My name is david. Today i will give you a full review of the late 2020 dell expert 13. it’s, the two in one model. 9310. This device is interesting in several ways. For example, the performance increase due to intel’s 11th year. Cpu and updated iris, xc graphics, the graphics is the major update here with the indus iris, xc graphics, on both the i5, even with 80 execution units and the i7, with its 96 execution units it’s a major step up from the telcon iris, pro graphics, with 64 Execution units, so how does this add up in games and tests? First it’s important to mention that dell offers a power manager. Software with several performance profiles to choose from and ultra performance mode is the highest setting. So all my test is done in this mode to extract the maximum performance from this unit. The keyboard deck is very stiff and you really need to push hard in order to feel it bound, and that calls for all areas around it too. The laptop is very well built and the stiffness you feel when bending it is due to the enforced back plate that we show you in a while. The glass trackpad is a little bit small, but it performs very, very well and i had no issues at all with it. The keyboard took me some time to get used to due to its 1.1 millimeter key travel, but after some pages i was up to speed again.

The keyboard have a two stage evenly lit layout for late night. Typing stiff hinges needed only two in one makes this device impossible to open with one hand my unit is equipped with a 1080p display, but there is also a 4k panel available at bell’s website. I measure the brightness to 490 nits and that makes it usable in direct sunlight. There is a two microphone array built into the lid usable for skype conferencing, for example. The display is amazing, with almost no bezels just look at the thin three millimeter side: buses and a six millimeter top bezel. That also includes a 720p windows, hello camera. The hinges is also an achievement, as they are flat to the bottom. Plate still allow for the 360 degree rotation now let’s take a look around the device on the right side. We have one thunderbolt 4 port and a headphone combo jack. Thunderbolt 4 is a major performance upgrade from thunderbolt 3 and i’ll. Show you that in a while the limited port selection is no better on the left side, with only one thunderbolt 4 port and the microsd card reader. The possibility to extend the amount of storage was very important for me as the maximum ssd size is only one terabyte by adding a micro sd card. I could extend my system to 1.5 terabyte, the 51 watt hour battery takes up two thirds of the space inside and allows up to 11 hours of battery life.

The coding solution is very interesting, as it includes a vapor chamber, something you probably have seen in high end gaming laptops. The two found system is very silent in normal use and it cools the system very well. The major downside is that nothing is upgradable. Everything is soldered onto the motherboard. We have only two down firing speakers on this system, and that is a bit of a shame. This is the back plate i mentioned before that gives the laptop enforced stiffness. If you find this video useful, please subscribe for more and the thumbs up would be great. The touchscreen is necessary on a two in one and this one is very responsive and i use it daily when reading a newspaper as zooming into parts of an article it’s. So convenient consuming media on a device like this demands. Proper speakers and the speakers on this device is okay. It’S not that kinship base that you can have on other systems like lenovo, yoga and 940, also, but it’s, quite good let’s just check out how it Music Applause performs. The whole world is in your grasp. Dark times are coming Applause, it’s time, Music. Oh, if you’re an artist will probably enjoy the additional pen to create art and as a student, to take fast notes during class. My skills, however, is very limited. As you can see, since the weight of this device is 1.3 kilogram, you will probably need some kind of support if using it as a tablet.

Sitting like this with the tablet resting on my leg, is my favorite way to consume news media. The next part of this video will cover performance and we’ll start with 3dmark firestrike, and the total score here is very impressive, as we will see when comparing it to intel’s iceland soc, the temperatures are reasonable. Much due to the new wiper chamber, cooling, as you can see, from the maximum of 81 degrees celsius – and here you can see a comparison with the 11th gen cpu gpu combination that crushes the tension cpu with dedicated graphics here in times pipe. We also have high scores and comparison with the telstian cpu rocking dedicated graphics, it’s, quite clear that the newcomer takes the lead. Attaching this laptop to external graphics will give similar performance to the best gaming laptops it’s. Of course, the graphics call that will dominate not the cpu scores. I promised in the beginning to show you how the improved performance that thunderbolt 4 gives check out the graphics numbers. The dell express 15 connected on external graphics, with the hexacore 10750h against dell experts 13 connected to the same e gpu it’s, a 40 lead for the expert 30 and that’s amazing. Here we have the 3dmark score and a comparison with the tension. Cpu with iris pro graphics, running cinebench r20 will push the system to its limits. Both the cpu frequency and the thermal load will max out. I have not come close to an application that will run on all four cores and the threads at 100 load for this long.

The multi core cpu score at 2152 is very good and not far away from the i7 7700k cpu and the last performance test is geekbench 5 and you can see the single and multicore scores here at last gaming test, first gta, 5 at 1080p and normal settings In the built in performing test tool – and i shut up and let you enjoy the ride uh, so what do you think? Is this good enough for playing this game? Leave the note in the comment section below and let me know what you think: the next game is call of duty: world war ii and we’ve run this on full hd, 1080p and low settings Music, brian, so Applause, Music, daniels. I got ammo Applause. Applause, i’m, not good at playing this game. As you can see, the frame rates are low, but i can’t detect any lag i’m interested in your thoughts, and so please share them in the comment section below.