Now the previous one was the dell latitude 7410 and i’ve already done a review on that one. If you want to check that view review out after this i’ll put a link in the description below, so you can check that out as well. Now i will be doing a little bit of a comparison of what the differences of the latitude 74 20 and the 7410 and i’ll also be creating a follow up. Video after i spend a bit of time with this laptop here so be sure to check that out, i’ll put a link again link in the description below when that is made available now without further ado, let’s get on with the unboxing. Now, of course, everyone knows: i’ve got my nice trusty knife without unboxing, so here we go and oh you got to do away from myself, so i’ve got and i’m just going to have to do this, one towards myself and i’ll. Just do the two slits that’s crosstalk around here that’d be nice. Now, if you’re new to my channel, welcome to my channel – and i really do mostly do business laptops anyway – so let’s start to see. If i can get this thing open up here there we go. Have i got it all there we go now, oh straight away, interesting enough! Look at the power adapter straight up and right up straight up, so normally it’s, hidden away, but that’s straight up so that’s.

As always, i love to see the power adapter. So this was straight up, so i don’t have to find it anyway, so it’s nice to see so here we go. We don’t need that rubbish. Now now we’ve got uh let’s. What do we got? 65 watt power adapter, and it is running through a usb c port for to charge the laptop which is great to see. And then we should have the other part of the cable, which is the three prong there. And you actually find this one quite slim, which is nice. I think i’ve seen this one before i just can’t, remember which laptop it is, but i have seen this particular power adapter before and i think it was a 3310. I think it was that actually had something very similar to it, but it’s nice and light. I can definitely tell you that’s very light, but we’ll weigh that in the review, video right away, so i’ll just chuck this one down here, along with the knife, all right, let’s have a look at what else we got here now now, if you notice, everything is Actually cardboard so it’s nice to see the stuff for the sustainability there. Okay, now we’ve got more cardboard here. We’Ll just move that across so with that and okay we’ve got some. What have we got? Some documentation? Oh came back to me: don’t need that all right, there’s anything else besides that no that’s about it, so that’s empty box, i’ll just chuck this down here now, let’s flip this around just a nice little flick there we go and let’s have a look at this.

Okay, wow well: okay, i’ve got the carbon fiber version that they’ll sent me. So this is a nice carbon fiber at the top here and at the bottom here. This is what i was just i’m going to make it plain: simple: it’s, probably just plastic pads, polycarbonate that’s plastic at the bottom and on the sides again it’s pretty much got a very nice felt velvet sort of feel to it, um so i’m, not a matte Field i don’t know who you really call that feel one day i’ll find out. I have to ask someone who’s an expert at his material, but it’s got that sort of velvet sort of matte feel to it along the sides same as the top as the carbon fiber. You have, if you felt the carbon fiber that’s what it feels like all the way through in a way that bit of a glossy sort of texture, i don’t thought, but please put a comment below what do you think the textures feels like if you previous, on A latitude, especially the carbon fiber, please tell what that texture. You will actually call that. I love to actually use that for the videos in a way. So, anyway uh this is it. It looks a bit smaller. The footprint looks a bit smaller than the previous generation. Well, i can straight away see something different here. I can straight away see there’s exhaust vents on the top here now. I know that the previous generation was a lot bigger down to about left hand side, especially the two one.

I was complaining about that. This is actually made a lot higher. Now i don’t know this is a two one. I don’t think this is a two one. This should be a clamshell one that they’ve sent me uh, but i can definitely that’s gone smaller and it’s. Actually gone to the back end here as well too, so normally i just like to hide it on that side, but it’s going back here, which means i do know that the thermals on this has been changed massively for this 74 20. uh. But i think the footprint’s gone smaller for sure it looks a bit i when i do the review i’ll try and see if i can get my hands on at 7410, so i can actually put this side by side anyway. The other thing i can straight away see already uh, then why is we’ll go through the ports as well too anyway? This is, on the left hand, side of the computer, so we’ve got a usb c port. Now that’s thunderbolt 4 – this one here and i can. You can also charge this up as well. Using this power delivery here now and then we’ve got the exhaust vent. Now this is the new part. I can definitely see we didn’t have the exhaust vent in the 7410. That was all along the back, and this one actually has one in the side now that’s very interesting. There, uh i’m gon na come back to that, and then we’ve got the headphone jack again.

