This is the brand new dell xps 17 9720 and since i always get pretty excited about a new dell xps laptop, i think perhaps i was just rushing to get an order in before the shipping times got crazy, but unfortunately i kind of expect this thing all Wrong and actually i am ordering another one – a flagship, top spec model, which i plan to do a big comparison with against my top spec macbook pro 16. But in the meantime let me walk you through what i did wrong. So you avoid the same mistake and also since i do have this now, let me show you around the new xps and see whats new and from the outside. You cant really tell any difference over last years or even the year, befores xbs17s, but it is still an absolutely gorgeous laptop with this big 17 inch, 16×10 screen front and center, with its super thin bezels and its all squeezed in a fairly slim and compact aluminium. Shell with dells almost trademark carbon, fiber palm rest and, of course, this gargantuan trackpad, the chiclet keyboard, is as nice as ever and while there is no numpad dell uses the space either side for bigger speakers which sound great. There is also a pretty average 720p webcam up top, which also supports windows, hello, plus we get a fingerprint reader built into the power button. On the side, we get 4 thunderbolt 4 ports plus a full size, sd card reader, which is always good to see, along with a headphone jack, a kensington, lock, port and overall, its just a lovely premium laptop, which you can actually open with just one finger.

Well, sort of so far so good then, but the problem is, i said, most of that about last years: xps 17, as well and theres still no fancy frost, white version of the 17, like we see on the 13 and the 15, which i think looks a Lot better, or at least its nice to have the option and also theres still no oled screen option like weve been able to get on the 15 for the last couple of years, its also very expensive, starting at about 2 200 pounds or 1900. Although the base us spec is a little bit lower, which accounts for that price difference, i was kind of hoping for maybe like a xps 17 plus model to come out like were seeing with the 13 plus, with its refresh design and macbook pro style, haptic trackpad. You still cant buy the 13 plus just yet, but i reckon this maybe points to what we can expect from maybe the 2023 xps, 15 and 17.. Now, apart from the obvious benefits of having a bigger 17 inch screen, the main reason you might consider the 17 over the 15 is the fact that we have the option of a beef gear graphics card up to the 30 60.. Also, all models of the 17 come with the bigger battery cell size. The lower end versions of the 15 come with a smaller battery and also on the inside. We get vapor chamber cooling plus there are more options for upgrading it.

It is worth pointing out, though, that, regardless of whether you go for the 3050 or the more powerful 3060 rtx gpu, they are both 60 watt tgp variants, which are definitely on the low end for those graphics cards. And so because of this slim profile and also the thermal headroom, we have to work with in here this isnt going to be as fast as other, more workstation e or even more gaming. Oriented laptops with higher tgp variants of the cards so were looking at the same design, the same gpu options. The same screen has much really changed here. Well, the headline really is the new 12th gen intel core i7 and i9 h series older lake cpus, which are faster and more efficient thanks to a new architecture that mixes high performance, p cores with high efficiency e cores and actually both cpus also come with faster Intel iris xe integrated graphics, which are obviously still not as fast as the dedicated gpus, but they are much improved over even last years: 11th gen, xe, graphics. One minor gripe, though, is that we still dont get wi fi 6e support, which is a bit of a shame, although not really a deal breaker. The new xps models also get ddr5 ram, although this is kind of a stock speed, ddr5 rated at 4800 megabytes per second, and while it should beat ddr4 kits in some basic tasks like compression its unlikely to really make that much difference to everyday use.

So its an iterative spec bump upgrade this year, perhaps well see a bigger overhaul next year fingers crossed, but lets go back to the mistake i made at the start with how i actually specced this here is what i ordered the base: i7 cpu the base. Rtx 350 4 gig gpu, with the one terabyte ssd and the sharper 4k touchscreen, as my only two extras fairly sensible choices, then so how the heck did i manage to spend almost three grand on this? Well, the 17 is expensive at the best of times and in my haste or perhaps just extreme tiredness, i somehow specced 64 gigs of ddr5 ram, adding a whopping 450. What i would recommend, though, if you are thinking about buying this, is to stick with the i7. I dont think, although i havent had them side by side to test, but i dont think 400 pounds extra for the i9 is really worth it. What i would do is stick with the i7 and put that money towards the more powerful 3060.. Most people are probably going to be fine with 16 gigs of ram, especially as you can upgrade it yourself later same with the ssd, although that has got a bit more complicated and bit more expensive, because we are talking about ddr5 and pci 4 components now, but Realistically, i think, for a 17, if this is gon na be a sort of workstation replacement. 32 gigs of ddr5 ram is the best choice.

Definitely, on the 17 inch model go with the 4k screen. You can get away with 1080p on the 15 inch, but not really. This screen size so definitely go 4k and we are looking at just shy of 3000 pounds. That is the spec that i would go for. If you are buying this in the us and some other countries, you do actually get the option of a lower spec i5, along with 8 gigs of ram and no gpu, just the integrated iris xe, which may be worth considering. If you dont need all that extra performance and just want a big 17 inch screen, but at that point you may be better off with something like the lg gram 17, which is much lighter as well. But if you want to go absolutely nuts and tick every option, youre, looking at just shy of 4 grand thats top spec 16 inch macbook pro with m1 max money. Although to be fair, this can hold its own against apples machine in a lot of situations and is of course much better for gaming. Alternatively, consider last years 9710 xps 17. Instead, you could get a fairly similar spec for a good 500 pounds less or so so definitely consider last years model before you, shell, out on this also quick side. Note i get that dell sells a lot of products, but their website is still pretty horrible. To use, i mean not. Everyone is going to understand the differences between new and old versions of the same laptop, especially when theyre listed side by side or sold from the same page.

Now this isnt my full review, video and i will be doing more tests when i have the higher end. Spec, i can compare the two and also compare it to the xps 15 and also against my macbook pro 16. But while i have this lets run a few quick tests to see what kind of performance were looking at and in general use. As you would expect everything from multitasking a bunch of chrome tabs a bit of lightroom editing raw photos, it is all nice and smooth, although i did find editing high bitrate 60 video in premiere pro was a bit choppy so again, im having to resort to using Proxy files and maybe dropping the render resolution down to help smooth things out in premiere pro, i still much prefer using my macbook pro 16. now as for games, whichever gpu option you go for, i would recommend dropping the resolution down to 1080p well, 1200p. Technically, to get a much higher frame rate, although with the 3050 i have in here, i still got an impressive 220fps in rainbow six siege with ultra settings and actually even at 4k. I got a smooth 73, not too bad fan noise isnt too bad under load. Although the keyboard deck and the trackpad can get quite toasty after a while, and you do often hear the fan wear up even under fairly light use, even just with a bit of chrome open the problem is, there is nothing wrong with the xps 17, its got A nice little upgrade its a bit of a spec bump and it is still a beautiful laptop to use but its very expensive.

And i just think the competition is not only catching up but really making strides ahead, not just from apple with the macbook pro 16, which i i im using, as i say off camera here. That is my go to work laptop right now. Also, i think other brands, like asus with their zenbook pros and studio books, theres just a lot more innovation there. That really makes it stand out compared to this, which is just the exact same laptop as last year, just with a new cpu and some slightly faster ram just dropped in it feels a bit lazy. But still i will reserve some judgment, although im pretty judgy already on it, for my full review and also comparison, videos so make sure you stay tuned and you have hit that subscribe button. So you dont miss out on that.