This is something out of the ordinary is the premium packaging and, besides the laptop inside there’s, a two piece, usb charger dell also included a very handy usb to usb type, a dongle in the box. Now this is a very superbly crafted machine, it’s, cnc machined out of a block of aluminum with a stainless steel, inset logo. The palm rests: are carbon fiber. The sides have been specially treated too resist scratching when you plug in accessories as part of the laptop setup. I’M, using the integrated fingerprint reader for windows, hello, biometric security – if you happen to use an android smartphone windows 10, also plays nicely with notifications and data synchronization that can be set up right as part of the initial setup process, with any new windows. 10 laptop. That initial setup includes updating to ensure the system has all the latest features and security updates. When i open the xps 13 up here’s, where that windows, hello setup, makes it a lot faster to securely log on the xps 13’s infinity edge display is pretty special it’s. Extremely bright, it supports dolby vision, hdr, and it has a very high native contrast ratio for images that really pop every year. Dell has been chipping away at bezels, and this year the smaller bezels mean a 13.4 inch display, which is up 6.8 percent from last year’s model and a body that’s still two percent smaller. My review unit has a 1080p full hd touchscreen panel, protected by the latest.

Corning gorilla glass, 6, the top bezel conceals a new four element: webcam with advanced noise reduction for low light conditions and support for windows. Hello, facial recognition inside is a 10th generation quad core intel core i7 cpu with 16 gigs of ddr4 ram, making the xps 13 a productivity powerhouse. The processor features intel iris, plus, graphics, there’s, also 512 gigs of ultra fast m2, keen from solid state storage and a killer, wi fi six card for next generation wireless speeds, the laptops equipped with two thunderbolt 3s ports. They do double duty as charge ports as well. There’S a microsd card reader and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Now, despite the impressive specs, this laptop feels impossibly light and thin it’s, just 1.27 kilograms or 2.8 pounds and 1.48 centimeters at its thickest point with usb ports. What happens when someone hands you a thumb, drive or you need to plug in a legacy accessory like a usb hard drive that’s, where dells included usb c2 usb type, a dongle saves the day i haven’t talked battery life yet, but it’s impressive. I streamed 1080p shows on netflix with a reasonable battery setting and the display nicely bright. It started off optimistic, estimating over 11.5 hours of battery life. After six hours of streaming, the battery was still at 41., two and a half hours later. It had dropped to below 20, the laptop ended up going for nearly 10 and a half hours, which was just slightly under dell’s rating for this laptop, but i wasn’t running in the most aggressive battery saving mode.

The latest dell xps 13 is a truly impressive flagship. Laptop it’s beautifully crafted it’s a powerful performer with great battery life. It rocks a gorgeous touchscreen display. It has a great backlit keyboard and a big, responsive, trackpad right now.