Thats, the one with the 5G. If you didnt see it Ill leave a link in the description below, but if you want a more affordable option that doesnt skimp on some of the premium features check out. Todays review, yes, its the Dell XPS 13, two in one brand new for 2022, and I got ta say they bring a lot of the nice features you like in the Surface Pro 9, although there are some features that are missing. That, I think, would put this over the edge were going to find out today, just exactly what you can expect. Hey everybody its Andrew – and this is my review of the Dell XPS 13 two in one brand new for 2022. coming up Music Applause, Music todays video is brought to you by Best Buy now Ive teamed up with Best Buy to bring you some of the great Black Friday deals here for 2022.. Now, Black Friday is almost upon us. You dont, want to miss out on these lets, get right to it. Now. First up is one that Im going to actually be reviewing in the next couple of days. Im almost done with the review its the HP Omen: 16., its a 16.1 inch QHD gaming laptop running a 12th gen core I9 12900h, really nice stuff here 1449 for the asking price right now: thats 270 off the initial asking price and if youre in the market For a gaming laptop, this is one youre going to want to look at and so far based on my testing, its a really good one.

Next up is one of my favorites here for 2022.. I reviewed it earlier this year, its the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 inch. Two in one convertible laptop, it has a gorgeous 2.8k OLED display. It comes with the pen thats a really good deal here, its built upon the evil platform. It has the core: i7 1260p thats, a powerful processor. We looked at it in depth its on sale. Right now for 11.99.99 thats, 300 off the initial asking price. Now, if you saw my review of the Surface Pro 9, My overall takeaway is its overpriced for what youre getting not much of an upgrade over the one. We see here the Surface Pro 8. and I recommended everybody to check out the Surface Pro 8, especially because you can get it on sale and thats exactly what we see here from Best Buy The Core i5 model from last year. In that Surface, Pro 8 899.99 and the good part about this is it includes the keyboard cover at that 899.99 price. So people, let me know what you think about these deals. There are some other deals that I didnt have time to get to, but I might have to do another video as more deals pop up as we get closer to Black Friday, so stay tuned, make sure you are subscribed to the channel and make sure you hit That notification Bell you dont, want to miss it, especially when Im bringing you these great savings from Best Buy, and I want to thank Best Buy for sponsoring todays video now before we get to the unit itself.

I just want to let everyone know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure Im not being paid by Dell Im, not being sponsored by Dell. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own and Dell is not getting copy approval. That means youre. Seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this unit is on loan from Dell and once this review is done Ill, be sending it back. All right lets talk pricing right off the bat and thats, because this comes in as tested here today, 1099. Even and that includes the keyboard folio and the XPS stylus, and if you want the core i7 thats, only a hundred dollars more and when you compare it to a similarly specced out Surface Pro 9. That comes in at 1679.98, including the signature type cover and the slim pen 2.. This is a significant savings. If you go with the XPS 13 two in one theres, no doubt about it and that Surface Pro 9 has only 256 gigabytes of SSD storage. If you want 512 youre gon na pay, even more and as usual Ill leave links for everything in the description below for the latest pricing make sure you check out those links. Now when it comes to the build and the finish on this, it is excellent. This is an all metal design with the sky blue finish its absolutely gorgeous rock solid, with no give or Flex in the chassis.

Now this is a very thin and light device, and even with the Folio keyboard cover and the pen, its still wide enough to take with you on the go. Portability is the name of the game, and if you go with the optional 5G, which I dont know if its available just yet thats going to be great for the road warrior who wants to get worked on on the road and have that always on connection? This is a great portable package. Okay lets check out the port selection and there really is very limited parts on this. You get two USBC Thunderbolt 4 ports that are full function, supporting data charge and display out now theres, no headphone jack theres, no usba Port, but they do give you the adapters in the Box for both and thats a nice value add as well. Now, of course, I still would prefer to have a headphone jack on this and even a USB, a port, but we dont get that here in 2022. I think oems are moving away from that, so having those adapters without having to buy them as separate accessories. To me is a real win here on the right side: theres just a speaker, Grille, no other ports on that side and on the top, are your volume buttons, as well as your power button as well, which also doubles as a fingerprint scanner, and just like the Surface Pro 9 limited Port selection here now, one of the biggest surprises is just how much I like this folio keyboard cover.

