Pro x replacement just more serviceable, but as a recording of this video service, pro 8 came out, and this is what i would say, a service pro 8 just a dell version, and it still has a detachable keyboard as like before, and it also has that nice Really pain integrate with the type cover, so i really love this pen here and this design from my soft and its just this dell version of it so thats fantastic there so were going to have a look at the temperatures and vandalss computer. Well, have a quick look at some of the specs and also the features and well also do the line jitter test on this computer here now well put in timestamps along this video. So you can actually skip to different sections that you may be interested in. Just to help you save time and well start off with what this computer can be configured with. So with the processor wise, it is using the 11th gen intel core and you can either get an i3 an i5 or an i7. Now, as for the ram wires, it can go up to maximum capacity of 16 gigs and it is soldered to the system board. So you need to make sure that you get the correct amount of ram when you get this thing configured, because you cant upgrade it later on now. As for the storage wires, it has one slot of m.2 nvme ssd and as for the graphics, if youve got the eye free version, it is using intel, uhd, graphics and if youre using got the i5 or the i7 version, it is using the intel rs xd, Which is a lot better in graphics, wise with the display theres only one option this year and it is a full hd and is rated at 500 meter.

Brightness now were finding the brightness from my testing. It does absolutely great in shaded areas and even in direct sunlight, it does fine as well. So you should be happy to do a presentation in cafes. There is a 1080p webcam located on top, which is great ive, been asking for 1080p webcams for about two years. Now and weve finally got a 1080p webcam, so i love seeing that dells have finally been listening. This is a recording from the 1080p webcam from the latitude 7320 detachable. This is the video and audio unedited, so you can hear and see what the quality of the webcam is like. As always, ive got two types of lights currently turned ive got, one of my street lights turned on and also the down lights of this room turn on is for ambience im going to turn off my one studio, light off and youll hopefully see this adjust. I have got two downloads in front of me and got two downloads behind me. Now. The two downloads phone is quite far away, so theres not much light hitting on my face. So if youre in an office environment, you should actually get a lot better light than what im currently in. So this is what i would consider a dark environment. So, im going to turn on my one shooter light back on and see that adjust and, of course, better quality light gives you better. Quality picture now definitely love to hear what your thoughts are of this webcam theres, also an optional fingerprint scanner on the back right, and there, of course, is the world facing camera for when youre in tablet mode lets have a look at the ports, starting on the Left hand side of the computer weve got the security lock slot thunderbolt 4 port, which is usb type c, and it supports power delivery.

The volume up and down keys, headphone jack. Looking at the top weve got the power button. Looking on the right hand, side of the computer weve got a thunderbolt 4 port, which is usb type c, and it does support power delivery. There are two speakers located on either side of the latitude 7320 detachable and when i test it out the maximum volume of these speakers, it managed to measure in at 83.2 decibels now thats about same measurements as an ipad pro. But unfortunately, the speaker, quality of the sound quality, is not even close to an ipad pro and hes a bit aware. I couldnt say there could be a lot of improvement, so the speakers are pretty much only sound on the highs, theres lacking of mids and theres. Pretty much no bass at all, and so when i say the measurement at 83.2 decibels, thats all the highs. So when youre in practice and listening to these speakers, you actually do find youre struggling quite a bit to actually listen to these speakers. So if youre, in a cafe during presentation, you may be struggling to do presentation outdoors maximum volume, audio quality of the latitude 7320 detachable Music Applause, Music, the latitude 7320 detachable comes with a 65 watt power adapter and it charges via the usb type c port. The battery it comes with is our two cell 40 watt hour battery and it does support express charge. So what that means is it can charge the battery from zero to 80.

In one hours time now, i did perform my battery life test on this particular unit. This ones configured with an i5 and i tested my five different modes, so in best performance it managed to get two hours and in better performance again it also measured in at two hours and when i tested it in better battery life mode, it managed to get Three hours and 40 minutes and in battery saving mode, it means you get four hours and 30 minutes and in my media mode it means you get six hours and 30 minutes. So as just a disclaimer, my bachelor life test, i do put a consistent workload across all the system, resources and most applications. Dont put such a heavy workload and consistently on all the system, resources, usually its just a burst, speed or peak on the system resources. So you should get better numbers than what im, quoting you im, just giving you the worst case scenario: fidel latitude 7320 detachable weight is 1.13 kilos. Add in the 65 watt power adapter becomes a total weight of 1.45 kilos that you might be carrying around with you. As for the temperatures and fair noise of the latitude 7320 detachable, when it puts this computer on loaded, that most of the heat is constantly the top left of the display, now thats unsurprising thats, where the process lays underneath and when i took my measurement, my ambient Temperature was 24 degrees celsius and my ambient noise in the room was 37 decibels.