This is very interesting because the headphone jack is on the 74. 10 was actually on the other side around here now. For me, this is actually a good thing and that’s, and this is all maybe good or bad, depending on you uh for me, it’s, actually a good thing because i’m, a righty and i’ll, tell you why, when i find my writing, if i have one, i know If i have a mouse connected to this uh, i would actually have it now. If i know, if i had my headphone uh plugged into the headphone jack, then i have actually got limited space and i should bump into the cord with of the headphone jack. But now so when, on the left hand, side that’s great for me, but if you are lefty, this may be a problem that you’ll find that i’ve always had problems when the previous generation, so the 7410 had it on the right hand side. So, just to let you know, and then we’ve got the smart card reader here so that’s on there now along the back again there’s, nothing besides that new exhaust vent on the back end and looking on the right hand, side we’ve got the noble lot slot for The security and then we’ve got the hdmi. Now i know that’s a version 2.0 and then we’ve got the usb 3.2 gen1 and that’s type, a so usb type, a now there’s, only one of them before there was two so that’s interesting to see that i’ll probably say they’ve actually made some um just room From the exhaust to actually take that away, so oh it’s, a bit nothing i’d rather have two ports but hey.

We might get better thermals for this, so we’ll find out, and then we’ve got another usbc port, which is a thunderbolt 4 port here and then we’ve got the micro sd card reader and then underneath that i’m just going to try to pull that out here. It should be, i use him i’m, just going to check that up i’m thinking it’s using there and that’s about all. There is on the support y. So definitely big port changes, so we’ve done from with minus or one usb type a port uh. I would have been nice to actually have gain an extra usb c port, but hey we want it. We’Ve got two usbc ports here, but at least they’re on both different sides, so that’s kind of nice. So you can actually jack them up differently. So i like that, and also the headphone jack has been improved for me and i improved it right all right, while we’re at it i’m going to bring in a helper actually. Actually, i will do this i’m going to bring in helpful for this and actually before i’m, bringing the helper in let’s. Do this one finger test here so let’s see how the hinge goes on this one here so i’m going to do one finger and we’re just going to bring this across that’s, not bad that’s, actually doing pretty nice and neat okay and that’s that’s. It then i’ve got to actually use one finger to move it all the way through here and it’s.

As far as i go, yep i’ve got the clamshell there, so this one goes probably what you probably say. Would you say that about 190 degrees i would probably say that 190 degrees for that, as well too so that’s interesting anyway uh? I can just gon na use my helper over here to give you guys a bit of a hand all right. So here we go all right, so i’m, just gon na try and get out of the light, so i can definitely see this has an intel evo certification. So what that means is this has, for the processor wise, it is using the intel core 11th generation here. So you can even get an i5 or i7 so that hasn’t really changed now. I also know with the ram wires: it can go up to a maximum of 32 gigs. Now that’s soldered to the system board, so make sure you actually corr select the correct one. When you purchase this because you can’t upgrade it later now, one of the things i did notice on the way i was looking at the spec sheet between the 374 10 and the 7420, which is this one here, even though the rank capacity is the exact same. The ram speed has been improved on the 7420. I think this one’s, maybe a third faster, but i will tell you definitely in the benchmarks when i actually run the performance test on this computer here as well too.

Now i also know it’s got wi fi six i’ve been upgraded here. So, of course, it’s got bluetooth, 5.1 that’s both the same there as well. Now i can definitely see straight up here. The webcam is also still got the shutter here for there, but one of the nice thing i did read and dell finally listened to, after all the ones i said in last year in 2020, there is an option now for the webcam to have a full hd Options, fantastic, finally, that’s really good to hear that they finally listen and they’ve put a there is a full hd option. Now i haven’t really looked respect to this. One i’ve got here: i’ll find out when i actually boot this computer up and have a look but i’m hoping they’re, giving me a full hd version anyway. So and then we see that in the review testing away so that’s one of the big differences uh, you can spec it up with a full hd uh. Of course, there also is a hd version as well too now i know the display wise. They did upgrade this didn’t really say upgrade. There is more options for the display as well. So now, with with the options for the display panel, there is uh before january. It was on a full hd. Now there is actually a 4k option for this as well, and also with the full hd and the 4k. You can go up to 400 nits of brightness as well so there’s options for that, so that’s.

Definitely there, which means those are listening to us, that we actually want some brighter screens when we’re working outdoors so that’s great for that one there. Now again, i don’t know what i’ve got here: i’m. Taking yes, it’s gon na be a full hd, maybe if hopefully uh 400 nits one we’ll find out in a way. So no so let’s have a look at the keyboard. Keyboard hasn’t really changed, it’s still the same previous keyboard from the 7410. It looks like so. The actual key texture is got a bit of a matte feel to it same with the palm rest, has the same sort of feel to it as well, and each into the curve seems to be quite nice between space as well too. So i don’t think that’s much change in the power button still sitting on the very top right, so you’ve got to make sure you do watch that out when you. Actually, if you do the delete that’s, where normally the delete key, is now there’s a pattern power button again that hasn’t been changed from the 7410. I know if you’ve got the optional fingerprint scanner uh, it is built into the power keys right up there as well too. Now this one doesn’t particularly have one configured with it, but if it does annoy now also see this one probably has backlight here as well. Now, as for the trackpad, the trackpad is stills feels very nice. I’Ve just got some weird things in here.

