This is the dell xps 17.. This is the current edition of it, and so you know the dell xps 17 is dell’s flagship premium notebook. It marries performance into somewhat of a thin and lot a 17 inch beast. You know um this one it’s not super thick, it’s, very it’s, pretty thin. You know it’s less than five pounds. This one here features an i9 10 80 uh h, which is an eight core 16 thread: cpu 32 gigs of ram uh one and a half terabytes of nvme ssd and an rtx 2060 max q. It features you know, 17 inch 1080p screen, but it can be outfitted with a 4k touch screen option. It comes with a 97 watt hour battery and a 130 watt power adapter, which is this one, and so this is my personal laptop that i picked up from the dell outlet, which is a great way to get an awesome machine at a pretty fair price. Um. The original model of this came with a 512 gig ssd 16 gigs of ram. I upgraded that though, and so you can upgrade these by yourself. They are user upgradeable. You can put up to 64 gigs of ddr4 3200 megahertz ram in here, and then you can put two two terabyte nvme drives in here as well, and so the build quality on this machine is excellent. You know it features an aluminum top and bottom as you can see. So this is aluminum.

One thing i will say about this: is it does pick up dust fingerprints stuff like that and it does. You know kind of scuff a little bit easily and i’m, not baby, my stuff um, so it that there is that and the keyboard area is the you know: dale sort of carbon fiber that they’ve got going on whatever it is. It’S, like a rubberized carbon fiber, feel um you’ve got two speakers and everything so it’s very comfortable to type on so that’s your keyboard area. The screen, as i said earlier, is a 1080p screen. It is 500 nits that’s, its max brightness, 60 hertz refresh rate and a 1650 to 1 contrast ratio, and so this screen also has a a new type of aspect ratio as well, which is 16 by 10. it’s quite nice, and it provides an excellent panel to Code on to work in like adobe, you know to do professional work. This screen is really really nice. So not only is the screen really nice to you know. Do your development, your premiere, but it’s also good to grind your way to 60 in wild classic or 70 in the burning crusade classic all right. So let’s talk about ports as far as ports go on here on this laptop prepare to get your dongle game on you’re, going to be like every macbook user ever and start carrying around dongles. This one has four thunderbolt 3 ports on it: an sd card reader, a microphone headphone port and the power is delivered via one of the usb ports.

So, on the left hand, side you’ve got a combo jack for your microphone. Headphone, your s, full size, sd card. Two thunderbolt three ports and on the right hand, side you’ve, got kensington lock and two usb 3 ports or thunderbolt 3 ports. So let’s talk about the keyboard, the keyboard is moy excelente, it is awesome, um and the track pad is almost as nice as a macbook. Pro 16. it’s – not quite, but it is a real joy typing experience on this machine. Well, it’s euphoric um if you’re a hardcore typer like myself like if you spend a lot of time, typing whether that’s documents in slack discord whatever talking to people if you’re that person typing on this machine is awesome, it is fantastic it’s such a great experience, the Track pad it’s large, almost like a macbook pro and even though it’s large, and it feels good, it could just be mine, but this one had an issue with ghosting. You know if your palm is too close to the track pad, it can throw it off and make clicking a little difficult. So let’s talk about the battery the 97 watt hour battery, which is, i believe, the largest that you can fit in a laptop and provides about five to seven hours of work time, depending now, depending on the task and brightness of the screen so i’m. Not going to go out there and see like oh yeah you’re, going to get seven hours of you know time whatever it depends on what you’re doing it depends.

Okay, so if you’re on here and you’re working in adobe all day and you’ve got the brightness cranked you’re not going to get five to seven hours, you might get two to three. You know if you’re working on slack and writing papers and you’ve got the brightness. You know about how you know: 30 40 you’re, probably gon na get the five seven hours. It just depends on what you’re doing all right. The real reason y’all are here: let’s talk about performance, so of course you know i like to look at. You know video editing, i like to look at coding, and i like to look at gaming on the stuff that i review so let’s talk about coding. First, in android, studio, doing a clean build of anki droid, which is an open source software. It took two minutes and 54 seconds to build the project, which is actually a little bit quicker than the m1 macbook pro that we did a review on so rock on so it’s, really not that bad. Actually, for a compile time and once the emulator started, it was very quick and snappy in premiere pro for a 12 minute 1080p video at maximum render quality. It took 3 minutes and 10 seconds so that’s 1 4 of the total video time to export, which is pretty good. You know, and so that should be really the performance that you should look at if you’re, making android applications or you’re doing premiere.

