Now i’ve actually unboxed the latitude 74 20, which is the 14 inch version of this one here. So i’ve got a very good idea. What to expect for this 13 inch now this is the replacement for the latitude 7310, now actually put a review for that and i’ll put a link in description below. So you, if you want to check that one out as well and also the unboxing of the 7420 as well so i’m, going to create a follow up. Video after i spent some time with this laptop for the review. So i’ll put a link in the description below again when that is made available for you as well, so without further ado, let’s get to unboxing now i’m. Also gon na need my good old trusty knife, voila and let’s do the little slits that we need to do and i’m gon na try and do this away from myself. So i don’t accidentally hurt myself so oh it’s a little bit difficult, trying to get through that away from myself. Don’T like just do it across, but hey that’s. Hopefully, i’ve got the right way around. Okay. Here we go luckily it’s sharp, so i’ve got it all. The way through so let’s bring this around. What have we got here? Okay, now, as always, i love to see what the power adapter is, and i know the power adapter is actually straight up first, without having to be hidden on the side, which is great to see so we’ve got the power cord here, which is good for this Power adapter and then this power adapter here we don’t need the rubbish.

There is the exact same as the latitude 7420 and it’s a 65 watt power adapter, with coming out as a usb c, which is good to see and it’s actually quite light again and it’s got a more of a rectangular ones there so it’s, actually not. For me, it’s not a surprise, but i think this is quite a nice little small power, brick it’s, not the smallest one i’ve seen, but this is quite small as well too so this is actually nice travel. So i must agree, and we’ve got quite a bit of a length uh for the powered support, as you can see so that’s a nice length there that’s, probably about one point: oh it’s, nearly about two meters, i would say so about one point: eight to two Meters, you can always check that out a little bit later and then you could add that other side as well too. So i will put that aside and then let’s try and find out the laptop here so it’s a little bit cardboard here. Don’T need that. Oh let’s just put this thing out here more cardboard of course, again nice to see adela using cardboard so good for sustainability, so easy to recycle, we’ll chuck that away and we’ve got this little thing here, which is actually quite nice and well i’ll. Just pop this down here now, let’s get along with this one. Here, oh put those around here, which is nice and easy.

I, like the compact form of this already straight away, so here we go now looking on the back here, nice i’m, going to make it easy, it’s, just plastic. There is a technical name for this plastic polycarbonate or some of that. But it’s just plastic is easy way to say through and flipping on the other side. Oh yep it’s got a nice carbon fiber finish texture to it as well too same on the side. It’S got that same texture for it. I don’t know how to explain this. Texture it’s, like a velvet sort of feel to it and if you actually own one of these with the carbon fiber finish from the previous models, do put a comment below. I love to hear what that texture feels that you would actually like to use, because i like to use that in my videos later on, but it’s got that same feel across the back on also the sides as well. So the same feel that you get for the texture of this carbon fiber. So i see it’s like oh it’s, really hard to describe it, but i do like to find that out. If you’ve got an idea, what it is put a comment below i’d love to hear your thoughts on it and again, of course, straight away. You can see the the changes just like the 7420 i’ll just go through the portal, so i’ll look at. On the left hand, side of the computer, so let’s start off with the usb c port, so that’s a thunderbolt, 4 port and also that’s the also takes on power delivery as well too.

So you can charge a laptop through that one. There then there’s this new exhaust vent here uh previously the 7310 did not have the exhaust here at long. It was only along the back of there and then we’ve got the headphone jack again. I like the idea for me as a righty having the headphone jack on the left hand side. So when i put the mouse around on the side and i’ve got the headphone jack i’m, actually not hitting the cord there. So i’ll actually like this, but if you’re lefty this may be, it might be a problem. What i used to have because uh with the 7310, which is the previous model, it had it on the right hand, side just to let you guys know, and then we’ve got the smart card reader there and on the back, is nothing there. Besides the new exhaust vent, now this exhaust vent is a lot smaller than the previous model, which means the two in one version of this, for a right, hander, it’s, going to be easier to grip and it’s, also not going to be hopefully not blowing along the Back of your forearm, when you have the two on one there now, hopefully i do get the two one later on, so i can actually do a review on that more about the screen and also the pen support there for you, but we’ll see how we go And then, on the right hand, side we’ve got the wedge, lock, security slot and then we’ve got the haste full size, hdmi port, now that’s 2.

0, and then we got the single usb 3.2 gen, 1 port and that’s a usb type. A port. The previous generation had two of those now we’re down to one just to let you know the difference there and then we’ve got another usb c port, and that of course, is thunderbolt 4 and it does do power delivery as well, because i’ve checked that on the 7420 and then we’ve got the micro sd card reader and then we’ve got to use him right underneath that you’ve got that option in as well too and that’s pretty much all there is out there so again, quite very light there. So i, like the actual nice compact formulas there, actually, while i’m at i’m, actually going to bring in the 7400 sorry 7420. This is this one here so i’ll, just let you know the footprint difference between these two here so i’ll, just let you know i would probably say that is basically about one centimeter difference between the two and for the top end, i would say: half a centimeter Difference between the two so that’s nice nice. Just to let you know this. The footprint conference, as for the top end now it’s about the same, because i’ve got them i’ll put them back to back in a way yeah they’re about the same thickness in a way. So, just to let you know that the 13 inch and the 14 inch, the actual thickness is the same it’s.

