We have big stories for you today. Well start off with the Dell Latitude a business laptop meant, for you know, Executives, project managers very Dynamic, 14 inch, mobile workstation, but Ill. Tell you the part that I absolutely enjoyed with this two in ones. Usually arent really I mean either they are portable or theyre about that entire idea that theyre a hybrid, but you dont get good looking fantastic performance ones. This one does it all, then, were moving on to a very special segment on Aroma. 24. 7.. You know Aroma the scent the smell its a very strong sensory impulse, and you know you actually identify with you walk into an office. You walk into a hotel. You walk into someones home, you identify with that smell all the time, a situation, circumstances anything thats happened and aromatherapy, of course, is an age old science. Its actually healing takes away stress, but youve got to get it completely right and Technology now. Finally, does it a company Aroma 24 7 is Dubai, based has come into India and their portfolio includes it all were very impressed with what they use now these are Fusion technology, diffuser machines and then well move on to the Garmin when you sq2 now Garmin, absolutely Fantastic in terms of what they do with their watches, but there is a whole segment out there, which wants smart watches that are also fitness, watches and you know Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, so many others of them.

Now, like bridging that Gap right, theyre, perfect smart watches, you can also do Fitness. So where does the venue sq2 actually come up? All right? Weve got great stories, but weve also got great amount of news coming in from the world of gadgets. Getting update from the world of Apple is here as Apple unveils, their new line of iPads and the iPad Pro. The iPad is available in vibrant, colors, blue, pink, yellow and silver completely redesigned. After five years, Apple has made new and welcoming upgrades It Sports, a 10.9 inches liquid Retina Display, with a touch ID button, now housed at the top, giving more screen interface for apps and gaming for faster performance and Superior efficiency and A14 bionic chip Powers. The device delivering a 20 increase in CPU and 10 Improvement in graphics over the previous generation, the new iPad fronts, a 12 megapixel wide camera at the back, whereas at the front it Sports, a new landscape, 12 megapixel Ultra wide front camera improving on video calling and Capturing sharp and Vivid footages Wi Fi 6 ensures faster connectivity and cellular models feature super fast 5G, so users can switch up whenever required. The iPad is available at a starting price of rupees 37 000 for 64 GB plus Wi Fi model, whereas the Wi Fi Plus Cellular model, starts at rupees, 46. 000.. The iPad Pro is powered by the M2 Chip, which means you get incredible: performance portability and faster multi, core CPU theres, a Big Boon here for Content creators who can now transcode Pro res footage, but also shoot high quality progress, footage as well.

It also features a Next Level apple, pencil, hover experience. Bringing this all together is the iPad OS 16, which offers features like retracting messages after they are sent, freeform app, share, tabs on Safari, Etc. The iPad Pro is available in two different display sizes 11 inch display, which starts at rupees 65 700, whereas a 12.9 inch model which is available from rupees, 90 400. Music. Our top pick review is the Dell Latitude, like I said right in the beginning. Two in ones usually are good, but not great. They dont look premium, they dont perform at the top level, but with the Dell Latitude theyve actually broken all those rules so weighs about 1.4 kg super portable energy efficient. Two in one laptop, fantastic screen to body ratio: 500 nits of peak brightness, Corning, Gorilla, Glass, DX. Actually on that screen, you know amazing readability, drop protection webcam with a 1080p resolution in Electronic Privacy shutter with it, but I have to tell you what is the big deal on this? This is, I think, the first two in one that I think looks like a million bucks and performs like a rocket Music buying a laptop used to be easy, think thin and light business, gaming or student level. Get your budget right choose the brand you like and Bank. You were done not anymore. Dell saw this Gap and came up with the Dell Latitude 9430 in the age of ultra books and notebooks, which have risen to cater to professionals and content creators alike.

Can the Dell Latitude 9430 emerge as a popular choice find out to start off here we have a 14 inch 16×10 display panel that comes in fhd and QHD resolutions. The display panel also supports low power modes, anti reflection, anti smudge and anti glare. Among other things. This means you never have to ever worry about scratching, smearing or using the laptop under direct or reflective sunlight powering. The innards is a 12th gen Intel Core i5b Pro or core i7v Pro Enterprise chipsets, which are complemented by 16 gigs of lpddr5 RAM and up to 1 TB of SSD. This is a two in one laptop and does a dynamic screen to body ratio of 90. Is definitely a welcome change, weve seen in this segment so far with minimal bezels and ultra responsive touch, display 500 nits of peak brightness and weighing 1.4 kgs. The Dell Latitude 9430 is designed to handle Mammoth tasks smoothly. The design feels rugged with the Saturn metal gray, metal chassis. The colors on the display are vibrant and smooth courtesy of the 100 srgb color gamut. This device supports, even after a full day of usage, there was minimal eye fatigue thanks to the superior Corning Gorilla Glass. 6Dx, which enhances readability and drop protection. This is a very unique feature. As most other laptops dont have this. The panel can be used with the stylus. However, this would have to be purchased additionally, theres a webcam with a 1080p resolution with an Electronic Privacy shutter an absolute must for privacy and security.

