Now, let me introduce you to the dell monitor it’s a little smaller, monitor, it’s a 24 inch but it’s a 2k monitor so we’re. Looking at about 2560 by 1440 um, you know it’s, seamless, there’s, no, actually, no plastic around it, it’s all based on the bottom it’s, similar to the asus models that we have review in the past. But this one has a little kick and it also has built in speakers we’re gon na take a look at it and see what you get when you purchase them at this all right, so let’s go ahead and start with the monitor. First, on the side: i’m gon na put it here on the side, so you guys can see some of it and i’m putting a plastic because i don’t scratch it right here. If you guys can see the buttons on top they’re facing you and it’s much better than other machines, where they put the buttons in the back and you’re not going to notice them so they’re right here in the front they’re kind of curved down so they’re kind Of a little hidden but they’re not going to be a base where you’re going to have to go in the back of it and take a look at it, they’re all going to be based in the front right here. First, one of course is power and then menu and then the rest of them up and down and volume up and volume down everything’s in here, if you guys can see it we’re going to also take a look at the actual setup of the monitor.

So let’s go ahead and continue um in the back of it. You guys can see it. You don’t need a brick. Basically, the brick is built in the monitor and the power converter. So you just get a regular connection. You plug it in it’s. A three point connect your three pin connection, and then you get an hdmi, you get a display port and then you get an hd. This is actually a usb 3.0 uh on this particular model. Is you plug it in here, but you’re enabling two different um usbs? In here so from this is pretty much like a little hub. You just you plug one in and you get two out of it so which is good now on this particular model you could plug. In yes, say you have a usb for your wireless keyboard mouse. You can plug it in here, or you want to connect your monitoring, your keyboard mod mouse in here. You can actually connect those two in there in place, which i like a lot about it now. Let’S flip it on to the back. If you are just concerned about mounting this system into a mechanical arm, you have no problem. The only thing you are going to need the little lifts and they do come with it. The little kind of plastic oval rings are a little heavier and a little thicker. So you can actually um connect better to any kind of thing, not only that a lot of these mechanical arms do come with them too now these days, because they know they embed the whole system now to set this up is very simple now to connect to To save you guys time, this is very simple so on to set up the monitor is very simple: if you notice the base in the bottom, there is a screw that you actually have to put the screw base down the bottom.

This particular monitor just slides in here, and it clicks that’s pretty much it does. You want to remove it there’s a button right behind it i’m, going to show you the button it’s right here so to remove it simple. If you want a mechanical arm or you decide not to go mechanical arm, so dell makes good products and they haven’t changed the product for quite a while it’s, basically almost uh for many years. They have kept the scene kind of consistent on on how to take the back in and add the extra stand and the mechanical arms you know for a while it was. It was something that was not very popular, but it kind of caught on and a lot of manufacturers are selling that extra bump here. So you guys could be okay with it. If not, you can always make your own cell of your own with a couple of oval rings, or you could buy a couple of um a couple of washers a couple of thick washers that you could work it too. Now the base is heavy duty. They have a lot of metal on it and here’s a screw. The screws already built in you don’t have to find a screw or a little bag, or anything like that. You are going to need either a penny or nickel and dime to actually tighten it up. A little bit or you could do it with flat head if you have to or if you’re strong enough just you know continuous twisting it now that’s the lock mechanism now there’s two screws in here that are holding this whole thing actually from tilting different direction.

You need to remove them in order to make a move so right now, they’re not moving and right now it’s telling you this is facing the actual backing. So this is pretty much how it is. This is a nice little base and, like i said you could twist it around, but it’s completely locked out right now so, and it does have little bumpers here, so you don’t have to be worrying about if it’s going to slip off or not so that’s. Probably this little bass all right, so they give you the actual cables. They give you the actual power cord. They give you the usb 3.0, and then they give you a display, cable right. If they don’t give you the hdmi it’s it’s no longer available it’s. Just if you’re gon na run the 2k uh 1080 is the hdmi. This is a higher definition, so it’s going to run at 2560 by 1440, but you’re going to require this displayport in order to get those levels of a good definition, video all right. So we’re going to go ahead and connect it and see what you get all right. Let’S take a look at the actual system itself, we’re going to run a couple of tests right now. If you notice uh right now, we’re running the system, it’s at 60 frames per second that’s, the highest it can go in reality. You can’t go any higher than that that’s, pretty much we’re hitting it.

If you notice the test, you could see the blurriness on every single and some people don’t like to see this test, because they hurt your eye on the three dimensional programs, we’re going to say, we’re, going to run the fish test, and i like to run a G uh open source on this um on the system, but the graphics on this is really good. I like how they look. They they look crispy, clear, um, they’re good for the eyes, and this is uh not even a full screen right now. You know and if you notice, it’s seamlessly all the way over here and it covers the whole region. There is just a tiny bit fraction of a of monitor when i thought it was going to be completely the monitor itself, all the way through, but now there’s, actually just a little tiny bit of it, which is not bad. You know, but overall i mean the monitor test is doing pretty good and when i run different tests on the actual monitor so say, you’re gaming and you want to move your mouse around. This is pretty much what you’re going to be doing. Uh we’re going to slow it down just a little bit see if i could do some frames – and this is how the text is gon na be if you’re gon na be reading pretty much um, you can see it and it kind of gets a little blurry On this last part of the 21 frames per second, so at 16, we’re running really good i’m able it’s, legible everything’s readable, but this one’s going to start breaking down now 20, is where i i can’t see this.

It hurts my eye a lot so we’re going to continue on all right. Let’S take a look at the menu right, so we got the power here and i’m just going to click on it right now, and it gives you a highlight of all your stuff. The first button gives you a highlight x, to get out, but we’re going to hit x, we’re going to hit the menu button here and the main one is simple: they give you the brightness and it’s very simple to understand this um it’s not very difficult right. Now we’re at brightness, you know it shows you the brightness. We are input source, the hdmi we’re on color work configuration display port, how much um display currently we’re at white 16 by 90 by nine menu and then uh personal. This is a personal if you want to change it to movie gaming and all sorts of things so uh other formats um. Also they give you the um the bios that you’re on this system, because there is firmware on it so and it does continue factor reset. You can always come back if you mess up your monitor and you don’t know the colors you’re adjusting it. You can always come back to it. So very simple: easy little menu we’re going to hit the x button and it’s going to go back to the no more.