95 10. This is the 2021 model. Uh just came out. I just got in over um. Actually yesterday i would have had this video for you. Even sooner uh, but somebody was a little late with getting the uh shipment uh in so not going to call out any names but um yeah. So anyway got the arctic white xps 15. Here so here’s the thing uh. If you don’t, know a lot about me. I love dell xps machines. In fact this is my fifth xps um right here. I have the 17 inch that came out last year and, of course, like i said this is the 15 inch it just came out. I also had the first generation with this newer design uh the release. I believe it was in 2016 and then i had another 15 inch. I believe that one was a 2018 or 2019 model and i love them. I really do um, but you know, as technology improves as you get enhancements and things you want to upgrade, and you want to try these different things out. So i loved my 17 inch. It has the 2060 super rtx nvidia graphics card in it. It has a great cooling system in it uh. You know the i o, with with the thunderbolt 3 ports and the sd card reader they’re great. So you know i really do love that machine, but it is a little bit on the big side it’s a little heavy um and i like to be a little more portable than that.

So you know having something that is smaller like the 15 inch is, you know, it’s kind of like the sweet spot. You get performance in a manageable size that you know you can travel with and everything it is we’re getting into. You know a little more of a, i guess, a stable world again to an extent you know people are traveling again. I think that this is a great machine if you’re looking to have something that you can be on the go with get great performance out of it and you know, still stay a little mobile, so let’s go ahead and unbox it. I left it all wrapped up in the plastic. I love the unboxing experience that dell gives us um. You know these are some great machines. I love the box that they come in it’s it’s, actually a great looking box um the um 17 inch model. If you just get the standard color, the uh, the black and silver that comes in a black box, this one comes in a white box, because this is the arctic white. So is white and silver uh, the carbon fiber palm wrestle white. But anyway, let me go ahead and open it up, so you can see what i’m talking about Music and right off the bat man like again. This is such a dope. Looking uh unboxing experience, you know having the xps logo in the box. I think it would actually look better if the xps logo was on the top of the computer, but you know that’s neither here nor there, so you open it up and unwrap this thing.

Man, it is beautiful, let’s, open it up whoo. This is clean. This is very clean. You see that beautiful all right so i’m going to set this to the side for a moment actually let’s put that over here and inside the box. We have the uh the charger. The power brick is actually white uh, so it matches – which i think is great and look at that even the dongle. So all right pulse this comes with, because it has three thunderbolt 4 ports and it doesn’t have any uh, hdmi or usb a ports. Dell does include a dongle in the box and what’s so great about this is that it actually matches it’s white. It actually matches the computer so check this out. Let me grab this one here from comparison. This is the one that comes with the standard of the black and silver model, so you actually get one that matches the color of the computer and that’s a nice touch, dale that’s that’s a that’s, a really nice touch. I like that. I, like it a lot all right and so uh again the power brick, which is a 130 watt, uh charger, usb c charger um, because this is this – is a pretty powerful machine. So this is white as well love that, of course, you got books papers, yada yada, not too concerned about that at the moment. So let’s take a look at this machine man. This is beautiful all right, so quick, rundown of the specs.

My model um has the uh intel core i7 11th gen processor um. It has the nvidia rtx 3050 ti graphics, which is four gigs it’s running at 45 watts. So it’s not super powerful um. It is definitely more powerful than what we have had um in previous years, so but it’s not as powerful. Actually, i don’t think it’s uh, even as powerful um just on on you know, if you don’t overclock it i don’t, think it’s as powerful as the 2060 super that comes in the uh xps 17 um. So you know we’ll see. I also have a 3050 ti. Uh now in my desktop – and i replaced my 2060 super that was in there and i will say that that one actually does perform better. So i don’t know we’ll see it is an amd machine, it’s, a custom built machine, but anyway this has um 16 gigs of ram i’m going to actually take the 32 gigs out of my 17 inch and put them in here. So i didn’t feel the need to pay extra for it. It has a 512 gigabyte ssd m.2 ssd, so i normally get one terabyte in these, but it does have an additional slot, which is a great feature um. You know the dell makes these things expandable right. So you can add ram and you can add um storage to it. If you want to – and you know they give you what you need.

You know the 15 inch does not have the cooling pad that you would need to add to the ssd to the m.2 ssd uh, the 17 inch does. I don’t know if they still do it for the 2021 model. I would assume that they do, but you know what they say about when you assume so i’m, not going to go down that road um. What else? Oh? It also has a killer, wi fi six, which is great because i have arrow uh, six wi fi here. Um in my home, so mesh network so that’ll be cool to see if it performs any better and oh, it has an oled screen. This has a 3.5 k. Uh, oled, touchscreen and i’m really excited to see it. So my 2019 model had an oled screen. It was the first year that it came out with the oled screens and i loved it um. I will say that it was it was. It did have like a little bit, maybe like a flicker that act. That was i didn’t notice, but it did cause me to have headaches every now and then so i’m going to see if this is any different um. I really like the look of the oled screen. I love the deep rich colors i’m using this for media consumption. I’M, using this for video editing photo editing i’m using this to run my company um, which is a digital marketing, um a brand strategy and digital marketing agency.