I don’t know what that sticker means for but i’m thinking as they could have made a smart card reader on there as well or some sort of nfc. So that’s a bit interesting i’ll find out what that is and why so let’s just stick that right there. But i do also know if i’m, just looking at the dimension wise of the track pad, it looks like it’s grown a little bit, and i did remember looking at the specs of this, that it’s actually grown up sideways it’s about one centimeter longer so that’s good, Because i’ve actually made a little bit bigger and i don’t see it to be overly crazy, big, which is, i think, is going to be still a very, very good trackpad. Now, for the feel of it, it’s got a very nice little glass feel it can straightaway see it as well and it’s mechanical. So mechanically this hinge at the top uh, and you can press it down here and of course it could be multi gestures as well too. Now, of course, intel evo means it can actually have a certain few things that it needs to meet minimum requirements like uh, for example, uh well, it’s gon na have a certain amount hours, which is nine hours, it’s gon na be able to stay alive for so Battery life uh – and i would definitely test that out for different ways here, but it is mean to haze, have nine hours as well too now i’ve also just checking back with the intel evo v uh rv pro this one.

I might not have the v pro, but there is an intel v pro evo version as well. Now i’ve got the i7 version, which is great to see as well too. Now, with the 11th generation, it has been bumped up a fair bit with the intel integrated graphics have, which is the rs xc now i’ve seen that previously, in a few other laptops that i have tested in some other types of brands and i’ve, had it very Very good, as well too so they’ve definitely jumped up in there, so i don’t expect i expect no. I mean i expect this one to have some decent, integrated graphics as well too so that’s going to be good. You know let’s, try and build this thing. Computer up yeah, i think i might need to have this. No it’s got power all right, that’s great, to see, and i can definitely see it’s backlit as well, so hopefully we’ll bring up now as for display wise it doesn’t look like it’s changed too much in the bezel. It’S still got very thin bezel on both sides and on the bottom. I just have a pretty good thing on the bottom as well and thin on the top, and i think it looks like at the moment. For me, it looks like a 16 by nine aspect. Ratio still, but quite nice and it’s got a bit of a matte feel to the screen display as well so it’s quite nice, and i see it’s quite bright at the moment.

Still so now, i’ve got some lights shining on this but i’m. All when this bridge is up and i’m going to try but it’s going to try and talk to us, let’s tell cortana to how well we actually talk about let’s, see if i can actually bring up the oh that’s going to bottom. Oh sorry, i’m gon na try and bring up that it looks pretty bright here. I’M hoping this is the 400 nits but i’ll test that out in the review, video as well too. So definitely a nice look to it as well too. The other thing that i, like i said i do i’m just going to take this off – is that the thermal design on this has been changed since the 7410. Now, of course, we’ve seen the different holes down here. I also know that the fan of just looking at the internal view is flipped across to the different side uh, so the fan used to be on this side here for sorry, what i mean was fan used to be on this side for the 7410 and the 7420 is now on this side. The fan – and i think they’ve also made the fan a little bit larger, so i’m, expecting this to have better thermals and also being 11th generation, which hopefully should have better thermals than what i thought so i’m hoping that now one of the things i want to Do because i don’t have the two and one here, but i’m gon na just have a quick check, because if this was foldable here – and i did complain that when this was folded up that, if you put this on your palm – that it would actually start blowing The hot air on your back of your uh, your forearm and i don’t think this one is going to have that sort of problem, because i can see and that’s because on the right hand, i will actually type right this on.

But this is not. This is actually doing well, so my palm is right here so, which is where they used to have the exhaust fence sitting around about here, and that was just blowing directly. So there is a little, maybe a little, but it doesn’t look to be that bad. For me so i’m thinking the two and one’s gon na be very, very good in terms of for right hander. I think they’ll definitely have listened up to my comments as well too, so i can definitely see some good news for the two and one here for that as well too. So, definitely now. I hope that you have found this a little bit useful uh on this, and i do have to set this thing. Computer up for this and we’ll have our review video. Sorry. This is just that’s how light this is uh. I just need to do the things i’m just trying to see if i can bring that up, but i think that’s just going to hold it out so that’s how light this laptop is. It feels quite light there as well too so anyway, i will definitely make a follow up. Video of this once i’ve spent some time with it. Now, if you find this video informative or enjoyed it, do smack that like button for me or even support me smack that like button for me and if you’ve got any questions, do put a comment below and if you haven’t already subscribe to my channel by hitting That subscribe button and bottom screen, i do try upload a new video every week and just remember imperfections in life makes it beautiful and interesting.