So what does that mean? Well, its the second generation of the xps 17., a relatively new addition to dells xps lineup for those who want a big 17.3 inch screen instead of the well 15.6 inch screen on the xps 15. So for content, creators, media consumption, maybe even a little bit of gaming, because you can get this with an rtx 3050 or nvidia rtx 3060 dedicated gpu inside along with intel 11th generation cpus were going to look at it now. So the chassis design, hasnt changed, which isnt surprising. This is only the second generation version of this and thats fine, because people love the xps. Look right. Nice, rigid boy is this thing: rigid, cnc, aluminum, unibody design with that carbon fiber interior and we have a 16 by 10 aspect ratio display. You have two display options. Now you have the full hd plus because its 16 by 10, so a little bit bigger than the usual. You know you get the plus part there and then theres a 4k wide gamut option, which is ips and made by sharp that display and that one is a touch screen. So if you want touch, you have to go with 4k that adds about 200 dollars. The difference between going for the full hd or the 4k model. I think a lot of people are going to be tempted by that 4k, not that the full hd is bad. But if you want touch – and you want the ultimate wow and color accuracy and prettiness youve got it there – both displays are 500 nits and low blue light easier on your eyes.

We have until 11th generation cpus here and as usual with dell, because they make everything in a vast array of configurations. They can start so they can start with the low selling price. You could start with a core i5 on this and intel 11th gen or you can go into core i7 and even core i9 cpus. We have the core i7 cpu, the 11 800 h. These are watt processors. The core i5 is where it starts and thats the model. Probably nobody wants to buy it so much because it might be affordable to write for fifteen hundred and fifty dollars. But that gives you a core i5 and no d gpu. So every other model, but that base model will have a dedicated graphics processor inside, which is what you want. So, realistically speaking, it starts to start look sweet around two thousand dollars that gets you an i7 16 gigs of ram a 512 gig nvme ssd, the full hd plus display and an rtx 3050.. Ours is not totally maxed out. We dont have the core i9 option, but we do have that core i7, like i said, we have 32 gigs of ram and a terabyte ssd and the rtx 3060 and the 4k plus resolution touchscreen, and that runs around 2650. right now so cheap its not. But its competitors are pretty much the razer blade 17, which sure aint cheap either and the 16 inch m1 macbook pro and also duh, not cheap.

So these are premium high end, expensive laptops lets put it that way, as it goes its actually fairly price competitive. In that respect, the speakers on this are quite good. You got four speakers. Two tweeters two woofers up firing beside the keyboard, which is why you dont, have a number pad. Youve got the space used by the speakers. I think its worthwhile. You have a beautiful display that is fantastic for watching streaming media and you had some audio thats right and getting up there with mac level. Quality. Nice loud doesnt distort clarity in the highs, a nice oomph and the lows its good stuff. They did a good job that keyboard that they surround is pretty good. You know, dell does low travel keyboards, but this one has a nice crisp tactile feel with good key return. It doesnt feel as abrupt and punishing on your finger joints as the xpsa13 does. I got a little more room in the chassis with this one right, so, even if it is still fairly thin, the trackpad is big and sort of mac like its microsoft precision and its not bad. I find that it when doing like click dragging sometimes it doesnt. It thinks ive lifted up before that i have, i dont know it was there that way with the last generation. One thing we dont have from the last generation is that problem with sometimes a loose or jiggly trackpad, that was a qa issue.

Theyll fix that so bye bye, not a problem anymore for biometrics, you have a windows, hello ir camera and a fingerprint scanner in the power button as well now. Well, what about performance right? I mean we have h3 cpu, not so different from any gaming laptop in that respect, going all the way up to like, i said core i9, if you want, but we have the core i7 and you have pretty decent its the lower end of the upper range Of nvidias d, gpus right its not 30, 70 or 3080, but at 3060 is pretty decent and actually can get you a little bit of ray tracing and the 3050 is not too bad. Well. This is a laptop for content. Creators thats the idea or people a lot of money who consume content too its not a gaming laptop its not as thick its not as heavy the thermals on this well. Dell, actually will let you push this theyre, not limiting the cpu thermals on this. If youre doing heavy duty benchmarks or really pushing it hard with 3d renders or something like that, you can max out their core temperatures for the cpu at near 100 degrees centigrade. It gets loud, but not super duper loud, but youll hear it working so its ready to perform for you, but its not the kind of machine. I would feel comfortable playing apex legends for six hours on. I think that a gaming laptop purpose built for that still makes more sense.

