Here we have another dell laptop. This is a latitude e 64 20 machine we’ll. Take a look at today. Top is looking pretty decent. The little worn had might have had an old sticker on it. That was peeled off coming around the back here. We’Ve got ethernet ports, power, connector, uh blank here for a possible modem and then an hdmi port i’m, not sure where this case would have still had a modem requirement, but that’s okay, i guess uh express card slot. An optical drive here, a manual toggle switch for our wi fi, two usb ports and an esata port. The front of the system just has our sd card slot and our release for the lid smart card exhaust hard drive bay, audio usb in and a vgi vga port. Looking on the bottom of the machine here, we’ve got our battery release two clips here. Let’S slide out from the system kind of lifts and moves away. We’Ve got a docking port here and then that’s kind of it uh in terms of access. You actually, i believe, on this machine, have to remove the keyboard to be able to get access to things like memory and and whatnot so yeah, but conveniently enough sometimes dell actually puts like little screw reminders on um what the screws are for. So you know what you actually have to to uh do to be able to get access to the system. Flipping up the lid here, we’ll take a look at our keyboard area.

Pretty okay size keyboard we’ve got the trackpoint nub here that the dell folks use with a reasonably sized touchpad and the keyboard is okay, works works. All right screen is a decent size and we do have a webcam built into that as well. So let’s get powered up and see how the machine runs. I expect it should run well with a core i5 processor in it at the very least so let’s see what happens. Okay, we’ve got windows running and hardware info 64 on screen here. We’Ve got an intel core: i5, 2520m, so that’s a gen 2 or it’s. A sandy bridge processor, that’s, two cores four threads and we max out at about 3.2 gigahertz turbo it’s about 2.5 gigahertz regularly that’s perfect, i mean that’s. There should be no issues in terms of standard performance. This thing’s even got the avx instruction set, which means you could i don’t know try to run a modern game and have it not actually work, because the system, you know, is only dual core and has integrated uh, hd, graphics, anyways, um, the rest of specs. Here we got four giga ramps: there’s a pair of two gig ddr3 dimms in here we’ve got a 320 gig sata drive and we’ve got a dvd ram drive, so all in all a pretty decent machine i’m expecting no issues with our crab rave test. So let’s take a look and see that now we’ve got a screen resolution of 1600 by 900, so we’re going to try out 1080p here i’m expecting that we should have a good experience, though so fully buffered.

Here and yeah i mean we’re, not dropping any frames. Uh everything sounds smooth in terms of the audio graphics, wise, the uh, the the visuals here are nice and clean, there’s, no skipping or hitching or hesitation, so yeah good experience, uh perfect. This is, this is a great machine that is gon na definitely make somebody’s uh day week month year. You know, get them out of the out of the situation or make their crappy situation just a little bit better. So there we go another laptop ready to go for donation.