I think its a must have accessory here, because you want to be able to do typing on this. You want to be able to be productive and just like the Surface Pro 9, with its signature keyboard cover this again is a must have accessory now. One big difference here is theres no raised typing angle like youd get with the Surface Pro 9. You dont get that here, but, having said that, the keyboard on this to me is superior. The keys are really very similar to what we get with the XPS 13, plus that I reviewed earlier this year and thats a good thing, because the tactility is excellent, as well as the key travel now. The touchpad is one of my favorites on a two in one detachable, its spacious, its bigger than the Surface Pro 9s keyboard cover, and it also has has really good responsiveness when it comes to scrolling and when it comes to gestures, its excellent. Now, if there is a negative with the keyboard, folio is the fact that youre limited to three angles, whereas the Surface Pro 9 has that kickstand, giving you much more angles in terms of viewability and so forth. So that is an advantage for the Surface. Pro 9., is it worth all that extra money to have that kickstand? Well for some, maybe for some, maybe not now. For me, I got used to the three angles. One is a very upright angle. One is sort of in between and then the other one is a little bit better in terms of the best viewing angle, but again it doesnt compare with that surface kickstand now next year.

If this had that kickstand similar to what we get on a Surface Pro device, this would be killer so hopefully in the next iteration, well get a Surface style kickstand. But having said that, this keyboard folio cover is excellent when it comes to typing and the overall experience with it has been great and to me, the star of the show has to be its gorgeous display its a 13 inch display with the same resolution as a Surface Pro 9. 2880 by 1920. That means this has 266 pixels per inch and it has a 3 to 2 aspic ratio thats the same as a Surface Pro 9.. The only difference here is you limit it to 60 hertz, whereas in the Surface Pro 9 that has a dynamic refresh rate up to 120 hertz. But having said that, having that extra refresh rate means youre going to eat more battery life and to me Id rather have the better battery life or more battery life and stick with the 60 hertz then have the high refresh rate and have to deal with charging. It midday, but as far as this display itself is concerned, you get the really deep, blacks, the really vibrant colors. The excellent contrast check out that 1490 1 thats really good low Delta e score 1.04, very color, accurate and it has decent coverage of the color gamut youre, looking at 100 srgb. So this is a really good total package here in terms of the display.

Now this is a 10 point: multi touch display that was very responsive and it has pen support now, if you get the XPS stylus, which I do recommend its really a great value here, because youre going to be able to take notes sketch out diagrams or digital Artwork, when you need it and it also stores and charges on the top of the unit, it sticks magnetically its pretty secure, but I think if youre going to go, traveling put it in a pocket inside your bag. You dont want it falling off, but its secure enough when youre using it for productivity work. Now the connection to that keyboard cover is really strong and using it, as a tablet has been really good at three to two aspect: ratio, I think is perfect, allowing you to take notes, SketchUp diagrams artwork, as I mentioned Now, when using it as a tablet that Camera bump does protrude out a little bit, so you will notice it something to keep in mind now. This is the front facing camera on the Dell XPS 13, two in one. What were looking at here is an IR camera. That means you can log in with face recognition worked well setup was easy again, working really really well, but what this also has is a fingerprint scanner on the power button which doubles as the fingerprint scanner something the Surface Pro 9 doesnt have now. This camera is really good. Now this is 1440p video, so its a 5 megapixel camera here and on the back, you can do 4K.

Video well show that in a moment, but if your video conferencing doing Zoom calls and stuff like that, this is a really good choice. Now it also has some special features as well. You can blur the background with some background effects, such as what youre, seeing now Im blurring the background. It has eye contact, it has Auto framing. It has all these really nice bells and whistles when it comes to video conferencing, but Im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below here: it is next to the Surface Pro 9. In terms of that video quality. What do you think about it? Let me know in that comment section below, but keep in mind the Surface Pro 9 with 5G has that npu or the neural processing unit to help with certain extra features, but this also has very similar features in terms of blurring the background, doing all kinds of Effects and stuff it all is here so thats been pretty good as well. So this is the rear facing camera on the Dell XPS 13. Two in one. This is 4K video people. What do you think about it in terms of the video quality and the audio quality? Let me know so. This is an outdoor shot of my dog here in my backyard, you can see the pool jacuzzi little sitting area were just starting renovation on the backyard now weve finished pretty much the inside of the house, but so what do you think about this video quality and The audio quality 4K video – let me know in the comments section below again, I dont really use tablets for photos or videos, but again in a pinch, it could certainly certainly handle something.

But again in a pinch, it might be good if youre a surveyor. Let me know what you think in the comment section below now when it comes to user upgradability. Nothing is upgradable. Here the ram is soldered into the motherboard and theyre using LPD dr4x Ram. Now my review unit has 16 gigabytes of RAM and the Surface Pro 9 by the way uses LPD Dr 5x Ram. So thats a little bit of a difference. There not a big deal, it works fine and as far as the SSD is concerned, that is also not user upgradable, unlike the Surface Pro 9, which allows you to upgrade the SSD and it uses M1 out to pcie Gen 4 storage and, as you can see From these reads and rides pretty decent, although not the fastest Gen 4 speeds weve, seen definitely fast enough for what this device is meant to do. All right lets talk about performance and the XPS 13. Two in one 9315 has the core: i5 1230u. As you know, that is a 10 core processor from Intel thats, eight efficiency, cores and two performance cores and, as you can see, when you compare it to the Surface Pro 9, which has the core i5 1235u little bit higher clock speed. The performance actually is step and step with the Surface Pro 9, maybe slightly less, but not noticeably, better or worse, its actually on par with the Surface Pro 9, which is impressive here, considering youre getting this at a significantly less amount of money that youd have to Pay for a Surface Pro 9 that is similarly equipped now as far as the multi core score, pretty good.

