How goes it welcome to another episode today, we’re reviewing one of my personal favorite premium ultrabooks in the market of course, i’m talking about none other than dell’s xps 13.. For this particular configuration it’s been recently refreshed with the latest internals by intel, so it’s, rocking intel’s, 11th generation, core i5 core processor, 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, a 256 gb saucer drive we’ve also got intel’s latest iris, xc, integrated, graphics, chipset, the latest wi fi and Bluetooth standards on board and, of course, a full hd, 1080p screen as well. I wanted to see if this laptop still has what it takes to sustain its title of being on the best premium ultrabooks in the market or, if it’s, getting a little rusty and, of course, the most important question whether or not it’s worth your hard earned cash. So, as always guys, if you do enjoy this review, hit that like button subscribe to my channel, i promise we got all sorts of quality content and reviews right here. Thank you. So much for watching without further ado let’s get started starting off with a quick unboxing at first impressions. When you look at the xps in the box, it looks like a pretty generic looking cardboard box with the dell branding in the center and just some basic information and warning really not a whole lot more to see here. Once you remove that content seal itself and open the box, thankfully things get pretty interesting inside you’ll find a smaller sleek.

Looking black box, it has the dell branding in the dead center and it looks pretty nice once you open the box itself here. It is the dell xps 13 tightly wrapped in plastic wrapping once you remove the wrapping itself. You can see here it is in a nice metallic silver color, but we’ll come back to the laptop in just a second. Beyond that. You also have your quick start guide instruction manual, warranty and regulation information. You know the fun stuff also inside the cardboard box. You’Ll find a few additional items, first and foremost, a 65 watt charging adapter. And would you look at that? It’S, a usbc type charging adapter, which is fantastic if only more pc makers would follow in dell’s lead in this regards also, you get a wall outlet, charging cable and that’s, pretty much it for stuff inside the box. Next up let’s talk about the laptop design. The xps 13 is using more or less the exact same design as last year’s model, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because even that design looks very modern and very elegant. Also it’s worth noting that the xps 13 uses a nice mix of premium and standard materials, so the laptop definitely feels top notch. It weighs just a little over 2.6 pounds, which is heavy enough to feel premium, but light enough that it won’t be a burden on you for prolonged periods of times where you’re carrying the laptop or just commuting in general.

So, overall, this is definitely a very well built laptop. If you look at the top side of the laptop. The first thing you’re going to notice is that you of course, have a pretty standard, looking metallic silver color, but also this is in fact a genuine metallic finish. It feels super smooth and cold to the touch there’s, no particular texture, so it’s, just a simple smooth feel. However, if you look in the center you’ll notice, you have the dell logo, which in fact has a reflective surface as we make our way to the sides of the laptop. You can see that i o port diversity is quite limited. So, on the first side, you basically have two thunderbolt 4 ports, one of which allows power transmission. This is, of course, to make sure you can charge the laptop itself as you make your way to the other side of the laptop you’ll find you have a headphone jack, one additional usbc port, and you also have a micro sd card reader. It would have been nice if dell just included a full size, sd card reader as that’s still the most popular medium for most cameras and devices in general. One more thing i do want to mention is that dell kind of has this gimmicky feature where they basically have this battery indicator. So if you press on this button, it’ll actually show you how much battery you have by the number of lights, so the less lights.

You have the less battery you have in general. Finally, we make our way to the bottom of the laptop and again, dell has emphasized quality, so most pc manufacturers would just have a hard tpu finish at the bottom side, but not dell. They actually have a metallic finish here as well. You also have vents for air intake and beyond that you have xps branding in the dead center. That also has a nice reflective surface. So again, you know. I really appreciate the fact that dell is putting their heart into this product, not a lot of pc manufacturers. Do that even at the premium level and that’s kind of where my love for the xps series originates from as soon as you unfold. This laptop, the very first thing you’re going to notice, is that nice, carbon fiber black finish. It feels super nice on the fingers and it’s definitely a premium choice of material again. However, one thing i have to say is that you have very limited palm rest space on this laptop. So if you have large hands, you’re, definitely going to feel that part of that is, of course, because the condensed form factor that dell has gone with the xps series. But again this may be a problem for some people. As far as the trackpad goes, you have a nice premium quality glass surface finish: the clicks are super tactile, it’s, really well balanced and it’s a pleasure to actually click on this thing also it’s worth noting it’s a little short in the height department, but again that’s, Because of the condensed form factor of the laptop making our way onto the keyboard, the keys feel super tactile.

They also have a nice deep travel and the mechanism is really well balanced overall, making it a joy to type on this thing and also it’s worth noting. Despite the tactile feel, the keys are also very sturdy, the exact same time, so they don’t feel cheap, wobbly or loose in the slightest, which again makes this a very nice typing experience. Unfortunately, the back lighting is rather weak. In my opinion, i think that’s because it’s really far from the actual keys themselves and also there’s a fair bit of light leakage from these corner of the keys, because, again of the distance between the backlighting and the actual keyboard itself, also it’s worth noting. There are no dedicated media keys, they are all baked into the traditional function keys and, yes, you do have a isolated power button that also serves as a fingerprint scanner past the keyboard. We come to the hinge itself and i have to say the dell xps is probably one of the only pc makers that actually have a hinge, that’s, probably more or less, in comparison or equivalent to the one you would find on a macbook because it’s so sturdy. It does not wobble and it just stays in place. Unfortunately, a lot of pc manufacturers miss the ball on this one. Also, i like the fact that you have a magnetic strip at the top of the laptop. So when you actually fold it, it stays in place and does not wobble around.