You know this will edit 4k, i didn’t edit 4k on it, but you know it should be probably about 50 of your total video time. So, if um, you know, you’ve got a 4k video that’s 20 minutes. It’S, probably gon na take maybe 10 minutes to render which isn’t bad, and so, if you’re, also doing coding you’ve got the nice large screen. You know plenty of power: it’ll it’ll handle all of your development needs, no problem, and so, while this machine isn’t meant for gaming, it can do light gaming. You know it does have a 2060 max q and so playing wow classic and retail was a pleasant experience. You know it was maxed out. You know it was able to exceed 60 hertz, but you know use v sync, so it was maxed out wasn’t a problem at all. Um black ops was also playable and was able to exceed the 60 hertz for the panel uh high quality settings. You know so, if you’re someone who likes to work and play games, then this has got you covered, and so, while gaming, though, and doing heavy tasks, i want to mention this. The 130 watt ac adapter is not able to keep the machine topped off. So after one hour of playing uh games, the battery was at about 90 percent and it started at 100.. So keep that in mind whenever you look to purchase this, that you know after about an hour of gaming, you’re, probably going to lose 10 percent of your battery.

So you know it is what it is, but you can game on this and it’s a very pleasant experience, and so the greatest feature of this new xps 17 for me, compared to the older ones, in my opinion, is the cooling. This is the best and, i repeat, the best cooling solution. I have seen on a dell or alienware laptop ever the fans they don’t turn into jet engines. They hardly kicked on kick on, except when you need them and when you don’t they’re, you know they’re silent, um and the temperatures are so good. You know i don’t think i’ve seen this thing thermal throttle the whole time i mean it would get to about 89 or 90 granted, but it didn’t thermal throttle, which is a lot considering. It’S got an 8 core. 16 thread intel part in it. So we know those bad boys are hot, but the cooling solution on this i mean it’s, fantastic, like i can use this play games downstairs on the couch with my wife or you know, do video editing and the fans don’t get so loud that she doesn’t want Me in the room, which is really cool, and so that brings us to our last thing, and that is who is this, for who is this? Who you know who should purchase this machine really, and this machine for me, is for developers, power, users, creators, those who need a laptop that is both powerful, portable, portable and sleek.

This is what i call boardroom ready, and what that means is that you know it has the power, but your colleagues in a boardroom don’t know how much power it has and it doesn’t look like you’re carrying around an alien artifact right. So you can go into a boardroom with this it’s not going to be super loud and obtrusive. You know you don’t have to worry about people getting mad at you, because you’ve got this loud machine in there that’s. What i mean by board room ready. You can rest easy taking this into meetings. You know when those start back up in person, and so this machine is also for the user, who wants a desktop replacement. Someone who plays a few games, such as wow, starcraft, league, etc, but needs desktop class power and wants only one machine. So this is for the person who wants. You know to have one machine, they want a laptop, but they also want that desktop power, but they they just want to have one machine right, and so with this you can easily hook this to a monitor, keyboard mouse and have your desktop experience right and then You can unplug like one or two cables and you take it on the go and you’re taking your work with you, wherever you go and that’s who this is for to me. This is for that person who is a professional or a college student who doesn’t want to have you know their own desktop and then have a laptop, but they want to have one seamless experience um, and that is who this for, and so this is in my Mind the best laptop to have ever been created.

Yes, it is fantastic. I am truly blown away with this. I have had a love hate relationship with dale, mostly hate, mostly hate for their stuff and i’ve, had a couple xps systems and i hated them. I’Ve had a couple alienwares hated them. You know, but i’ve seen this. I want to give it a shot and i’ll tell you what this is the best laptop that dell has ever produced and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not pick one of these up and you’re in the market. Listen. This has been jeff. The it guy, i hope you all – are doing great out there.