I will do the full review of this dell 25 inch, quad hd usbc, monitor i can show also shortly here. This is the ultra sharp 25 inch usbc monitor this cost less than 400 euro. I already did the unboxing and the first impression in this video. I will do a complete review of this shortly. What comes inside of the box? We have the usb c to usb c port for data power and also display it can supply 90 watt power. This is a usb a to usb c port, and we have the display port to display port and the power cable, as you can see, that’s the only thing that comes with this monitor the most important thing is missing, for me: is this hdmi port, which i Luckily i had at home, so you need hdmi port and downward it’s like the movement adjustable for 130 millimeter, so it’s like 13 centimeter. It can go from 5 degrees to 21 degrees here, and you can also tilt it. This way, it’s like 45 degrees, then, and also you – can make it vertical, which is the 90 degree to minus 90 degrees. You can do it also other way around closely works. So now i will show the ports on this monitor. We have here usb a port which can supply up to 10 watt and we have a usbc port which can supply up to 15. So let me show now the all of the ports on the bottom of this monitor.

We have a two usb, a ports with these ports. You cannot charge your phones or tablets. The output is not enough, i think most probably, the output is like 2.5 watt or 5 watt, because i was able to charge the mouse and the keyboard that i had, but it didn’t work for the bluetooth, speaker or the phone. Then you have a headphone jack. Then the orange part is for this display port output. It means that you can connect this monitor to maximum three other monitors so that also it is called msd multi screen transport. Then you have the usbc port like a display port and hdmi port, and here you have the power cable on the bottom of this monitor. You also have the power and also four buttons to adjust the settings. So the monitor has a really good build quality. In general, i, like its design, it’s, also a little bit dark, grayish and black colors. Also from here. You can also pass your cables. It doesn’t have a speaker on for germany that’s missing here. The bezels could be a little bit smaller, i would say, and the bottom bezel is like chain. Bezel is a little bit thicker. I would say the only thing that i can complain from the outside it’s, sometimes between the bezel and the frame there’s a small gaps here. You cannot see it in the video, but you have to be really picky to see that, especially especially when the monitor is on, then you don’t see it at all.

The quad hd display is really good. The colors are really saturated, and i am also surprised how saturated this, especially when i compared to the lenovo chromebook tweet that i have here the colors there looks a bit washed out after i look at this monitor for a long time, so you guarantee that you Will get a good saturation, especially if you like let’s, say samsung devices that they have a good saturation. This monitor also has the same i’m, not expert in the monitors, but i found a really nice link about this monitor with all the details, so i will put it in the description. So if you want to exactly know about the quality of the screen, please go check that link out. I want to show the differences between the colors in this video. You guys can clearly see that the lenovo chrome book tweet looks a little bit washed out when compared to this dell quad hd monitor. You can clearly see it from the reds kind of. If you consider this icon here and also the one on the monitor, you guys clearly see that the reds are much much saturated on the dell quad hd 25 inch. So let me now talk shortly about the settings here. Do you have four buttons here? I will start with the menu button here. You have obviously the brightness and contrast here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have auto brightness. So in the night you have to also come here and adjust the settings that’s a little bit annoying part for me.

Then you have the input source you have the usbc, displayport, hdmi and also autospec also works good, especially when you connect the device it automatically detects it, and it shows that if you want to switch to this, for example, then you have the color option here to Adjust the colors, then you have the aspect: ratio, sharpness, sharpness, doesn’t, work that good. I would say you don’t, expect to make your text sharp that much for me, i switched off the smart hdr. I didn’t see that much difference between this hdr 400 and not. I think i read also in the comment reviews that this hdr 400 is the doesn’t actually mean that much then the menu you have you can like select the language for the rotation and the transparency of this menu bar timer for it and the lock buttons and Most important one for you guys is this personalized one which you can adjust for the shortcut k1 shortcut k2, for you have four buttons here for two of them: k1. K2. You can adjust all the different functions. I select for one of them actually, this brightness and for the second one i put the input source, so i can go and state it easier. I wish that it had more keys. Kind of that would be more practical, especially if i for the selecting the input source you can also give exactly which source you want for this bottom, so you can just click on it and it will be automatically hdmi on the type c right now.

You have two steps to do that if i show it to you guys how it will work one. Second, if i click on the click source, one it will ask which one do i want to like uh choose here. I have also now connected the denoble chromebook to do it here using the usb c port. Now you guys can see like how long it takes also to switch. Now we switch to the chromebook. Now i will try to switch back to the windows and microsoft surface. Pro device now we are done, you guys also see the resolution there it’s a card hd resolution with 60hz with windows works perfectly with the chromebook. The lenovo chrome work has problem. It can only output like uh 24 hertz for the full hd resolution, and i realized that in the macbook pro that i have the old one from the 2013 using the hdmi port, the scaling is a little bit weird. So i don’t like the scaling there. So now i want to go to the settings a little bit again here we had this one nice. I showed the key one and keto you can adjust different functions. There, power button leds just the light here. You can turn it on and off it doesn’t mean that much then you have the usbc charging 90 watt it’s. You can also select this to be off in off mode or on and off mode, so you can do that, but on enough mode it will be more let’s, say energy, efficient and other usb charging is the same.

When i try to reconnect this, the usb c port here – and you guys will see the pop up here immediately switch to usb c video report, so that works also really instantly. So you can easily switch to that if you click on. So if i want to talk about the issues of this monitor, i will talk first about this gap here in the design. It would be nice if there was no small gaps here. I don’t see it right now, but i have to be really picky to see that the other issue is that when you are connected using the main usbc port, then the other usbs are not working to charge devices. So the charging functionality doesn’t work. I think it doesn’t have then enough power output to do that. Other issue is the auto brightness, so you in the night, you have to adjust it by yourself manually here. I put it in the shortcut here, so i can easily do that here. Other issue is that the two usba port that we have back there – they are not powerful enough to charge your phone or, like your speakers. For me, it works with this keyboard and the mouse that i have here. But if you need a higher voltage, then and also watts, then you have to use these two ports in the side which they offer better like power. Let me shortly talk about the specification of this dell monitor it’s a 25 inch quad hd resolution.

It has a pixel density of 117.5, it has a power supply of 90 watt. Its brightness is maximum 350 nits aspect. Ratio is 16 by nine reaction. Time is maximum is five millisecond and refresh rate is 60 hertz. It has usbc hdmi, displayport, usba and audio output. It doesn’t have a speaker and it doesn’t have a dvi port, just keeping that mind it’s a 25 inch if the price is below 400 euro and it’s a usbc money. So if i want to sub up, i can say that this monitor this dell 25 inch. Usbc quad hd monitor has a really good picture quality. It has a really good saturation. It is below 400 euro and it’s a usbc monitor so and also you can also charge and your devices using the usbc. So it also works for data also for the display and also for the power.