This video is very kindly sponsored by fast hosts and uk viewers can win the ultimate work from home setup worth up to five grand by entering the fast host’s techie test, giveaway click, the link below and i’ll explain more later in the video, but this well it’s. All about the xps 15 and if you’re a regular on the channel, you know that i get pretty excited about these new xps laptops, which sounds a little bit dodgy, but um they’re, probably the best windows laptop. You can buy they’re, not perfect. Of course, we’ve had quality control issues from dell for many years and as i’ll show you with this, there are still a few areas for improvement, but i’m really excited to show you. This i’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, i’ve tested it i’ve done a bunch of benchmarking and it’s, probably one of the biggest upgrades on the xps lineup for a few years. Although you wouldn’t really know from the outside, so this year is mainly a spec bump and we’re getting the latest 11th gen intel processors, the h45 series, but i think more importantly, we’re getting the brand new rtx 3050 ti graphics cards which are not only faster but Because we’ve gone from the gtx 1650 ti in last year’s xbs15 to the rtx series of graphics cards, we’re getting all the rtx features like ray tracing and dlss, which really is the big deal and things like nvidia reflex and broadcast.

So i think really, the graphics card is the biggest upgrade here, but we are also getting faster ram. We’Ve gone from 2933 megahertz up to 3200. We also now get two thunderbolt 4 ports, whereas before we had thunderbolt 3 and if you want to go crazy with the spec there’s, a new 2 terabyte storage option, but it’s also not just what’s on the inside, because this is an oled screen. Now we actually had an oled version of the xps 15 two years ago. They dropped it last year for some reason: uh, but now it’s back so there’s, actually three screen options and you can screen off screen options. It’S going to sean connery there three screen options. You can buy a full hd non touch, 4k touch and also this 3.5 k touch but it’s an oled screen, so not quite full 4k, which is a little bit annoying but they’re all this beautiful 16 by 10 aspect ratio and, as you can see with this Gloriously thin bezel, and even though this is pretty much identical in terms of design to last year’s version, although it has lost just a little bit of weight, although you wouldn’t really notice. I still think this is one of the best most futuristic looking laptops. You can buy and next to something like the macbook pro 16, which is in need of a refresh uh for sure, and i think we might be getting one with a very fancy.

M1X or m2 chip, maybe in september so that’ll – be one to look out for, but next to this they’re, both lovely laptops. But this looks properly good and while we are comparing other laptops here, is the uh 17 inch it’s last year’s one, but it should be visually identical really and you can see the size difference between the 15 and the 17 and also the difference in the colors. This is the glacier arctic, whatever you want to call it white and then we’ve got the more traditional dark gray, but they’re. Both carbon fiber with an all aluminium chassis and build quality, is top notch. The 17 really is gigantic. Actually uh and i can’t wait to review the new 17 so stay tuned, but um. I honestly think for most people the 15 inch is gon na, be the better buy. We’Ll cover this in the other video, but the big differences really are with the 17. Aside from the bigger screen is that we get vapor chamber cooling so a little bit more sort of beefy cooling and also uh the rtx 3060, whereas this tops out with the 30 50 ti so a little bit more powerful and also some slight upgradability differences. But for most people i think the 15 is going to be one to buy a little bit cheaper, more compact and, as i say actually, this has gone on a little bit of a diet, there’s still two battery sizes with this 56 watt hour and 86, and That does obviously change the weight.

Also, the screens have a very small impact as well, but at the top end, the previous xps 15 weighed 2.05 kilograms now we’re down to 2.01. So before we get into the nitty gritty of the review, how much is it well, it varies depending on where you live. Dell’S website is famously awful uh in terms of well in the uk at least not even removing the word new on the old xps model. So you can buy a new one with 10th gen processors, which is going to confuse a lot of people, but in the uk it starts from about 1 600 pounds, whereas in the us it starts from about 1250 or so, but that’s a slightly lower spec. So there’s different skus for different regions, and it tops out with this one at about thousand one hundred pounds uh that’s for the one terabyte. If you wan na go two terabyte that’ll add a bit more, so this is very much an ultra premium laptop, although if we take the bass off, you can see that we have two uh ram modules, which you can upgrade yourself and also the m2 ssd, which Is under this little protector here, so you can upgrade the ram and the storage, so you might want to go for a slightly cheaper spec to start with and then perhaps upgrade it down the line so new processors, although sadly still no amd, option new graphics cards, Thunderbolt 4 there’s oled screens made of return and that’s pretty much what’s new, but there’s still an awful lot to like here carried over, including these fantastic speakers.