This is a thin and white mobile workstation sort of thing. That said, it does do far cry 6, just fine at full hd resolution. You can get 70 frames per second on ultra settings. So it does got games so, if youre going to travel – and you want some gaming when you do have to travel yeah its thats – exactly the sort of use its perfect for all right, so things are looking pretty good on the outside of the xps 17. How about the inside, how about the cooling and the expandability and all that stuff so take off the bottom cover its torx t5 screws and use a guitar pick or pry tool near the front edges to get all this cover, be worn. Xps covers the bottom edges. Here are sharp, so you can cut yourself. So be careful with that, and here we have the internals. So we have a vapor chamber in here. Well, no wonder that it does help it run not too loud and not too burning hot and in fact they use gore or gore tex insulation, so that the bottom surface doesnt get quite as hot when it sits on your lap. In fact, it isnt burning hot, under most cases, pretty big fans over here too. The cooling system really has grown up here and, of course, theyre more room to grow versus the xps 15.. We have two ram slots. This is a wonderful thing to see so.

Ddr4 3200 megahertz ram. You can get this with anything from eight to 64, gigs of dual channel ram or, of course, upgrade yourself after the fact. If you wish to do that and has two m.2 ssd slots, it is pci e4 compliant. You can get with pci. Three or four drives and as you can see here, one drive supports sata and pcie and the other one is pcie. Only the wi fi card is soldered on board over here. So you wont be changing that, but this is a good killer. Ax 1650 card. So its wi fi, six thats, okay and pretty good speaker woofer here the woofers fire down the tweeters fire up, which makes sense sonically and the big 97 watt hour battery, taking up most of the space towards the front of the chassis, so ports on this. This is where you have to say: apple apple mess with everybody right so adele with the xps line, has always kind of been following apples lead. They went all usbc thunderbolt in this case, thunderbolt 4.. You got four of those ports. One will be used by the charger and no legacy ports. You do have a full size, sd card slot, yeah that and of course, a headphone jack on board. So it will be dongle life, but you do get a little dongle in the box that gives you hdmi 2.0 and a usb a connector at least so you dont have to go and source your own immediately.

That helps, but that is an annoyance they wanted to make it so thin. 19.5 millimeters, so theres, not even room for a barrel, pin charging connector. So dell did their own re engineering of the usbc charging spec, which should top out at 100 watts and they theyre doing 130 watts. Speaking of that, if you are going full bore on this machine, there is a possibility that the charge level will drop, even while its plugged in they say if you are playing far cry 6 or you are doing, blender renders or heavy duty premier 4k exports um. Not a lot but say five percent an hour, so thats normal standard operating procedures also is basically for that, because your cpu and your gpu alone it can consume quite a lot of wattage. I mean youre looking at 65 to 70 watts, with the 30 50 or 30 60 gp on board 45 watt, plus jumping above 45 watt for the cpu, and then you have to power everything else. When it comes to battery life, i would say if you care about battery life, get the full hd display, because the 4k really does hit the battery life on this, and also the fact that these displays can go to 500. Nits means you can also tank your battery life more easily, but keeping the display at 200 nits with our 4k display. I averaged about six hours of light productivity work and some streaming video. If i threw in things like some adobe premiere or photoshop and batch editing a bunch of files in lightroom, that sort of thing, then even less so the 4k is no energizer bunny and there, the obviously the 16 inch macbook pro still takes the lead on that.

But compared to the razer blade 17, its not doing too bad right or any most gaming laptops. Unless youre talking ryzen gaming laptops, i mean thats sort of a different market for those who are thinking about a gaming laptop as well, and you do care about battery life, you could look at some of the ryzen options like the lenovo legion 5 pro or the Suits rogue g15 zephyrus or even the strix, depending on how much horsepower you want, but a different look, a different thickness, a different aesthetic there so ill leave that up to you so thats the dell xps 17, almost unique in this class, because you dont see many 17 inch sexy high end premium mobile workstations. Do you i mean, like i said, razer blade, 16 inch macbook pro. Those are the direct competitors and that is about it. So if youre looking for that real big screen a lot of performance, then this machine will not put the brakes on they really let it fly. Then youve got it there and the usual caveats would be not the best battery life, particularly with the 4k display. A bit of dongle life going on since were talking on the usbc thunderball 4 ports. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.