As far as the single core, pretty good, definitely an improvement over the Surface Pro 8 from last year, as you can see year over year. In terms of these Intel processors, from 11th gen to 12th gen everyday tasks such as Microsoft Office, email web browsing, it all worked. Well, I wouldnt do any 4K high end video editing on this, but maybe some 1080p video editing here and there when you need it in a pinch, this can do it and as far as gaming is concerned, I think you pretty much know this is not a Gaming laptop with its integrated Iris, XE Graphics, but you can get somewhat playable frame rates if you lower some of the settings on some of the titles, but dont expect to play AAA titles on their High settings its not going to work here now. One thing to note, because it has two Thunderbolt 4 ports: you have the option of adding an external GPU. Now one thing to note: now one thing youll be happy about is, you wont, have to contend with any fan noise on this thats, because this is passively cool. There are no fans in this and it never got overly hot. In terms of the surface temperatures, which was a little bit surprising, I was expecting this to overheat coming into this, but they did a good job on the passive cooling venting it and, I think, were seeing pretty decent performance. Considering theres no fans here and if youre a productivity person, you wont, have to contend with any fan noise, I think thats a win win and when it comes to the battery life, this Sports, a 3 cell 49.

5 watt hour battery and it did 8 hours and 57 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 115 nits. What does that mean? A real world mix usage? You can expect anywhere from six to seven hours, depending on what youre doing and thats pretty much on par. With the Surface Pro 8 we saw from last year, but thats running at 120. Hertz probably could do a little bit better if you bump it down to 60 hertz Tom Parr, pretty much with the Surface Pro 9, although that did better in the 5G model. With that sq3 not a surprise there, but decent battery life nonetheless, but if you do need to plug in the very Compact 45 watt power adapter that is included in the Box, takes about 90 minutes. To give you a full charge, not too shabby, and the other big surprise here is how good the stereo speakers on this. It has waves Max audio and there are two two watt speakers for a 4 watt, total filling up a room really nicely decent mids, decent bass and overall good volume, good job on that front. Okay, folks lets bring it all home. What do I think about the Dell XPS 13, two in one here for 2022, and I got ta, say dell hit a home run here in the sense that they made a more affordable alternative to the Surface Pro 9, and they get a lot right here in This first go around.

The only thing that I think is missing here is a Surface kickstand. If this has the surface kickstand, this, as I said earlier, would kick ass, but its great nonetheless, surprisingly, good here folks love the bright sharp three to two display. With the same 2.8 K, resolution 2880 by 1920 premium build Sleek looks optional. 5G. I forgot to mention that you can get this with 5G 5 megapixel IR webcam 11 megapixel rear camera. Look pretty good, powerful speakers. Nice Folio keyboard cover it is fanless its silent. You dont have to contend with fan Noise, two Thunderbolt 4 ports. This is less expensive than the Surface Pro 9 more comfortable keyboard cover, in my opinion, negatives, just the two USB ports, no headphone jack, is a big. No. No in my book, folio has limited angles, as I talked about, keyboard lies flat and theres no integrated kickstand, as I mentioned, but overall this is an excellent value when you compare it to a similarly equipped Surface Pro 9 making this my editors choice here for 2022. On the detachable two in one category, definitely making the Dell XPS 13 two in one here for 2022 worth your money. So what do you think about the XPS 13? Two in one, I think its a really nice alternative to the Surface Pro 9.. The key difference is, of course, you dont get that iconic kickstand would have been killer if this had it, although I do like that, Folio keyboard cover that is offered with the XPS 13 two in one, although it is limited in terms of those positions, because again It doesnt have that surface style kickstand just something to bear in mind, and it does have the same great display, 13 inches 2880 by 1920, that three to two aspect ratio same as the Surface Pro 9, with the one big difference.

Of course, it doesnt have that Dynamic, refresh rate up to 120 hertz, but thats not a huge deal to me for this type of device, but it would have been nice to have it again. You are saving money with the Dell over the Microsoft offering but Im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment. Section below, let me know how Im doing let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think I should review Ill. Do my best to try to make that happen. Dont forget to check me out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, my website. Amdtechreviews.