The new latitude 7420 let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s inside so right. When you open the box, you see the power cord. This is your standard three prong power cord. We have the adapter. This is a 65 watt adapter with the usb type c connector, and then, of course, you have the laptop itself and we’re going to go ahead and unwrap it, and this is the new latitude 7420 right out of the box. You’Ll notice this nice brushed aluminum finish that we have you’ll, also notice how lightweight the laptop is. This will be our lightest latitude 7000 series to date. You’Ll also notice how thin the overall platform is and, of course, with latitude 7000 series. We pride ourselves in having a very compact form factor, so our smallest and lightest latitude 7000 series to date. In addition to aluminum, we also have a premium carbon fiber option here: we’re featuring the nice carbon fiber weave. We have three sizes this year with latitude 7000 series. This one is our new 15 inch with a 15.6 inch screen. This particular 15 inch features our top firing speaker so we’re very excited about that. We also have our standard 14 inch and 13 inch options within the latitude 7000 series, this particular latitude 7000. This is our 14 inch you’ll notice. It has our 360 hinge, so our two in one option, with the full 360 hinge that enables you to work in tent mode standard, laptop mode or tablet mode, you’ll notice that with the ports, we did not sacrifice any of the ports, even though our overall laptop Is smaller this generation here you have your standard usb type c.

Connector you’ve got your audio microphone jack, some of the venting here for some of the added thermal performance. On the other side, you have your website lock slot. You have your hdmi 2.0 connector, your usb type, a connector another usb type c, as well as your sd card reader. We also have options for contacted and contactless smart card readers. So when you open the laptop you’ll notice, the overall thin bezels that we have you’ll, also notice the camera shutter toward the top, you have the option to manually cover or open your camera lens. We offer several camera options, including a new fhd ir camera option for the added resolution with the camera. All of our ir cameras feature the express sign in experience that is part of dell optimizer with express sign in you have the ability to have a full touchless, login experience and, of course, when you walk away from your laptop, it will automatically lock the system. Another feature within dell optimizer that we’re excited to introduce is express connect. Express connect, does two things. First, it takes some of the additional bandwidth and focus it on video conferencing applications. So you get the added bandwidth where you need it most. Second, it enables a more reliable wi fi connection, because it’s able to identify and find the strongest access point and make sure that you’re connected to it. So two big benefits with express connect is part of dell optimizer and, of course, dell optimizer offers several other intelligent features that helps maximize productivity for the end user.

The other thing that you’ll notice with this laptop is the keyboard itself. You’Ll notice, the large font on the keys, you’ll notice, the power button that’s integrated as part of the keyboard, with the optional fingerprint reader. You also have this nice large track pad. The nice benefit about having a large click pad area is that it enhances productivity. You can glide across the track pad and cover more of your screen before you have to lift your finger, and that really goes a long way in enhancing the overall productivity. We also have the inline keys on the keyboard, so we’ve really focused on the front of screen experience and making sure that we have the most productive experience possible for our on the go professionals. We have several lcd options in that vein. One is the fhd 250 net panel option. We also have an additional option for an fhd 400 nit panel that one is a super low power panel and also features our comfort view plus technology comfort view plus, is a hardware integrated low blue light solution. It lowers overall low blue light emission to support eye comfort, which is critically important for those end users that are working many hours in front of their laptop. We also have options for touch screen. We have electronic privacy safe screen, as well as a 4k uhd panel option that features comfort, view plus and the super low power capabilities. The two and ones feature an anti reflective touch touch panel.

It also features gorilla glass, so that gorilla glass does a couple things. One, it gives you added durability on the two and ones, and it also enables increased readability and sunlight. So, as mobile professionals are working from anywhere, you get that added benefit with the two in one with the gorilla glass, we offer two battery options with the latitude 7000 series. This year, you’ll have a 3 cell 42 watt hour battery option, as well as a 4 cell 63 watt hour battery option. All of those designed to give you very long battery life, you can literally work a full day before having to charge so we’re very excited about that that option as well. One of the other things that we’re excited about um is the wi fi six connectivity, as well as the options for wynn several different connectivity options. You have a cat 9 option that gives you up to 450 megabits per second download speed, as well as our cat. 16 option that gives you up to one gigabit per second, and all of that is optional, with the latitude 7000 series in terms of overall performance and i’ll go ahead and take a look at the bottom of the system. You’Ll notice, the added venting that we have. You also notice the two speakers. We have upgraded the overall thermal design for added thermal performance. The fan is larger versus previous generations. We still have the dual heat pipes and we’ve also added the additional venting.

The fan is actually a dual opposite outlet fan, which means you have cooling on both sides of the fan for the added thermal performance, so we’re very excited about that, and, of course, that thermal performance is needed primarily because we have a higher performing system this year. These systems feature the 11th generation intel, u series processor, so you get the added performance benefit and, of course, vpro gives you the added security and manageability so lots to get excited about this year. So i hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of the latitude 70 420..