So what comes in the box and is it any good let’s find out dang that’s much heavier than i thought it would be? And while we’re finding out i’d like to thank today’s sponsor squarespace what’s up everyone i’m, the everday dad, and if i can figure it out, you can figure out so i’m super excited about this two of my favorite computers from last year period, where the xps 15 And the xps 17., i used the xps 15 really kind of saved our bacon here, as it became my son’s virtual schooling computer. So now that the xps 17 and 15 are updated, who i am excited so let’s crack this sucker open? I actually left this on. So it could sound a little cool, already that’s, satisfying that’s, how you do plastic wrap opening up so apple or whoever you got to give it. There has to be some friction. There has to be some oomph to make it better right man. I love this packaging. If i remember correctly, the xps 15 and the xps 17 from last year had fantastic packaging too it’s. Really nice it’s matte. Oh, i love it. Oh and hey a quick note, nobody’s provided this to me. This is mine. I purchased this myself, so i guess nothing. I didn’t need to make that statement. I just wanted to put your mind at ease. I, like the little magnets it’s, got the fancy little magnets here on the front.

Okay ready here we go xps. I love it. I love these computers now the 17 ends up. Sometimes, being a little too big from what i need – and i didn’t like that last year’s model, if you got the version with the bigger graphics card, could have problems being able to run the graphics card and fully charge at the same time through its usbc. So i’m hoping to see that they fixed those issues with this year’s model – and this is really kind of stuck in here – is this going to come out of here there we go all right. What else do we get in the box with the xps? 17? 97. 10, it is the 9710. I believe. Okay, we’ve got our paperwork because goodness knows, if we don’t get paperwork, what is even the computer about thunderbolt 4.? Okay, we do have thunderbolt 4. We continue to have sd card slots so good. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. Yep, it is the 9710 charging via usbc, still, okay, all right, that’s, great that’s, actually a useful infographic. Okay, we got warranty and safety information and regulatory information which we will never use because we’re we’re, a big, i don’t, know stubborn person that never uses it 100 recycled plastics 25 from ocean bound sources. So good. We need to get all those plastics out of the ocean, so here’s. The charging cable here is the brick itself. This is a 130 watt brick, so hopefully this will be able to keep up pace with the beefier graphics card that is inside the xps, 15 and dell, even though this is the second year running i’m, very happy that they continue to provide this dongle.

Now one of the things like the older two year old version of the xps computers, they still had hdmi ports built into it. Obviously they don’t have those anymore, but they took away functionality, but they still give you the ability to do it. You don’t have to open it up and then buy a new dongle to make it work apple. So i like that they took the functionality away, but they’re still giving you the dongle with the hdmi and usb a built into it. I love that, and that is everything in the box. Okay, let’s check out the laptop itself, and this is still. This is a pretty big honking laptop. If i do say so myself. The 17 is pretty big three two one. I love that. Oh, my goodness that was perfect. Oh, that was perfect fam. I got to tell you: okay, here’s something we need to look for because last year, when i got the 9700 uh, we had a big dent in the grill, but i couldn’t tell cause like the way these lights are set up. It didn’t. Let me see but i’m not seeing a dent. Everything looks really good. The one thing i’m concerned about, though, is i ended up returning my 9700 because of a trackpad issue, so i’m really hoping to not have that issue again this year. So we’ve got the two thunderbolt 4. How awesome is that sd card headphone jack we’ve got two more.

That is so good looks like the speakers right here vent exhaust here in the back man for a 17 inch computer. This really doesn’t feel all that big. Here. We go let’s open it up ho ho ho i love it. I got to tell you i, the the carbon fiber look that xps has going on is just the best. I love how this laptop looks intel core i7. This is the version with the six core. I7 processor, gigantic speakers. I love the carbon fiber. I love i mean look at this screen cameras, okay, how’s, the trackpad. I mean it’s, not awful. It sounds it’s, not moving, but it sounds not as tight as i probably would prefer. You hear that so over here. It’S, fine, you probably can’t, hear because the microphone’s right here but sounds like there’s some wiggle in that trackpad, so we’ll have to see how that works after the next couple of weeks, um keyboard that those are some good feeling keys. Oh, my goodness, i cannot tell you at all i’ve been waiting for this all year. Okay, let’s turn it on let’s, see what everything’s running out, what kind of specs we actually have under the hood and then we’ll open it up and see uh. What kind of upgrades we can do ourselves on this, but, oh, i am so excited about this machine, no smudging, no smudging! That makes me happy. We also don’t something i missed i’m noticing is.