We have dual woofers and dual tweeters, which make up an 8 watt system and it’s one of the best sound setups in a laptop that i’ve heard there’s. Some really solid bass to it, which you don’t hear. Very often it is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me. We also get this lovely keyboard, which is one of my favorites on a windows laptop uh with a white backlight, and also this massive precision touch pad, which very much is carried over from something like the macbook pro onto here, but no complaints. It is lovely to use so let’s talk about this screen because, as i say, it’s the first time we’ve had an oled option on an xps 15 in a couple of years, and actually there is no oled option on the 17 inch. This is the only one you have basically so, as you would expect from an oled we’re getting near infinite contrast. You know really inky blacks, lovely punchy, colors and also no blooming or light bleed, which is something that we do get when we’re talking about mini, led screens. All the talk at the moment is whether uh apple will go mini, led with the new macbooks. They did with the ipad pro 12.9 and while that obviously is a big step up and also significantly brighter than this at peak brightness, you are still getting that sort of haloing and blooming which you don’t get on an oled.

The downside of that is that it doesn’t get as bright and actually when you look at the specs on dell’s website, the two other screen options, whether it’s, the full hd plus non touch or the 4k plus touch both are 500 nits, whereas this is listed as 400 nits so it’s a little bit dimmer. This is a 3.5 k display, which i think is the first one i’ve ever seen with a very strange resolution. This is a little bit under native 4k, so it won’t be quite as sharp in terms of the pixel per inch density, although you’d be hard pressed to notice, um and also you can, of course, still play stuff in 4k, but you’re not going to get it Back natively, so if you’re a stickler for that resolution, if you’re all about video editing – and you really have to see that full res – maybe that’s worth sticking with the lcd but we’re – still getting 100 srgb – 100 adobe rgb and high p3 with this. So it is remarkably color accurate, okay, just quickly i’ve teamed up with the lovely people over at fast hosts for this fantastic giveaway of up to five thousand pounds worth of tech. But first fast hosts are a uk based web hosting company and they offer a one. Stop shop for registering domain names, building websites, web and email hosting cloud backups everything you need in one place because it’s important for me to own the tech chap domain names as while i’m mainly on you know, youtube and instagram, owningrealtechchat.

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So not the same as something like a 75 watt. 3050 ti you get in the asus origin g14. So yes, it’s the same name of card, but it’s still a 4 giga ram, 45 watt, tgp so very much on the low end, which makes sense given the form fracture of this. But it does also, therefore, impact performance, particularly in games, so let’s bring up another one of my lovely tables here and you can see the results are kind of all over the place in rainbow six siege we’re getting a two percent boost, which is a bit strange. Uh, but in fortnite and cyberpunk we’re getting 50 and 70 gains, which is insane, but the big takeaway from this is the fact that we now get dlss ray tracing. Take it or leave it it’s going to impact your performance and we haven’t really got the power to push it. But dlss is magic that nvidia’s, deep learning, super sampling and it’s. Why we’re seeing a 73 boost in cyberpunk going from 23 to 40, which is just about playable or up to 73 with fortnite? And this is all with high or epic settings, so it’s less about the raw horsepower increase and more about the technologies that come with? Rtx realistically, though, i’m not gon na play a ton of games on this for me it’s more about the lightroom and video editing in premiere pro. So i was curious how much of an upgrade we’d see over last year’s model in premiere, and it turns out nothing that significant.

This new model was about 13 faster in my 10 minute, 4k. H264 export so not exactly night and day, but a little bit of a gain and again in tasks that use ai, such as the auto reframing here and there’s. A bunch of stuff in davinci resolve we’ll, see much bigger improvements in performance because we have the new rtx cars over the 1650 ti before. So i guess really, if you are thinking about buying one of these and you’re, maybe weighing up going for the older version, because you could save some money and get a good deal. The question will be: are you gon na play games? Do those games support dlss because really that’s the big improvement in terms of performance and are you using any other sort of ai tensor core benefits? Uh in you know, apps like premiere pro, if not to any of those, then you could probably stick with last year’s version – it’s, maybe 15 20 faster overall, but not that significant and you’re getting essentially the same design. Thunderbolt 4 isn’t that much of an improvement over than about three so yeah, you could probably go with last year’s version and save a few quid. Oh, and i think it goes without saying that you should game at 1080p or 1200p on this screen, not 4k, because that just destroys your frame rate. Although again dlcs will have a bigger impact, uh improvement in terms of performance at that res, but play at 1920×1200.