The video calls we tried were good, but only when direct light falls on your face and there isnt any bright light behind you now onto the battery. The display is one of the leading causes of battery drainage, but here the 65 watt, USB type c fast charger can charge the device up to 80. In just 40 minutes. Ai software like Express charge, analyzes your power usage habits to improve PC battery utilization, extend runtime and charge your system faster. As far as Sports and accessibility go, youll find two Thunderbolt: 4 ports, HDMI 2.0, a 3.5 mm audio jack and even a Micro SD card slot. On the left side on the right side, theres a USB type, a port internet connectivity is handled by Wi, Fi 6E, Bluetooth, 5.2 and 4G 5G modems for Qualcomm. You can connect a monitor or display presentations without giving any second thoughts about feasibility or Port connections typing. On the Dell Latitude 9430 felt like a breeze as the keyboard is backlit as good key travel and is well organized. The trackpad, while large, does, however, attract fingerprints and smudges managing work and pleasure on the Dell Latitude 9430 felt luxurious. It comes with a quad speaker, setup with two front firing. Speakers are on the keyboard deck and the other two are underneath the chassis theres, not much bass, but the highs and lows are well balanced. The sound output is premium and better than any of the laptops. In this segment, no matter which orientation you use, the sound is exceptional prices start at rupees 1.

4 lakhs and can go up to rupees 1.9 lakhs, depending upon the configurations, with an Ultra Premium, build exceptional battery life, great sound, good, webcam and portability. The Dell Latitude 9430 has the potential to steal the Thunder from other business laptops in the segment. Then lets move on to a very special segment on Aroma, like I said, Aroma the science of scent the smell that you actually have wherever you walk in. If you have a signature, scent, youll always identify with that place. That person that location, its an age, old science and aroma therapy is a huge factor for releasing good hormones and everything else, which is why its used in spas in all other places. But you know to get this science right is very difficult. There are so many different things that people use to get Aroma in their home office or corporates and thats why a company called Aroma 24 7. This is a Dubai based company. Now is in 19 countries and, of course, has entered India with a big bang. Theyve come up with technology that actually gets this right. So its a these are diffusion, fuses, cold, diffusion, the way they actually integrate between the actual scent, the essential oils and the Machine and how you can set it up with an app. This is where I think, aromatherapy meets technology when you walk into a home, an office or a hotel. The first roads of Aroma, The Awakening of your sense of smell, is something that leaves a lasting impact, its a powerful signature and one that is helpful in more ways than one essential oils and the practice of aromatherapy is an age old science.

That is said to have lasting impacts on our health and mindset. Taking the practice of aromatherapy to the next level is aroma. 24. 7.. This dubai, based leading scent marketing company, has a global presence in more than 19 countries and has now entered India with a big ban. This is a brand that does the full 360 degrees and has, within its portfolio, send diffuser machines, scent oils, Reed, diffusers and scented candles in a fast paced world. Taking time to slow down and recalibrate is not only essential but also advocated for our well being. They have a very large portfolio, and today we will look at some of their cool Fusion units. The first one is the Air Max 100 Aroma diffuser. These small units are meant for spaces less than 120 cubic meter. You can use it either manually or with the aroma 24 7 app. The app provides a seamless operation and enables customization for usage as per room size and category of usage. The Air Max 100 is a portable air diffuser, with a built in timer system and Bluetooth. At 600 grams it is ultra lightweight, but dont. Let that fool you into underestimating it. This cubicle shape device holds 100 ml Aroma oil as a refill due to the tech that could last around 2 months, a small key helps you unscrew the main body. The best part of the device is it can be operated using a power cable as well as well as a one into 1.