There is not the nvidia sticker, just the core i7, so i mean we can’t it’s a windows laptop. We have to have some kind of dorky sticker right, but i like that it’s not covered all over the place, because this is supposed to be a business laptop right and oh man. It looks fantastic and look at that screen. Look at how big that is edge to edge was it 16 by 10? You get all of the screen. This is like the thing that i like about. The xps line is just this is what all laptops should look like, it’s, so good. I really wish, if i could get one of these, that ran mac os. It would be the perfect laptop. We also have the xps 15 on order. It should be here the next couple of weeks. This is just the one that got here first, so let’s set this up really quick and then we’ll go through. We got spoiled with the razer blade 14 that was already pre set up by razer, so we got to go through and set all this stuff up ourselves. Oh – and i like this, so we have both windows, hello and we have fingerprints, so let’s set both up right now, because i, like i, really like having both one of the things i’m hoping apple will come out with, for their macbooks is face id and it’s. Really nice to see windows hello. On this i mean this was not a cheap, laptop in any way, um shape or form.

So i would hope they give us the uh the premium experience. Okay, so we should all be set up hi getting right into the laptop one of the problems we’re going to run into is i don’t know if it’s my studio space right here or the viewing angle, but it’s got to make sure you all can see what’s Going on here, i do like one of the things that i like about. The xps computers is how far back the monitor can articulate, because you know it’s nice to be able to move it. However, you want when you’re working from it, but selfishly here on youtube. It makes it much easier to take the thumbnail when the screen goes back and you can just see much more of it. I hate laptops when they’re like this, because then you got ta like mess around and make the thumbnail look all weird right there boom. You can see all this you get to see that i’m actually very excited to take the thumbnail for this laptop. Sometimes i don’t like doing thumbnails, but okay, several minutes to set this up. Let’S go let’s, go i’m way too anxious right now windows, but can we just take another second to appreciate? Even this, like setup period, looks better because we’ve got edge to edge the infinity display is we’ll check and see. This should have a vapor chamber cooling system, but i don’t like how warm that already is, but man that looks so good dang that looks good.

I forgot, like my son, has been using the xps 15, so i don’t get to see it as much anymore, but i forgot just how darn good that display is and look at how far of a viewing angle that is. Can you see that i’m? Basically, looking at it on the edge – and i can still see everything that is so good wow all right all right enough enough gushing about it. Gary let’s dig in and let’s see what we have got in here so system information, okay, so we’ve got the dell xps 17 9710, the 11th gen core i7, 11 800 h 6 cores installed physical memory, 16 gigabytes. All right let’s go over and check out the graphics card, stuff, so nvidia control panel. I don’t know if this track pads just because i’m now, like super aware of dell’s track pads. If there is a problem or if it’s, all in my head, i can hear it click and i don’t necessarily like that as much okay. So this has the rtx 3050 graphics card in it. It looks like they’re powering it at 70 watts hold on let’s close. You they’re powering it at 70, watts max graphics, boost clock of 1500 megahertz 12 gigabits per second memory data rate. Okay, it looks like four gigabytes dedicated video memory. I haven’t used the 3050 before the lowest i’ve gone is the 3060 which i’ve seen in some of my other productivity or the lower end gaming laptop so we’ll have to see how the 3050 works and yep.

So we got the 512 gigabyte, solid state drive and you can see we actually have 457 gigabytes available with 410 being free and there’s, hey there’s, that mcafee bloatware. We were just talking about thanks mcafee. You are super value added i’m, really glad that you show up on all windows, computers, okay, so let’s shut this down and then let’s crack it open and see what the insides look like. So the thing that i’m, not looking forward to as much as i just spent the first part of this video gushing about dell laptops in the xps line, i hate getting the uh the backs of the xps computers off. This was the biggest pain in the butt. Last year that i remember on both the 15 and the 17 that it was just such a headache so i’m very excited to be sharing that headache with y’all today, hopefully, we will not ruin this laptop um in here, and these are not phillips. Unfortunately, they are the um like the star, the star tip i’m sure there’s, an official word for that uh or, like a professional word for it, i don’t know it. I just call them the star tip. Oh no did we strip this one that’s, one of the things that frustrates me so much about these laptops is there’s, always one screw that just always like it’s ever it’s, not, i guess maybe it’s, not just the xps computers it’s, every laptop there’s, always one there’s, Always one screw that i have problems with you see the rest came off no problem it’s just this is the this.