Now, when this thing is under load, it does get pretty toasty, particularly underneath i measured a peak exterior temperature of 53 degrees celsius, so your lap will get hot with this. I would definitely use it on a desk it’s not uncomfortable on top, though the keyboard and touch pad never got too warm, and also i did notice. It was a little bit quieter than last year’s model under load, although you can still hear the fans but it’s not to an annoying level and also i haven’t heard any coil whine and finally, as for battery, as i say, we’re getting two different sizes, whether you Go for the full hd or the 4k. Still a 86 watt hour battery, not quite the 99 watt hour battery. We get in the macbook pro 16, for example um and it’s. Okay, i’m. Getting about six hours of use, i’d say it’s on par with last year, and of course, if you are gaming, you’ll get about an hour and a half with lower performance as well. So, with light, use, it’ll get you through a full office day, probably and also the power brick isn’t too big and, as you can see, it’s actually color coordinated to the model you go for as well, which is quite nice, although the actual plug itself is black. So that kind of ruins the theme a little bit uh, but it is pretty portable and like last year it still charges via usbc, which is nice.

So you can use that for your phone as well assuming you’re on android. However, as good as this is, of course, there is some room for improvement. Unfortunately, the webcam is a little bit rubbish, as you can see. It’S still, 720p 30. i’ve got proper natural lights on me here and it’s still really noisy the colors keep shifting. Obviously, we’ve got very thin bezels and it’s, a plus that is on the top bezel, so it’s not directly looking up your nose, but considering how important webcams are at the moment and after the year we’ve had it is disappointing. It’S. Definitely one of those features i want to see upgraded in the future. However, as good as this is, of course, there is some room for improvement. Uh, the webcam is pretty bad, which is a real shame, given how important that is. These days also it’s a bit of a shame. We have to compromise with the 3.5 k res on the oled model uh. It would be the best of both worlds if we had proper 4k but it’s not really a big deal. I guess it would also maybe have been nice to have an amd 5000 series option for this uh, although of course intel’s new 45 watt series. Cpus do directly go up against it. That would be nice, although you probably lose thunderbolt as a result, and also while i haven’t had any quality control issues with this i’ve not had a single problem, and i did buy this myself it’s, not a fancy review sample that they’ve chosen for me.

Obviously, dells have famously had some qc issues in the past, so we’ll have to see if you do balance for yourself and have any issues. Let me know in the comments, but so far so good and also you know what it would be great if they got rid of that 56 watt hour battery on the base full hd watt version. If you could get the 86 watt hour battery with the full hd screen, you’d have a really really good battery life and it’d be a great 15 inch travel laptop and also, i would actually love a quad hd version of this um we’ve not had one. So far, but we’re starting to see uh gaming laptops, offer qhd resolutions, and i think that would be perfect for the screen size. You get a little bit of your battery back. It wouldn’t kill your frame rate as much in games and obviously you wouldn’t maybe have to drop to 1080p and also be a good deal sharper than if you go for the cheaper, full hd version. So it’d be a bit more like a halfway house that you get on a macbook pro, so i would love to see a quality resolution, but not this year, so that is the new xps 15.. I always look forward to reviewing this. As i say, it’s. One of my favorite laptops, pricey, but very, very good, and if you want a premium portable powerhouse, the triple p, i should work for dell’s marketing.

Then you can’t really get better than this. There are, of course, other windows options and the macbook lineup, but maybe before you take the plunge on this, wait to see how the xps 17 fares and which one actually ends up being the better buy in terms of my recommended spec, i would probably go with The i7 oled screen the 3050 ti and also maybe 16 gigs of ram and 512 storage or one terabyte, but as i say, you can always upgrade the ram and storage yourself later, which is great so yeah. If you fancy checking this out for yourself, i will leave links below and if you did enjoy the video, then a cheeky like and subscribe would be lovely and stay tuned for my 17 inch review and also my big comparison. Video thing, thank you so much for watching guys.