Tour. This review is a two part: video in this first part i’m going to unbox. This show you, the things included, show you how the monitor looks and talk about the main features in the second video i’m going to talk about the performance, color accuracy and workflow. Now before i start, let me tell you that this is actually a review unit provided by dell, singapore, big thanks to them for providing yet another review unit. The previous monitor, i reveal um that’s, the dell u2722de, which is basically the bigger brother of this monitor, and let me give you the bottom line up front. First, the main sound point for this monitor is the inclusion of the built in ethernet port. At the time of this review, this is priced at 519. Singapore dollars. If you do not need the ethernet port, i highly recommend you go with the other model, the dell? U 2520d, that is 100 more expensive than this. It doesn’t have ethernet port, but that supports a resolution of 1440p. The resolution for this monitor is just 1920 by 1200, so with the dell u2520d, you are going to get significantly more resolution, it’s going to be like way more productive compared to this uh resolution. All right, um let’s unbox, this dell: u series monitors, have good color support more specifically color support for 100 srgb, so these monitors are suitable for visual content, creators for artists, graphic designers photo and video editors, whose work will mostly go online.

This is the color calibration factory report, some warranty info, some pictures to show you how to set up the morning tour setting up the monitor is pretty straightforward. So this is the stand. Let me just take out. Everything cables included are usb type, a to usb type c, usb type c to usb type c. The power cable – and this is full size – display port to full size display port. The sim stand is used for the bigger brother, the dell u27 22de. So this is the base. The design is very clean and simple. It has a nice weight to it quite heavy six rubber feet on the back here, and this is the stand. So this hole here is for cable management. The design looks really good, and i like this color, this is actually plastic, but inside all metal – and this is quite heavy together with the base it’s like really heavy. The dell logo is here in front of the stand. It’S, not that obvious. The monitor size is 24.1 inches and the resolution supported is 1920 by 1200. Thankfully, this is not a 1080p morning to her, so you do get some extra vertical resolution. Design on the back looks very clean and simple. This is the same silver color as the stand. The texture is matte and it’s quite smooth, very nice. This is the directional toggle for the osd with a press button, and this is the power button.

Vesa multi is possible. With this monitor. The dimensions are 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters. These are the parts at the bottom full size, hdmi, port version, 1.4, full size, displayport version 1.4 with hdcp 1.4, usb type c port with 90 watt power delivery. This is another display port full size, and there is this rubber stopper here, because this display port is actually downstream. This is upstream so this display port is used for daisy, chaining and daisy. Chaining only works with display port and windows os. We have two usb type: a ports here – version 3.2 gen1. According to down this 3.5 millimeter audio line out port does not support headphones so, depending on the device that you use, you may or may not get all the audio features on things like being able to adjust the volume. If you attach a dell soundbar to this. Obviously, it’s going to work properly and this rj45 ethernet port is the main selling point for this monitor. When you connect a modem or router to this, you are going to get a maximum speed of up to 100 sorry, 1000 megabits per second, which is very fast, and you can get internet through all these usb ports. This ethernet port has a permanent mac address passed through that mac address is actually printed here on the label. There is also pxe boot and wig on lan feature and right here at the corner of this monitor, we have two more usb ports type, a and type c.

This do not have charging capability, so they are just for data transfer. The monitor has adjustments for height Music rotation tilt, and you can even turn this 90 degrees so that this is vertical in portrait orientation and the adjustment it’s very easy it’s. A good stand. Design of this monitor is very clean and simple, so we have one prominent dell logo here and at the top we have some vents that go along the edge and also the sides here, and you can see this monitor it’s quite thin. I’Ve just connected the display to my samsung tablet, using the usbc cable included so now it’s also charging the samsung tablet. By the way the usbc can deliver power up to 90 watts, but the power will be adjusted depending on the device that you connect to. So if you connect let’s, say a 45 watt device, then it’s going to just deliver 45 watts of power. You can definitely see some pixelation with this resolution 1920 by 1200. In fact, the pixels are quite big. If you need more resolution and ethernet, then you would have to consider the bigger brother, the dell u27 22de, which has 1440p resolution anyway. This resolution is still very usable. I like how thin the bezels are and the bezels are uniform on all four sides. So this monitor it really looks good from the front as well as from the back. One thing to note about the usbc port here is it’s just for data transfer.

It doesn’t accept video input all right, so this is just the unboxing video in my full review. I will talk about performance, color, accuracy, brightness and workflow, and if you guys have any questions relating to this monitor, let me know in the comment section below so that i can answer them in the full review.