5 volt D size battery. This small switch in the power phones makes it accessible for usage, even when there is no electricity. It also makes it portable, as it can thus be kept anywhere. 1D size battery also lasts around 2 months. The app lets you create diffusion routines by letting you choose the days of the week. The start stop timings as well as the intensity of the fragrance. You can create customized schedules for frequency. Just choose the day of the week, along with working hours that are indicated by the start and stop time. Another product from Aroma, 24 7 is ecosent that can also be used either via the app or by the inbuilt touchscreen that is provided next up is the air slim 500.. It is a very stylish looking diffuser that can easily fit into your home or a corporate environment. As a statement piece, the body of the air slim 500 is made out of anodized aluminum and is available in two colors not visible at first glance, but there is a compartment that holds the 300ml refill bottle heavy weight at 8 kgs. This air diffusion mechanism can seamlessly fit into your home with ease place the unit in any corner of your house or office to maximize productivity and enhance moves. It is recommended that the product to be used in the areas below 120 cubic meter – you can now curate your own Spas at homes and offices with the Air Max 100, which is priced at rupees, 5850, very affordable for a long term.

Investment. The asling 500 is slightly pricier at about rupees 50. 000. lets take a quick break right now on the show, and we come back lots more happening: foreign Applause, Music Applause, Applause now lets move on to a smart watch and a fitness watch. The Garmin, when you sq2 now the interesting thing is that this entire Market of smart watches Fitness bands, fitness watches, but different markets. Now its all converging into one and Garmin, has been fantastic with their Fitness bands and fitness watches. But their products are not true. Smart watches right I mean they can interact with the phone, but the app is more or less just pulling data from it and showing it to you on the app smart watches. On the other hand, do a whole lot more. The perfect integration between smartphone and smart watch, I think, with this Garmin now wants to close that Gap. Garmin has been delivering Innovative GPS technology across diverse markets like Aviation, Marine Fitness, tracking and mobile apps and more, but it is their unique smart watches that would come in at the Forefront and both hobbyist Fitness enthusiasts, as well as professional athletes swear by Garmin products. But the world of Smartwatch is built for Fitness is becoming tougher by the day, with global giants like Apple Samsung and Fitbit, releasing their latest smart watches. Can the brand new Carmen venue Square do take on this new assault? Making marked upgrades to its venue series Carmen is back with a venue Square 2 and venue Square 2 music Edition, but the review unit was the venue Square 2.

Music, adding authority to its range of watches common. When you square 2 is now available in a 40 mm size, the aluminum bezels are 11.1 mm thick. This makes it Slimmer and brighter than the previous series, which is a recurring theme in this review brighter, because Carmen has upgraded 1.41 inches AMOLED touchscreen display from an LCD display with just two physical buttons, boosting a 360 into 320 pixel resolution. The lens is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.. The AMOLED display contributes to Sharp text and vibrant colors. Apart from the modifications to the display, Garmin has also tuned towards a bigger and more efficient battery for the series, while the original venue series could last only up to 5 6 days in Smart Watch mode and 14 hours of GPS battery life, the Garmin venue Square 2 now has a battery life of up to 11 days in the Smartwatch mode and 26 hours of GPS battery life. I add the battery saver to this mix and you will have a solid washer that will get you beyond the average usage hours. However, bigger doesnt always mean better, as when we run tests. These numbers did get relayed back to three days, especially because the AMOLED screen, plus always are mode considerably drains. The battery you can use the Garmin Connect app to access Oppo 25 in build training and sports features both for indoor and outdoor activities. You can also use the free workout options to device a routine for yourself or better still use the Garmin course running.

Training app plans to get a head start on your fitness journey. The app is available for both IOS and Android devices. Talking about their health and fitness features. There is an extensive area of functions, provided here like heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen level, monitoring and sleep tracking and, like most smart watches these days, it can also measure your stress levels and womens menstrual cycle training. A fitness enthusiast needs ample time to train and recover from the training the body battery energy monitoring helps you determine the best times for training and rest during the day. The accuracy provided is largely cohesive and is definitely supportive for a moderate to a poor athlete providing more than just time. Smartwatches are seamlessly integrated into our lives. Premium features and Superior technology has paved the way for New Age infrastructure that revitalizes how we perform a daily task. The Garmin venue Square 2 has major potential to outdo its competition. We love the big AMOLED display improved battery life, a minimalistic design which ports well. For this new Garmin offering, however, Garmin has always faltered when it comes to Pure Smartwatch and connectivity between the phone and watch features. This is mainly a watch that is built for Fitness enthusiasts. That also connects to your phone and not the other way around. Yet the venue Square 2 is on its way to bridging quite a bit of that Gap. Priced at 27, 990 rupees Garmin has signed up to be in the major leagues of the Smartwatch segment, and we are here to track its performance in the long run Music.

That, then, was the gadget 360 show for this week. I think you know the way we are actually covering all kinds of Technology. The 360 degree that we are doing, I think, is a sign of the times technology now in every space and whos going to bring all that technology to you.