com and in this DIY tutorial Im going to show you how to install your Dell laptop replacement part stay tuned tuned Arch people shop for parts install them yourself, Music on for Dell, laptop parts, repair tools and screw kits all Available on our website, links in the description below now lets get right into it. Foreign, the first thing youll do is loosen the captive screws on the bottom base cover since theyre, captive, theyre not meant to be fully removed and should remain connected to the assembly. Music use a plastic scribe to unsnap and separate the bottom base. Cover then use your fingers to carefully work your way around to remove it Music. Now youll peel back the tape thats covering the battery connector then disconnect it disconnecting the battery is very important when performing internal repairs. This will protect your laptop from electrical damage, then unscrew and remove the battery be sure to sort your screws during the repair. This will help you during the reassembly process. Music. Then pull the tabs away from the memory to unlock it and safely slide it out. Now you can remove the screw and gently slide out. The solid state drive Music foreign cable. Then gently slide it out, loosen the captive screws and remove the heatsink Music Applause Music. Now unscrew, the cooling fan then disconnect and remove the cooling fan. Music unscrew then lift the left hinge from the Palm rest assembly. Music use a plastic scribe to unclip and disconnect the USB.

I o circuit board, then unscrew and remove the USB. I o circuit board foreign Music cable bracket disconnect the LCD cable Music. Unscrew then lift the right hinge from the Palm rest assembly. Music. Now remove the display assembly Music, disconnect the DC jack cable, Music, now unscrew and remove the DC jack Music and remove the speakers Music disconnect and remove the CMOS battery foreign cables. Applause use a plastic scribe to unclip any cable that is locked down Music unscrew and remove the motherboard Music. With the exception of hard drives in memory, all parts are guaranteed Dell genuine and include a one year warranty and all orders ship out the same day. The installation is as simple as retracing your steps in reverse Music. If you still need to purchase your replacement part click here to visit our site and find it and while over there, you can view our printable instructions that include images to help you along the way and also dont forget. We have more playlists here, so keep checking back.