Here we have before us. This is a dell xps 15 l502x, and this is my newest computer acquisition got it from my friend chris and about nine years ago i had a dell inspiron 14z. Some of the og viewers will remember back in 2012.. I bought one of those, and this is essentially the from the same exact era as that machine, but this is the xps, so it’s the highest, and you know most mainstream option for this kind of case design with dells. Now this case design is very noteworthy because of this big hump that comes off the back of the lid all of the dell laptops from this period. Kind of use this design – well, the consumer ones anyways the latitude’s, not so much, but all of the inspiron and the xps machines from this period being 2011, 2012 ish use this design and so yeah. This was like, i said, an xps, so this was the highest end version of this laptop that you could get and also because of that it is uh one of the chunkiest. So this is pretty decent laptop it’s about 10 10 11 years old. This is 2011 air machine, so it is sandy bridge based and i’m going to give you a little bit of a tour around it, so it’s kind of nice that this thing actually does have a metal lid. Although you know these this era of dell machines. In my opinion was really not known for the best build quality, but at least the lid and i believe the palm rest are metal.

It’S not like super high end metal, but they are metal and you might be able to tell because it has a dent in it. It’S actually uh, like i said metal, but going around the side of it. You can see again. She’S pretty thick got a big heat sink right here got a usb 3.0 port because i believe sandy bridge was the first intel chip to support usb 3., so that was kind of hot. When this thing came out going around the front, all we have is a sd card slot or a multi card reader. Basically and then on this side we have actually a blu ray drive, so that’s, really nice it’s, obviously a dvd rider and all of that, but it also has blu ray support so that’s interesting over here we have dual headphone ports, which is kind of interesting. I remember when dell used to be doing this, especially on i believe they started it with either the 15 25 or the 1545 with the two headphone ports, so that is a little bit uh a little bit unconventional and it looks like this other one is also A spdif out so that’s interesting got a microphone port and then a usb a powered usb port and esata combination right there moving around the back, it looks like we have a mini display port. We have an hdmi port and an ethernet port. Going on this side. We just have our power port and another usb 3 and a kensington lock not really sure what this is for doesn’t look like it’s anything.

Actually, maybe that was like an optional feature that this one doesn’t have on the lid up here you can see. We have a hard drive and a battery indicator and then this little xps logo actually lights up, while the laptop is on so that’s kind of interesting but yeah. That is the exterior going around the bottom. You can see. We have a nice jbl subwoofer. This thing actually has jbl audio and it actually sounds pretty good. I was surprised in here. I believe, if you take this off, you can get to like the wireless card and maybe the ram and stuff so that’s that got our battery up here. This battery is completely shot. It doesn’t work at all so probably need to pick up another one of those at some point, but yeah there you go, there is an exterior to our laptop let’s, go ahead and open it up, go ahead and adjust the camera here and we’ll open her up. So, as you can see here, it is on the inside. You can see that the palm rest and such actually looks pretty nice, at least in my opinion, nice and metal it’s got like a chrome trim around the track pad here, and this thing’s actually in pretty decent shape overall kind of surprise up. There we’ve got a couple of touch buttons and then, of course, the jbl logo for the audio. The keyboard is actually backlit too, which is cool and we have a 15 inch screen.

Like i said earlier, it does have the xps logo up here and hd. Webcam, probably only 720p, if i had to guess. I actually remember that on my 14z, these display bezels are only held in with plastic clips, and mine actually broke less than a few months into owning the computer, and this one does not feel any better built. Unfortunately, but that was just kind of how things were at the time anyway, so let’s go ahead and plug it in and then i will boot it up for you guys, like i said, the battery’s completely shot so we’re gon na have to uh plug it. In here let’s see there we go all right and, as you can see, we have a nice. The battery is completely screwed light on, but let’s go ahead and power it up for you guys there you go as you can see nice backlit keyboard there. It has windows 7 ultimate on it. I figured that was fitting just because i’m not going to use this thing for anything. It’S really just a collection, piece and windows 7 is what it would have shipped with so that’s what we threw on there. Unfortunately, the display is only 1366 by 768, which is kind of crappy on a 15 inch display, but it is what it is it. The display does leave a lot to be desired, though it also is still running a regular hard drive. So i may swap that out for a cheap, kingston ssd, like i put in all of my other computers around here but we’ll, see there.

We are now i’m actually going to turn this brightness down a little bit that way, it’ll kind of even out the lighting for the video there we go. That looks a lot better, so there we are, as you can see, we have windows. 7. Let me go ahead and zoom in on the screen, just another good. Look at that palm rest. Now chris was actually telling me that this thing actually comes apart a little bit unconventionally. Apparently you can take this palm rest assembly out before taking out the keyboard and stuff like that, so that’s a little bit interesting, it’s kind of built in like a sandwich, so i don’t know he. He took it apart and replaced it and cleaned it and everything. So i don’t have to do anything with it there, but yeah anyways. Let me go ahead and open the computer properties. Real, quick i’ll show you what it’s running now it’s, actually really not bad being an xps that’s fairly high end. For the time we have a core i7 2760 qm, so that is a quad core chip, so that’s, pretty cool we’ve got eight gigs of ram most likely ddr3 like 1333. That would have been current at the time and it has a one terabyte uh wd blue hard drive as far as i know, so that is that not really much else i can say about in the software department, it’s just a regular, install windows. 7, with you know a few software things on it, but uh we can actually go into hardware monitor.

I guess this thing does seem to run pretty hot. You know being a quad core, you know consumer laptop. I had it actually just sitting here the other day and it was getting up to like 70 celsius and that’s with new thermal paste and a cleaned out heat sink. So this thing just probably runs pretty hot but that’s that that’s really all i can say about it, there’s nothing else noteworthy on the software side of things, but there you are guys. That is a video on this dell xps 15. L502X.