Its a regular laptop., Its super thin. Theyre, both super thin., I mentioned the XPS 13 plus earlier, which is a new that product debuted this year. And its kind of a future. Looking attempt at the XPS design., It has a flush keyboard and these LED function row and a couple other twists., But I would say that now the three products are very very similar. Im, not necessarily sure what advantage going to the detachable form factor brings.. I guess people like it or prefer it. And it does allow it to be really light and portable.

. So if your main concern is just something to tuck under your arm or carry around with you and you move around a lot., This is a lighter version and a thinner version than the 2 in 1. Convertible old form factor wouldve been able to offer., But performance. Wise and kind of concept, wise theyre, all kind of …, John All kind of flat. Matt, Pretty much. John Yeah. Yeah.. Well, one thing I would say is is that if you really were serious about using one of these as a tablet, this will definitely you know, sort of serve purpose much better than the original XPS 2 in 1 did. Cause when you folded it around. Remember you still got the keyboard in the back.. It still was Matt Yeah, I dont know if people ever loved having the keyboard on John Right. Matt, the back sometimes., It feels a little wrong. laughs. John Yeah., I mean with 2 in 1s, its just kinda that general thing right, Where, if youre going to really use it as a tablet, a detachable design And performance is adequate for what you know you need it. For., A detachable design is gon na be kind of what youre after. If youre gon na use it once in a while as a tablet, or even do like the … Like prop it up and give a presentation thing, then the rotating 2 in 1 is kind Of more your speed. Matt Right. John, So .

.. Its interesting, though that Dell decided not to add a cause. I know in like the past. Theyve had Latitudes right, Theyve had the Latitude 2 in 1 detachable and the Latitude 2 in 1., And the 2 in 1 was a rotator and the detachable was obviously a design like this., But here they just … Matt Its supplanted, its three systems. John Yep. Matt. So I mean I kind of get it on one hand, but I think, on the other, its a less unqualified recommendation. Theres, more caveats., Its more like. Well, if youre this kind of user, maybe look for this one. John Right. Matt, But they all kind of have some give and take. John Yep. Yeah. You have to really want a Windows. Tablet is what it comes down, to., So actually price wise. Did we discuss earlier on the fact that this starts at 999? You were saying: Matt, Yeah. John, Without the keyboard and stylus which isnt shown here., but the XPS 13 ordinary clamshell laptop starts at 999 period. And its sort of outta the box, A full fledged laptop. Matt Yeah. John. So something to bear in mind. You know … Matt, You get a keyboard. laughs, Both Right right., both speaking indistinctly Matt And its the same processor. I think they have the same processor options.. This is the 1230. U core I5. And thats. What the XPS 13 regular laptop starts with also., And I think they both can go up to the 1250.

U. Whereas the XPS 13 plus. Hope thats, not too confusing. Has a core I7, which is a P series processor., So its a little more power, but it … John Yeah. Matt. None of these are None of these are like super productivity, machines., John Right., But yeah. I mean theres definitely a step up, though from the: U to the P. Matt, Yeah. John And also you know, Matt The special tablet., The form factor, yeah. John Yep. Matt, So interesting. Theres lots to talk about with the XPS products for sure., John, But yeah. If you covered like the top half, I would say: Hey nice Surface, you got there. Matt Right. John Yeah.. There you go. Matt Yep. And, as far as I can tell also one small thing, the … One of the good things about the surface keyboard is, it can And others have replicated this. You can kind of … its hard to demonstrate cause it doesnt do it. laughs, But you can push this up and it snaps onto the bottom of the screen. John. Oh, it doesnt do that. Matt, Which creates a like slanted typing angle. John Oh interesting., Okay. Matt, Which is nicer, and this is just flat. So. John Right. Matt thats, another kind of… The folio is, I think, cheaper than a lot of the Surface keyboards, but not by it., I think its probably by 30 or so. John Yeah.. I think the high end type covers are 179.

. If Im not mistaken., Matt Yeah, I think theres a 130 or a 120. John Yeah theres, a cheap, version. Theres, cheaper one. This one is 99. You said Matt Mm hmm., John Yeah., But right thats, right. Cause its usually got that sort of ribbed thing in here and its got like a magnetic thing that snaps onto the bottom of the screen and it sort of elevates the …. So youre kind of stuck with the … Matt Yeah, its flat. John Sort of flat type Matt So.. John, The flat typing experience, here. Yeah. Okay., Anything else you can think of, or I think we covered all around the edges. Matt. I think we covered all of it.. I think the base model is eight gigs of memory and 512 gig SSD is as low as it goes. And you can go to a terabyte or 16 gigs.. So you know theres room for upgradeability and the configuration options are pretty good.. I know right now. This is on sale which helps for Black Friday., But in general, the starting price isnt too bad., But if you can get 100 or 200 off while youre shopping. For this it makes kind of the power ceiling and the compromises even more palatable. John Right. Matt. I think. John Cool. Well well see how it actually stacks up against the actual XPS, 13 clamshell and against the Surface. You know pros that weve tested recently. As soon as you get done with your benchmarking, which you know is underway at the moment.

. But for now it looks like you know: Surface has got another competitor in the field., So yeah. Matt. I think the Surface did its job and inspired manufacturers to make products in that vein, which is the point. John Right. Matt, Yeah., So yeah. John, So very good.. So we will be looking at the XPS 13 2 in 1 in much more detail in the next few days.. Thank you for joining us. Im John Burek. This is Matt Buzzi.. We will see you again soon with the next hot product that comes through our labs.