Just a footprint on there is a little bit more smaller by probably about a centimeter to about half a centimeter from each side anyway. So, just let you know i’m just pop this one back, which is the 14 inch and let’s open this thing up i’m going to get in actually before i open this up, let’s. Do it by the one finger test so again, one finger and i’m just going to lift this up. Oh yep, it just lifted that up and it’s actually quite easy to lift and then again it’s, just like the 74 20.. It stops around about when you get to 90 degrees, and it really it has to take a little two fingers really to push up now again. We’Ve got around about the 180 degrees yeah this one’s 180 degrees for the lid to go open. Now i find this part definitely after the 90 degrees. This one takes a lot more strength to actually get on than the 14 inch version. So just to let you know that, and also i can straight away, see i’ve got the intel evo again. This is the i5 version i’ve got here now. Intel evo is a certification from intel, so there’s a few things that a laptop has to meet requirements to get the intel evol stamp. So one of the first things is, of course, the processor being 11th generation. So this one, you can either be an i5 or an i7.

Now you can also get these configured again with 32 gigs of ram, but i have checked the specs on this and i have noticed that 73. 20. The ram speed is a little bit quicker than the 73 10.. I think, maybe about a third quicker, so that will come up in this speed test is when i should do do the benchmarks for that. I’Ll tell you that in the review video there, as well too again with only one slot of m.2 for the storage – and there is now new displays. One of the first things i see was the display is now has a 400 nit version of the full hd, which is going to be good, so that’s, nice and much more brighter than the previous model, so i’m liking that and of course, now i’m. Just going to bring in helpers just to help us out for this now i’m hoping this is going to be able to stake this on, because this is quite light, so let’s see hopefully that doesn’t push it up or it has pushed up so let’s bring this Across let’s stay it’s staying it’s just that light in the way, so anyway, i’m going to try and turn this thing on. So we’ve got this a little bit of nice little thing coming along here now: keyboards hasn’t changed since the 73. Tens of the previous model – quite nice sort of keyboard. Each key has a very nice smooth.

Yet also has a bit of friction there. For the each individual keys nice spacing between each keys got a nice tactile feel to it good key travel, so you won’t be complaining just like the previous model. Hasn’T changed the previous one, but i quite still like this keyboard here as well too. Now this one i’ve got here: doesn’t have the back light for the keys, but you can get it configured with the latitudes as well, so it’s very configurable there to just a little sign in here just a little bit. So while we actually talk around now, the make a big note that the power button is still on the very top right hand, corner that’s, where you usually see the delete key but that’s. Where now, where the power key is now that’s from the previous generation. That’S kind of same there, and if you’ve got the fingerprint scanner opting in that is on the power button as well, so something you’ve got to get used to uh, especially between a lot of i’m, actually doing a lot of typing as well. The key is no longer on the very right, so you just got to be careful there that’s about it, but that’s. The only thing i find a little bit different on this keyboard that you just got to get used as the delete key is a little bit located on the second button there. Just to let you know now, as for the the trackpad is the same, has the 7310 hasn’t really changed? They didn’t make this one bigger make didn’t make it any smaller.

The exact same so it’s got a very nice still very nice glass sort of feel to it. So you can glide your fingers quite happily over, and i know even after a little bit moist fingers, you can be quite happily be able to register and of course, it’s got multi touch as well, so it can do multi gestures on that as well too. So that’s good and again with the intel evo uh. What other specification that needs is? They must have be able to go about nine hours on operations for that it’s got y56, so that’s, another certification and bluetooth 5.1, as well too. On this as well too. Now the one of the nice things that they’ve actually finally give us option in for the new 7320 for this year is they finally listened to us? There is an option for full hd for the webcam, which is great i’ve, been petitioning for that all last year. To tell really want a 1080p webcam or full hd webcam, we finally got our wish, so there is now an option you don’t have to. It can be a 720p as well, but and at least now we have the option for a 1080p webcam and of course the webcam does have the shutter, so it’s real, solid here, which is a nice little thick of a switch. Now i will be testing the webcam in my review – video, of course, just to see how the quality is now i’m hoping i do have the full hd.

I have not looked at the specs that i’ve got for this one here as well too so i’ll find out when i actually boot this up properly and get it up and go anyway. So this at least gives you a bit of idea of what the semi free 20 is and again i don’t expect it to be crazy about i’m hoping the better performance. But of course i do know that it’s got change of the thermal, so i do expect just to have run a little bit cooler and also getting a little bit way better performance as well too, but we’ll find out uh. When i do the testers on this one computer here so it’s quite nice and it’s for the display here again it’s all full hd display, there is no 4k option. It is quite a small screen, that’s a reason why and it is a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. Now you can see the side bezels on each side is quite narrow, uh, the top it’s, alright i’ll, say medium narrows there and same the bottom, medium narrow as well too. So i was just going to try and bring this boy it’s quite nice and bright now. I’M not sure what one i’ve got. Hopefully i did get the 400 nits, but i might not and same with the webcam there i’m hoping when i get here so we’ll see how that goes. When i do the review test now, if you’ve got any questions about this latitude, 7320 do put a comment below and i’ll do my best to answer or even just trying to get that into the review video.

So i can actually test as well too. If you find this video informative or enjoyed, do smack that, like button or even to support my channel smackdown, it does actually help when you’re there and if you haven’t done already subscribe. My channel hit the subscribe button on bottom screen. I do try upload a new video every week and just remember imperfections in life makes it beautiful and interesting.