The dell xps lineup has always been one of the best in the game and with this one being based on the new intel evo platform, nothing – and i mean nothing – even comes close now with that being said, should you be buying the dell xps 13 let’s? Try and find an answer to that very question. This is one from guiding tech and you’re watching my in depth review of the dell xps 13 2021 edition that is based on the new intel evo platform. Let’S get started all right, so let’s start off with the design. Now, if you’ve seen our review of the 2020 edition of the dell xps 13, you know where this is going see. Essentially, the 2021 variant is pretty much the same design. The only changes that you’ll see are under the hood, with the 11th gen intel processors, which i will talk in a bit and, to be honest, it’s, not a bad thing, because the design here is already perfect. Now i don’t like to use that word very often, but i will make an exception this time, because the design here is really good thanks to his bezel, less display and stretched out keyboard. The dell xps 13 is a 13 inch laptop inside an 11 inch frame. The 91.5 percent screen to body ratio is a testament to that very statement and it’s way too portable weighing in at just 1.2 kgs. The screen comes with gorilla, glass, 6 protection and the entire body is made with a single slab of aluminum.

Now my favorite part here is this: carbon fiber texture here on the wrist pads. It feels good and while it does attract smudges and stains, it can easily be wiped off with any cloth whatsoever. Now, in terms of connectivity, you get two usb ports, one on either side coupled with a headphone jack and a micro sd card reader. Those type c ports are actually thunderbolt 4 ports, thanks to it being based on the intel evo platform. As such, you can attach multiple docks to it without losing any bandwidth per se. Adding on to the evo platform. The dell xps 13 also makes use of a fingerprint scanner for quick windows, hello unlock. It doubles up as a power button enabling instant unlock and, in my testing i faced absolutely no issues whatsoever. Next up we have the display, and while dell now offers a 3.5 k oled panel as well right here, we have a 4k touch, enabled ips lcd panel. See i am not a fan of that high of a resolution on this small of a chassis but there’s. No denying the fact that this is as good as it gets. The panel offers hundred percent srgb and 90 dci p3 color calibration, and what makes everything even sweeter is the 16 to 10 aspect ratio. I swear to god. This is the best screen ratio for work. The touch factor feels more like a novelty because it comes in handy only while browsing the web or something similar since it does not fold up.

I do not have much use of the touch panel here, but it’s still something that i would flex on. As a consumer, then there’s the keyboard and touchpad, and i won’t dwell much onto it because well they’re perfect that’s about it. In fact, i would go as far as to say that, as far as windows laptops go, both the keyboard and touchpad are the best in the game. The only thing i would like to highlight is that, since this is a white colored model, daylight visibility of the keyboard is a bit of an issue. The text is far more readable on the black variant that we had earlier so there’s that now internally, this thing comes with a 52 wattage battery which, in my normal use case, lasted well over 10 hours. That includes web browsing using photoshop listening to spotify. In the background and watching a lot of youtube and netflix the best part, this was with the battery profile set to high performance. As such, i am pretty sure that you could squeeze maybe up to 12 or even 13 hours of battery backup from the xps 30.. Now, if that sounds low to you, keep in mind that this is with 4k resolution. If you’re someone who’s concerned about the battery backup, you might be better with the 1080p variant and that one would last you easily over 18 hours once again, all thanks to the intel evo there for this amazing battery backup now charging it is super convenient too just Use one of the two thunderbolt 4 ports to juice.

This thing up with a provided: 45 watt charger all right. So now, let’s talk performance. Our unit here comes equipped with an 11th gen intel core i7 1185 g7 processor, coupled with 16 gb of lpddr4x ram clocked at a whopping four to six seven megahertz powering the gpu department is the all new intel, z, graphics and as a storage, we have a One terabyte nvme ssd included that processor is something to keep in mind because, while most brands offer the 1165 g7 variant, the xps 13 comes with a top of the line: 85 g7 processor on paper. All this sounds good and thankfully it also shows in the real world, as you can take a look on your screen. The dell xps 13 manages a score of about 4 800 in pc mark and 1731 in times by 3d mark. This is a really good performance from an ultrabook that comes inside this thin chassis. As for creative use cases, the panel itself is great and the combination of the cpu and gpu help in handling heavy photoshop files and 4k footage in premiere or davinci resolve without any issues also keep in mind that all of these tests were done while running on 4K resolution, however, when we talk about gaming, let’s be a little realistic and we’ll drop down to the 1080p resolution, because let’s be frank, i mean you won’t be gaming 4k on that panel anyway, and in that scenario the dell xps 13 once again manages to exceed Expectations like seriously the intel, xz graphics is really good.

Esports titles such as valuerant and rocket league run over 100 fps easily without any issues, and if you don’t mind playing at 30 fps, you can even play aaa titles like far cry 5 on this speaking of triple titles. Like i said, this thing is based on the intel evo platform and comes with the thunderbolt 4 ports. As such, you can use this as your business laptop, you know, take it out for work, use it on your productivity, then come back home and plug in an egp to it, using the thunderbolt 4 ports and voila it’s a proper gaming machine. Now the best part that i like about this machine in terms of performance is that it’s, not just the peak performance but it’s, sustained performance that’s possible thanks to the dual fan setup inside here. So in my testing i was barely touching even 55 degree mark in normal usage and got up to 67 degrees, while playing valorent or using photoshop with multiple layers. The fans do speed up, but nothing that’s, annoying or anything. It just goes to show how much the intel evo platform helps laptop manufacturers to achieve their full potential. Okay, so i’ve mentioned intel evo, quite a lot of times right. So what exactly is it? Well? Do you guys remember project athena, think of intel evo as project athena 2.0? Not only does intel have good guidelines laid out for its partner manufacturers, but the company is also working closely with those manufacturers to help achieve those goals.

The basic guideline for each intel, evo laptop, is that it should have a great battery backup of at least nine hours should support instant weight, have support for fast charging and come with wi, fi, 6 and thunderbolt 4 and, of course, they’re all powered by the 11th Gen intel core processors with support from intel. The dell xps 13 manages to deliver on all these runs. So is the dell xps 13 worth your buck? I have absolutely zero concerns in recommending this laptop to anyone out there. The xps lineup has always been great, and the intel evo platform makes it even better. The only thing to note here is that which variant to go for see if battery is your main concern, then obviously the 1080p variant would serve you better, because that promise is the best battery backup out there. On the other hand, if battery life isn’t of much concern to you, i mean it’s still going to last at least 10 hours, which is great get the 4k touch model that we have here.