Now, just to give you a quick reference point a human hand is around about anywhere between 33 to 35 degrees celsius. So just put that in mind, so you can have a better idea on how hot this computer can get. I took the base measurement when the computer was on idle and the hottest area on the display, measured in at 31 degrees celsius and as for the fan noise it measured in at 37 decibels, so thats silent. Then i put the computer on 20 loads, so thats pretty much average use of tasks like office, productivity, work, streaming, videos surfing the web and the hottest area on the display, measured in at 34 and a half degrees celsius. And as for the fan noise, it was still at 37 decibels and then i put the computer on 50 load and the hottest area on the display, measured in that 36 degrees celsius, and as for the fan, noise had a maximum of 37 decibels. Then i put the computer on 100 load and the hottest area on the display, measured in at ‘ degrees celsius and as for the fair numbers, went all the way up to 45 decibels. I also measured the back of the tablet when the computer was at 100 load and the hottest area measured in at 46 degrees celsius and, as the fennels of course, has stayed at 45 decibels. So the actual back is quite hot and it does hear a bit of noise from the airflow measuring the color gamut coverage of the full hd display.

It resulted with 100 srgb coverage, 75.7 adobe rgb coverage and 80.4 dci p3 coverage. Now the type cover on this latitude 7320 isnt really much to talk about because it hasnt really changed from the service if you ever played with a surface type cover or the previous model of latitude with the type cover, this is practically the same. The only thing difference is: is the location of the pen and thats pretty much about it. The lowest of the kickstand of the latitude 7320 is quite low to the point where it actually detaches from the keyboard and more than likely at this low angle, you probably would have this in tablet mode and not worry about having the type cover connected to. So you can do some nice drawings. There are two points of contact on the type cover for the charging of a digital pen, which means you dont, have to worry about the orientation of this digital pen, and it is magnetic the latitude. 7320 detachable does come with a digital pen. Now this digital pens model number is pn7320a. Now this pen shape is more of a flat slower style rather than a circular saw, i would probably say this is very similar to a carpenters pencil. Now i really like the shape of this style pen compared to the circular style. It has a very nice feel to it and very good grip. I dont have any issues holding it and writing with it at all.

So i definitely like this pen shape here now when it is docked into the type cover it does recharge it up. So you can see that its there and its magnetic – and there is one button, but its really two buttons one on top and one at the bottom. But it is one physical button and you can of course, customize this in windows, pen software, so im going to do the line jitter test now. So now, please be aware: im, not a digital artist. So please forgive me for my line so im just going to do my diagonal lines. I do have one palm on the display and im going to bring in a ruler in and then im just going to do some quick lines and im going to do some horizontal, slow lines, some quick ones. The pen also has pen pressure as well so im just going to do a light on the display and im going to press a little bit harder and light again and harder again and then, of course, im just using the buttons for the rays. As you can see, and were going to have a look at the spirals and the parallax is not bad at all: theres not much parallax on this, so it does feel pretty good and im just going to do some writing as well. I think this digital pen with this latitude 7320, is a great combination. I do like to feel of this and i dont feel too bad on the display and i dont find too much parallax on this place, so even taking notes or writing or even doing some drawings.

This has a very nice feel to the pen i did perform. The benchmarks for this dell latitude 7320 detachable now this particular unit is configured with an i5 11 40 g7 with 16 gigs of ram and 512 ssd, so ill put up the scores for pass mark city bench r23, pc mark 3d mark crystal disk mark geekbench, 5. Eugene engine inspect view prefer, and some gaming benchmarks, like far cry new dawn and immortal phoenix rising overall, the dell latitude 7320 is a fantastic two month. I can easily recommend to people who are looking for a microsoft service pro alternative. This is just more serviceable. Now the only thing i dont like about this product is its name. I just wish dell can give the dell latitude 7320 im detachable a more unique name than that. I understand why they named it this way, but i like to see a little bit better naming schemes, because it can be a little bit confusing now. I hope you found this video informative or enjoyed it, or even to support my channel smack that, like button, it does help me out and if, of course, if you havent done already subscribe my channel but hit the subscribe button, i do try upload a new video.