When i give my final thoughts ill tell you why this is a much better computer than last years, at least from my personal experience with last years model and this years model, so starting off with the build quality and design so were still getting the nice aluminum Finish on both the top and bottom, we have these rubber pads here on the bottom, to keep the laptop just a little bit elevated off the table to help with the airflow, as well as with the speaker so theyre not directly on the table and also helps From keeping the laptop from being, you know sliding around, so it does grip it pretty. Well, we still get the nice carbon fiber finish on the inside. Like i said in my unboxing, i dont think they change the carbon fiber material or processing compared to last year. I think that might have been a little bit redundant, but i do think this is an improvement from their 2019 models and before, where that one just felt really grimy and just gunky after a while. But this carbon fiber is its a lot smoother and it feels to be a little bit more more resistant to stains and whatnot, but the overall design i think its pretty much identical to last year, so dont broke dont break whats broken. I dont know the phrase, but you guys, i know you guys know what im trying to say ill have the phrase up here on the screen.

One thing i do want to note is the color. So dell also offers a white interior and it looks so good, but i just wish they didnt make you pay extra for it. I think its like an extra 50 or 100 to get the white interior and it looks so much better, but i personally would not pay an extra 50 to 100 just to get white on the inside of your laptop, even though it does look good um, but Yeah thats, the overall design of the dell xps, so theres four different display models that you can choose from and im not trying to make this sound more complicated than what it really is, its actually a pretty simple options that you have so on the 949 model. The base model you get the 1920 by 1200, so its full hd plus, but unfortunately, with that model you dont get the touch screen then moving up from there. You still get the same exact display, but with touch screen capabilities, then from there you have the 3.5 k oled display, which i think is a very interesting resolution. I dont know the numbers off the top of my head, but i know that it is 3.5 k and then from there i believe you have a 4k plus its like its actually uhd plus um. I dont know the numbers off off the top of my head. Unfortunately, that panel is not oled, but it is still touch screen.

You just have a much higher resolution um, so those are the display options that you have so for me. Personally, i would say, for most people just get the 1920×1200, the full hd plus with the touchscreen capabilities um, but if you dont think youre going to use the touchroom capabilities just get the base model. Dont worry about any of the other options that i just said. Also, they all do come with 100 srgb in the color space. Now, moving on to the unlocking methods, we still have windows hello with the facial recognition here on the top. Then we also have the fingerprint sensor, which i think is its a fingerprint sensor right, its its going to work 99.99 of the time um, and then you have the traditional way of typing in your password in order to get into your laptop. So, with all those three different combinations with the unlocking methods – theyre really solid, you could choose whatever biometric you want if you are against biometrics, use the keyboard. So now i want to move over to the webcam and the microphone. So what ill say is that the microphone sounds really really crisp. I think people might be impressed when you start talking on this and be like if you have a professional mic, youd be like no im just using the laptop speakers. The microphone sounds really really good. The webcam average at best nothing to rave over, but take a look for yourself all right.

So this is the microphone and camera test on the dell xps 9310. I believe i say in my review that the microphone quality is crisp and clear, which is something that i really love. However, the camera quality i dont know what it is with laptop manufacturers that they just dont really care or something. But you know this is below average, actually id say its average at best um its nothing spectacular. It can definitely be worse, but you know it gets the job done if youre just trying to see the other person at the end of the screen, so at least microphone quality is really good, so good job for doing that. Dell. Next up, i want to talk about the speakers just a little bit, so the speakers sound like in my unboxing. I was impressed when i heard the speakers um. I think you might be blown away when you start hearing these speakers, but the one thing i will say is that when you have it on max volume – and you have a lot of bass going on – you can definitely feel it from the keyboard. But you dont really like feel it in your chest or like anywhere in the room um. So do keep that in mind. But in terms of the speakers i think most people are going to be pretty happy with these things. So take a look for yourself or listen for yourself: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

All right now lets move over to the ports real quick, so we have a thunderbolt 4 port with a micro sd card slot and then moving on to the other side. We have another thunderbolt, 4 port with the headphone jack, so its nice that these arent just regular usbc ports. We have the actual thunderbolt capabilities in them and if youre a person who you know uses the microsd card slot its there for you um so now lets move over to this keyboard and trackpad. So the keyboard ill say this again, even though i havent said it yet in this video um dell, xps lineup with their keyboards, are really really enjoyable to type on and the way i will describe it is theyre soft in the sense of you will, you wont, Feel fatigued typing on this keyboard, like i feel like, i can type very long sessions typing on this keyboard. It really just feels like youre typing, on pillows, like feathers, like that it just feels so good typing on this keyboard and i think, with its whole compact design, um, because i know, with some 13 inch laptops theres a little bit of an extension on both sides. So it just feels like its kind of wasted space, even though not really, because that space is being used in the bottom, with all the stuff thats powering the machine, but the the keyboard is just youre going to be. Usually i say keyboards are subjective, but i think a lot of people are going to like this keyboard if youre a person who likes like a clicky or a loud keyboard – maybe you wont like this, but for people who are going to do like long writing sessions.

