We got it in two days and the starting price on this is 5 49.99 that’s. A pretty standard dell box here packing slip, basic specs, so let’s go ahead and get into this bad Music, Music boy, Music, let’s go ahead and open. This up. Music looks like the power brick in here plugs into the machine Music, and this appears to be yep. Just the wall wall, cord let’s, go ahead and move this to the side Music unit itself. Let’S set this off to the side and just some standard documentation. Music looks like some warranty: information, Music and basic user manual, setup guide, Music and registration, booklet and registration card. Pretty standard stuff for dell Music now the device itself, so this is uh running an intel, atom, dual core processor at one and a half gigahertz the uh model processor is n550 it’s running two gigabytes of sd memory at 800 megahertz and this particular model has a 320 gigabyte hard drive at 7, 200 rpm, so it’s moving pretty quick, Music and again the beauty of this is it starts out as a netbook, but then you can flip this over and it converts into a tablet so functionality on the outside of this, the features You’Ve got the power spot here, underneath you’ve got a three and a half millimeter headphone jack. Then two usb ports underneath you’ve got a set of speakers and then, as you can see, there’s a a docking port Music and a power button and unfortunately that’s about it.

One of the things i don’t like about it, there’s not many inputs, but a pretty sleek looking device overall Music. I think dell’s getting pretty creative with this for graphics, it’s, running uh, an intel nm10 express video card Music and, of course, it’s got a 10 inch display Music, okay, so we’ve got windows 7 up and running. Now. This is a 32 bit version. It’S running home premium and it’s kind of nice when you flip this into tablet mode, it goes into dell’s stage software, which is a little more touch friendly i’m, going to open a browser here, Music. So we can open up youtube, expand this up i’m, getting all kinds of pop ups, because it’s a first time opening a browser there we go see how this keyboard reacts: i’m, not too bad i’m. Getting all these pop ups.