As far as display fitting goes, dell has achieved a 91.5 screen to body ratio. This basically means you have a super thin chin and ultra thin bezels that make the screen. Look. Super expansive, unfortunately, at the very top of the laptop you still have a less than ideal 720p webcam that may as well make you look like a minecraft character. As far as display quality goes. Dell is not joking around the xps model, so you have a base resolution of 1920x, also known as full hd. However, you can opt to get a 4k display with the higher configurations, for all intents and purposes, we’re looking at the base display. So you basically have a superb color accuracy of 96.4 srgb, which means colors are nice and vivid, it’s fantastic. If you’re doing photoshop, editing, color grading or video editing in general everything’s going to look nice and crisp. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting, you have a peak brightness of 400 nits. This is more than ample for any possible indoor setting and also will work in most outdoor settings without a sweat. The screen looks super bright and also i have to give a shout out to dell for great viewing angles so whether you’re, viewing it directly or from a particular angle, there’s little to no wash out. So i always appreciate displays that put a high quality display panel. Another really important aspect, of course, of buying a laptop is its general performance for the most part, i’m happy to say.

The xps 13 is a very capable laptop, so i’m not going to lie to you in a real world test. This laptop won’t appear any faster. Any slower than most other modern day ultrabooks, it opens everything super fast, whether that’s web browsing watching some netflix or youtube or writing up a word document in microsoft. Word it’s all gon na feel relatively fast, where the real test of course comes in. When you start using more resource intensive applications, so, for example, in my case, i used adobe rush to do some 1080p video editing and i thought for the most part, this laptop has no problem keeping up with it. However, it does start heating up. When you add too many effects, and that can lead to the occasional thermal throttling, which basically translates into the occasional frame drops if you start doing something more intensive, like 4k video editing, you definitely start noticing the laptop heating up way more, which results in even more Frame drops as far as gaming goes. You can definitely game on the interrogated. Iris, xc, chipset and you’ll have a reasonably pleasurable experience as long as you’re, okay playing on low settings for most aaa titles expecting no more or around 30 frames per second. Basically, but your mileage may vary depending on the game you’re playing now as far as surface temperatures and fan noise is concerned. Generally speaking, this laptop hovers around 23 degrees celsius under idle workloads. However, if you really start stressing it, you can reach a average surface temperature of up to 47 degrees, but again, this is only if you take it to extreme workloads.

As far as fan noise goes. This is a super quiet laptop, however, depending on the attach you’re doing, the noise level can range anywhere from 29 decibels to all the way up to 37 decibels, but even at its absolute highest. The noise is not super intrusive to your workload and usually quiets down. As soon as the task level starts degrading in terms of the workload effort as far as battery life goes i’m going to be honest, the new m1 macbooks have kind of spoiled my expectations of what a reasonable battery life should look like. However, the xps 13 definitely holds its own, so you can get up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge. If you’re doing light usage like let’s, say you’re watching a video on youtube and the occasional web browsing as long as you keep your brightness levels around 50. However, if you are doing moderate usage at 100 brightness that quickly drops around the seven to eight hour mark in a real world test and if you are doing resource intensive activities, non, stop and let’s say gaming. For example, at peak brightness, the battery life can easily drop to around the 2.5 hour mark, which is not unexpected. Generally speaking, battery life is pretty competitive on this thing. Next up, i want to talk about sound quality, so the dell xps 13 is rocking a stereo speaker setup and it can get pretty loud for the most part.

Also, the sound is fairly crisp, even at high volume levels. Basically, the speaker is about as good as the external laptop speaker should be, but it’s definitely not the best i’ve heard in the market, but have a quick, listen for yourself and you be the judge, Music Music, so so what’s. My final take on the dell xps 13 well priced at 1050 for this configuration. This is a pretty well balanced laptop. You definitely get awesome, build quality and awesome materials, so it definitely feels premium, looks sleek and modern. Also, you have one of the best screens in the industry hands down. There are very few pc manufacturers who actually make a screen quality of this kind on laptops and honestly, creative viewers will definitely appreciate the high quality display over here. Also, you get a fantastic track pattern. Keyword experience to go along with that. One of my drives with this laptop is that it has very limited connectivity options, so you only get three usb c ports and a micro sd card reader. I wish del was a little more creative in that regard, but some people might just attach a dongle and say what’s the big deal so it’s about preference. Of course. Also. One other thing i will say is: if you have the extra budget, try to get the 16 gigabyte ram variant. That will definitely help you future proof in the years to come, especially considering eight gigabytes is now kind of like the bare minimum.

You want on a laptop with 16 gigabytes kind of being the more streamlined option per se other than that the webcam could also be improved just at 720p it’s kind of getting dated to be honest, but i’m hoping they’ll improve that with future iterations. But overall guys. I hope you enjoyed this review. I hope you found it to be helpful. I definitely think whether you’re a student or a power user, this laptop has something for everyone and it’s a premium quality machine 100. So if you did enjoy this review hit that, like button, consider subscribing to my channel, thank you so much for watching. Let me know what you think of the new dell xps 13.