Two in one inch 9315 review in this video. We will tell you complete description and complete review about this laptop before buying. You can see and watch this video so lets start our video, but wait if you are new on the Channel. Please like subscribe and share with your friends. So now we are going on the laptop screen. Two. This price is eleven eleven eleven fifty dollars more affordable price, solid, build equality, excellent productivity display, a high resolution, webcam grow, good productivity performance, folio has limited Angels. Keyboard lies flat: no integrated, kickstand, no headphone, chair price and configuration the XPS 13.2, 13, 2 in 1, start at 999 dollars for Core i5 1230u CPU 8GB of Nam and 512 GB SSD. My review unit came with the core i5 16GB of RAM and a 512 GB SST for 1150 review dollar. The most expensive configuration is done, 1500 model with a core i7 1250u 16GB of RAM and at one terabyte SSD its a hundred dollar to add in Dells Folio keyboard and active planning, thats the same entry level price as a Surface Pro 9, but Microsoft tablet is Equipped with just one to eight GB of storage at the low end, the Surface Pro 9 is hoping 2700 with a core i7 32GB of RAM and a 1GB SSD and matching delts high and configuration its 2 200. On top of that, the surface type cover keyboard and surface slim pen to add another 280 dollar to that price, a solid but less comfortable design.

There are few Computing products that so distinctly Define a type, as does the Microsoft Surface Pro mind. Um the Surface Pro kick of the mother, detachable tablet and Microsoft has done a solid job of improving it over the years. Simply put the XPS 13 doing. One completes against a strongly established standard. The Surface Pro 9 is not perfect, though, so a new product has a chance to shine. The XPS 13 two in one starts off nicely in that direction, with a slayered portion that adheres to the XPS lines. Usual solid, build quality and tight tolerances, its aluminum around the edges with a glass back cover intended to best accumulate the Wi Fi and optional 5G. Wwl and ratio radius, as I hold the template, I am surprised that the back is gloss is feeling a lot. A lot like metal, the XPS 32 in one easily matches the excellent Surface Pro 9. In its solidity, you can see image very smooth and beautiful. Looking speak, it get up and go got up and went outside of the Asus Rock flow 730 detachable tablets are not known for their performance. Even those running intels, if you use rather than slower and cooler longer lasting arm processor, are not made for spray heat. The XPS 13 two in one is a classic example running Intel 9 watt 12 generation CPUs, you can choose between the core i5 1230u, with the 10 go to Performance and 8 efficient and 12 threads and the core i7 1250u, with the same patterning at 4.

7. Gigahertz versus 4.4 gigahertz the Surface Pro 9 Intel version of a choice between 15 watt, Core i5 12 35 View and core i7 1255u processors overview user with the same core counts and frequencies. So, as you can see in the images we will give you a this image upload in the Drive Link and that traveling we will put in that description box so hope you will understand and like this review, if you like this video, please comment in the section Box and tell us, how is that view? So if you are new on my channel, so please like subscribe and share with your friend.