I think youre going to be pretty pleased with this keyboard. Also, the back lighting is very powerful. I dont think youre gon na have any complaints at night, its really legible, um. So moving on to the trackpad, as you can see its long, its about the length of the spacebar in the alt alt tab, the alt key as well. So i mean i have no complaints with this trackpad theres, nothing much! I can say about it. It is more of a dolphin mechanism, although it feels like you can click pretty much anywhere, but oh wow im clicking like crazy um but um its a lot easier to click towards the bottom than it is at the top. But you can click pretty much anywhere. You want on the keyboard, which i think is pretty nice for a windows laptop uh. So what else do i need to talk about life? Battery life is, i think i chose the wrong configuration, so i got the i7 model, and this lasts me about four to like four and a half hours, and the reason why i say four and a half is because um ive said this before in my windows: Laptop reviews – actually, i think this might be the first time ive ever im ever saying this um and its that whenever windows decides to go into its low battery saving mode when it has the little leaf for me, it just feels like the computer chugs through everything.

If youre doing anything other than like web browsing or anything basic, so i usually just crank it up right above that when it forces itself to go in the battery saving mode and then itll last me like 15 20 minutes, then its dead. So i would say, if you, you can probably push this thing to four and four and a half hours, thats, probably all youre gon na get, but with that being said, its 52 watt hour battery. I do think if you get the i3 or the i5 versions. Youll, be okay, youll, probably get much better battery life, but i think with the i7 i mean this thing is pulling in some serious juice or something so do keep that in mind for the i7 model. Uh am i forgetting anything else price. So, oh upgradeability – i completely forgot about that. So there is a m.2 slot that you can upgrade yourself and i didnt even finish the specs properly. So this has the option to go from eight gigabytes, all the way up to 32 gigabytes. You have the option from going a from a two point: two point: five, an m.2 slot with 256 gigabytes of storage, all the way up to two terabytes, but in my recommendation, if you have the tools to upgrade or not should say, upgrade yeah yeah im. Thinking too fast, if you have the tools to open up this laptop and upgrade it yourself, you should just get the base model and then put in your own m.

2 slot. That way, you can save yourself a lot of money. However, if you dont have the tools, if you can buy them, do that and then upgrade it yourself, but if you dont have the tools or the means to upgrade it yourself, you know you just got to pay that extra tax of having dell have have dell Have a much bigger storage capacity in the device for you, but its nice that the m.2 slot is upgradable and serviceable. So wrapping things up. Why did i say that this is a much better laptop than last year when everything was pretty much the same? So the reason why im saying this is because last year with the dell lineup the 13 15 and 17, that was a little bit weird. I had problems with all of them within the very first week. The 13 inch gave me the most problems out of them all last year. The face id not face id thats, so disrespectful to say i cant believe. I just said that the windows, hello and the facial recognition on this laptop last year was so shoddy this year. Its much more consistent, it reads my face much better in different types of lighting scenario scenario. Whatever you want me to say. The other thing i want to mention was last year whenever i opened up the um dell xps 13. For some reason it would just be flickering black like right now it would be flickery and black, and i had no idea what would be going on in the facial recognition.

The ir sensors would be flashing red and i should be like whats going on and i have to shut off the machine that hasnt happened to me at all. Yet, although i dont think its going to happen because ill get into this a little bit later, the other thing was for some reason. Last year my track pad would stop working like i got to be clicking moving my mouse and nothings happening, although i could type normally so that hasnt happened to me at all this year either, and just overall like this is the point i was going to make Is that i feel, as though dell really listened to their complaints last year and really, i guess, beefed up beefed up their quality assurance or quality control department, because this feels like a really solid laptop like it feels like someone thoroughly tested this machine before it was Sent out to whoever bought it, because ive had no problems with this machine, and i think now i can say that i recommend the dell xps just because the quality control this year has been really really solid and its a really good productivity laptop. And i think the 13 inch size like i said its a lot smaller than what people think and i really do – love the um, the design that dell has for the xps lineup. And if you want the two in one go ahead and get that one. But i cant flip it back, so i dont want to break the screen, but i am really happy with this dell xps that um they put out this year and on top of that, its with the internal refresh with much powerful components with the 11 series um, Like i said before its a little bit disappointing that they dont have any amd options, but maybe next year a couple years were going to see that, but who knows so with all that being said guys, this is my free flowing unscripted review of the dell xps.

Let me know what you guys think of this style of review. I think, should i say, unedited nah, im, definitely gon na add some stuff out but uh. I appreciate every sub like and comment. Let me know what you guys think of the dell xps if youre picking it up this year, um but yeah.