So you know i’m going to be using it for a lot of different things. Right um and i like the the the great looking oled screen, you know those deep rich, blacks, poppy colors and everything like that. So um we’re gon na see how color accurate it is. I have um, you know a spider, color, um, color calibrator, so we’re gon na see just how accurate it is, but i’m i’m excited about this man, like i’m i’m – really i’m – really excited about this. Oh my gosh, it looks so great look at this man, so i remember last year that the track pads were actually they had a little bit of an issue, and so you know we’re going to see if this one has an issue. Doesn’T seem like it’s a little mushy on this side, but uh my actually my my so i had a 15 inch 2020 model as well before i got my 17 inch when i received the 15 inch, and this was the first of the new. You know just redesign this refresh um when i received it. The trackpad actually did have issues so um this one overall, it seems great, it is definitely not like the other. One was at all so we’re gon na see we’re gon na continue to test that out. Keyboard is nice it’s it’s a little soft but it’s still clicky like it’s, not too clicky um. You know it actually feels welcoming.

It almost feels like your fingers are almost sinking into the keys and um. You know it’s yeah. Actually i like this. This is this. Is nice, if i want to have you know if i’m typing up a script or i’m typing up a like nice, long, email or you know i’m helping my team with getting a website built or something like that and we’re adding the copy in to the website? I i think i would enjoy typing typing on this keyboard. So all right, oh let’s, talk about size, comparisons, real quick, so boom. This is a lot smaller than the 17 inch, as you would expect. Um it’s, it’s man. This is like a lot of space here that we’re saving um that’ll be saved on my desk, so yeah this. This is a much smaller machine, um it’s a little bit thinner as well still uh, carved and machined out of that single block of aluminum, which is so dope and uh. You know so i do like that, but yeah this is. This is so much lighter man like man this. This is great this. This is great, so i love my. I definitely love my 17 inch. I have a d brain skin on it, which is why it’s matte black um, you know – and i actually have it on the the inside as well um but yeah. This is great. Oh gosh, these fingerprints, all over the screen uh this this looks horrible.

So i am running um windows 11 on this, so i will be doing a little bit of a comparison, but it might be a little bit excuse because i’m running a developer, um version of windows 11 on there. I wanted to try that out so i’m not going to be putting it on this machine i’m going to be running uh windows 10, but i just wanted to try it out on this computer. So all right here we go let’s, go ahead and open this up and get this thing turned on and see what we’ve got going on here and i love how it looks: um the arctic white, with the the lighted keyboard so i’m, a fan of white computers. My desktop is actually white and black. My favorite laptops were the sony vaios. I love those things and i wish that they were still making them like they were um before the company got sold, but sony vaios were my favorite of all time. I i don’t even know how many of those i had my dad. My dad really got me hooked on them. We actually um did a lot of work um with with those computers we even built another vaio computer using value parts and everything like it was. It was crazy, but my favorite one of all time was white. It was like this metallicy pearlescent white and it was a 15 inch. The screen was a lcd, but it looked so good.

The picture was clear and just just to let you know how old it was. They had a cd rom slot, so it was quite old, but it was a core i7 and i think it was like a third gen and i gave it to my wife and it wasn’t until maybe two years ago, or maybe even a year ago, we sold It um i got her a surface um laptop too and um and yeah, so i think cortana is trying to listen to me all right so, while i’m, starting while i’m setting this up um. You know this does have windows hello, so you are able to unlock the computer with uh your face and man. You know that’s such a great uh feature. I love that feature. I first used it on like an old samsung device of mine and from a few years back and of course, the apple products have it as well, and so man, i i absolutely love it and uh having it on the computer. It’S it’s a great experience, it’s, quick and fast, and then you also have a fingerprint scanner as well, which is embedded into the power button, and the power button is a little more um has a little more resistance when you click it. So you know it’s not like typing on the other keys it’s, not like you’re, going to accidentally hit it while you’re hitting the backspace or the delete key because it’s a different consistency to the key.

So you – and you would also have to kind of reach up there to really hit it um, but it has. It needs a little. It requires a little more force in order for it to afford to actually click down all right almost done here. So i notice that the track pad on my 17 inch is definitely more clicky across the board, whereas on the 15 inch it’s, actually a little more soft on the left side and i’m, not sure. I think i prefer the clickiness, but we’ll continue to play around with it and we’ll see all right so yeah. I i i really like this already. My first impressions of this are for now like this is this? Is a great computer i’m excited to use it and get everything set up on it? I’M, going to record another video of me opening this model as well as the 2020 17 inch i’m gon na show you um. You know a little bit about what the internals look like on both um and i’m, also going to swap out some of the hardware from my 17 inch into my 15 inch. So you do want to stay tuned if you’re not already subscribed subscribe.