Why not to have two in one well, dell. Has the xps 13 inch laptop that it flipped to a tablet, so you end up having both the tablet and the laptop stay with me and show you right now: okay, guys this is a xps 13 two and one laptop on full brilliance, uh 13 inches two And one that are to fully crafted with the premium material to be thin and powerful with the new 11th generation intel core processor, as you can see right here, still keeping the same color beautiful, color, beautiful material, let’s, open it up and see how it looks. Uh and in the package we have account just with the power core and well. We know this come with a some type of instructions. The power supply for the laptop and usb c to usb 3 adapter that’s, pretty much what’s inside the box, nothing else. Okay, now let’s talk about the material it’s been two blocks that are limited, uh, make it resistant strong. The glass is a gorilla six and the it can handle any impact, and even a scratches resist come with dual fan for cooling, it’s, uh, really resistant to the heat. The engineers work very well on the material to keep the cooling inside and the heat from outside. Um, like i mentioned, the glass is a gorilla six fiber style, color, really slick like that keyboard and, like i told you guys, it will turn to a tablet and it’s still really comfortable to use uh no damage no uh to the keyboard.

Once you put it down the table, uh it’s been designed to be turned around like this and to write with a special bell pencil. It has a thunderball, 4 usb type c, with the power delivery display board. It has a headset jack, thunderball c, and it has the micro sd card slot too. The displayport is, does dual power and display for the black palm breast. It is a carbon fiber. Inspired by the aerospace industry, uh, the glass, the fire palm rest, allow the minimum strength and minimum weight. Our the design team works tirelessly to get the details just right, including carefully crafted back lining and the stain resistant coating to prevent yellowing and steam. The latest corny gorilla glass 6 is strong as well as in particular scratch resistance. Okay, guys, i think that’s it for today for this video i will be doing a little on another video about the performance uh, the laptop after it’s, an excellent machine. I hope you guys like this video. If you have any comments, please leave the on the bottom. Please subscribe like this video and i hope you are here for you guys.