Is the problem child right here? You got to be the issue right here: yeah i’m, pretty sure we have stripped that now, okay desperate times come for desperate measures – i guess um. So this was not what we had planned on doing today and i’m. Pretty sure this is going to avoid ye old warranty on this, but i want to show you all like we got ta if i can’t show you what’s inside of it like we’re in trouble, so just be careful when opening up your laptop, you may have to You may end up stripping the stuff because it’s not it’s, either over tightened or the screw isn’t that good hooray. There we go man. I do not recommend that at all, so that is a ruined screw, but hey we did it. If i can figure it out. You can figure it out right, hooray! Oh, i also put on safety glasses because i should not have started doing that without being safe, um, so let’s hey. We finally did it 20. How long we’re 30 minutes into this unboxing video and we only needed one power tool that we’ll have to clean up in a little bit um, but we got uh hold on let’s clean up all these little metal shavings pretty sure. I just invalidated my warranty from dell on that, but you know i got to do what i got to do for you all right. Okay, now we can crack this sucker open.

I do have extra screws, so that is not a big deal all right. So now we get to the this is actually the part that i was dreading, not the drilling the laptop to get the strip screw out. No, that was the easy part. Now we got to get this shell off, which i remember being a huge youngest pain in the butt um previously, so let’s actually let’s try to not. I mean i know we’ve kind of like gone a little bit. You know book wild with the laptop, but let’s not actively try to break it. There we go. The one thing that i really dislike about these xps laptops is how much of a pain in the butt this is. So, even if you can upgrade a lot of this stuff yourself, you really don’t want to because of how frustrating it is to get this back off there. We go okay, the mystical back of the xps 17. You my friend, were you know you were not cheap to get into okay. The dell xps 17 here are all the screws. Can we see where’s the one that we drilled out? We probably aren’t even going to be able to tell the difference, because i was so super suave about it. So, yes, we do have the vapor chamber. You can see this whole area. Here is the big vapor chamber cooling system, here’s, the two big fans let’s go now all of our stuff is in disarray, but we’ve got to come back over here looks like we do have ram that we can upgrade good.

We will probably do that ourselves. There. We go there’s, the two eight gigabyte sticks, but i also like, and one of the things that’s nice about the xps 17 we’ll have to see when the 15 gets. Here you can upgrade two of the ssds and, unlike the 15, it comes with everything you need. If i remember correctly from last year, the 15 did not give us everything and we had to source our own like screws and stuff, but it does look like it comes with all that you need what i don’t like, though, is you have to take off the Battery to upgrade the memory, it was much cleaner and easier last year. So this is not not my favorite um how they have this setup, but let’s see what we can do i’m. A little gunk shy now about unscrewing stuff, with this laptop after the uh. The huge pain in the butt that we just went through, but i got ta, show you all. This has been a much more involved and uh effortful. You know i got a workout today, i’m. Just doing this unboxing normally unboxings are easy. It’S, just like hey check it out this thing’s cool, yeah, we’re all happy. Look at how sweet and awesome this thing is today: it’s like dude, you got ta work for it, you’re working for this unboxing and initial impressions. Okay, i just wan na move you out of the way, so we can so here’s one of the spots.

Can you see that here’s one of the spots for one of the ssds would go right there and then here’s the spot for the already installed ssd? You can see right here. It already has the thermal pad on top so we’re not going to mess with that that’s, the one that is already installed so ssd 2 is the ssd that comes pre installed and then ssd1 is the one that you can upgrade yourself. So let’s put everything back together, nice and neat we’ll. Just pretend that we didn’t have to drill uh one of the screws out earlier man. What a wild ride today has been so initial impressions. You know what i don’t have to screw. This initial impressions are i’m. Very impressed with the build quality i’m kind of concerned about the track pad i’m very concerned about needing to you, know, unscrew the battery to do upgrades. But if you all would like to see an upgrade video of how you can upgrade this yourself, leave me a comment below is something i will definitely probably needs to happen, because this is way more involved than upgrading when we did the video last year. So we may need to do that. So if you want to see that, let me know in the comments below and what other kind of things would you like to see from the new dell xps 9710. Let me know – and you know i like making content that you all want to see, and i get a lot of my feedback of what you all want to see in those comments.

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