We are h tech review back with another video today we’re, taking a look at a laptop that i picked up, so i picked this up from best buy uh. When i got it, the price was uh. Uh 699.99. As of today, i see they’ve brought the price back up, but this is frequently on sale, so i’ll drop the link and everything in the description below i got it for 629 as an open box, as you guys can see right here, geek squad certified open box. You guys know i don’t mind buying these uh open box, because i haven’t had a bad experience yet. So this is the dell inspiron 7000 two in one 13.3 fhd touchscreen laptop. So this has the intel evo platform uh. It has a core i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram 520 gig 512 gigabytes of ssd 32 gigabytes of optane memory. So, like i said you can pick this up at bestbuy.com. I’Ll drop the link in the description let’s go over some of the product features and details. Real quick and then we’ll take a look at the actual device. So so here are a few few of the features and details. This is running the windows 10 operating system. This has a 13.3 touchscreen display. Uh natural finger touch. Navigation makes the most of windows 10. True life touch narrow border wba display with active, pin support. So you can use your pins on this uh. Eight gigabytes of ram lp ddr4 x ram.

You got the intel evo platform uh the core i5 11 gen 512 gigabytes of ssd. So this has 32 gigabytes of intel optane memory. So i was curious to what this is because i haven’t heard of this before so intel. Optane memory works with the pc to recognize, remember and provide speedy access to your frequently used titles applications and games. Intel optane memory adapts to deliver a responsive, accelerated user experience over time. So that is what that is uh. You get a 360 degree flip and fold design. Two in one you get the intel iris, xc, graphics, uh, max audio pro with built in speakers. You get an hdmi output expands your viewing option. This uh does have wi fi six backlit keyboard with fingerprint reader webcam with privacy shutter, like i said you can use this a stylus with this. You have a type c, which is thunderbolt 4. If i’m not mistaken. You have smart sensors dell cinema guide. Dell, mobile connect and a few other things here and i will drop the link like i said down in the description where you can go over and read all this yourself also has amazon alexa and it has the amplified lift hinge, which uh lifts this up off. Of the surface, give you a better typing experience and it also helps to keep the laptop cool. So those are a few of the specs. You guys can go over and check them out. If you want here’s the box that it comes in nothing special about the box, just a proud plain brown wrapper, you can see they put the geeks blood certified open box there and i’m not going to open this up right here.

But as you guys see, there are some of the specs there that i read off i’m gon na go ahead and unbox this on the side and then uh i’ll put the content on uh, come back with everything in the box, all right guys so we’re back In this is all that was in the box man, so you get your charger, which is a 65 watt charger that has this type of end on it, but you can also use your type c to charge these two plug together there. So you get this there wasn’t any paperwork in the box, which kind of surprised me here’s the device. I have taken a wipe disinfectant wipe and wiped this down. I always do that with the open box uh so far, it feels pretty good. I think this is 2.1 pounds i haven’t found any stretches or anything it looks in pristine condition, has a little health to it, but feels pretty good it’s, not as thin as a lot of laptops but it’s, not too bad. So let’s go around it uh. You got your dell logo right here. This is a silver color. This is plastic it’s. Just this whole thing is plastic. I don’t think it’s metal. It doesn’t feel like it. This side, you got your charging port, you got a hdmi port and you got your thunderbolt 4 type c here on the front there isn’t anything on this side. You got a sd card slot.

You got your earphone slash, microphone slot right here, and you got a micro sd card slot right here. On the back of it, you got some little ventilation back here, ports here on the bottom of it. You got your four feet here to keep it from sliding around two stereo speakers inspiring logo there and a ventilation port right here now you do have the screws here where you can take this off i’m, not sure if you can upgrade any of the anything on This at all uh, but overall feels pretty good, does have some nice shepherd edges here. I don’t know if you guys can see that maybe when we open it up, you’ll be able to see it a little bit better, but a very good looking uh device here, as you guys can see nice chamfered edges. You got this nice silver band going around your keyboard there. As you see power’s on the uh display right off the bat. You got a 720p webcam here that has a shutter for privacy little bezels around here. This blue looks pretty good so far on here keyboard deck. You got your shortcut uh your function row up here, which includes your volume, uh keyboard lighting, brightness different things of that nature. You do have this power button. Slash fingerprint sensor right here, and this is all plastic – i don’t see any uh it doesn’t flex, so it’s pretty well belt built keyboard is plastic, i’m, cortana and i’m here to go ahead and turn this volume down in here i touch a wi fi there let’s Stop her from talking okay, so the keys feel pretty pretty good uh.

This color is gon na be hard to see with the backlight in certain situations, i think uh, but it feels pretty good so far. You got this over here and i’m telling you everything. I told you earlier about the power key with the fingerprint sensor: 13.3 inch full hd wva touch screen display, thunderbolt 4 webcam privacy, shutter dell contact mobile contact and dell cinema and a sticker over here. Let you know that this is the intel evo core i5 processor. So it does have this hinge that lifts it up, as you guys see, give you a little bit better typing experience and also uh helps us to stay cool so yeah. This is. This is good. Looking man 2.1 pounds. I think it is uh, so it’s very light i’m going to go ahead and get my information in then we’ll come back and take a look at okay, guys so we’re back in i have my information in seems pretty good man. The display is pretty bright. I think it’s about gets up to about 300 nits, so it seems pretty pretty bright. Doesn’T seem like it’ll, be any issues seeing it out in the uh in the sunlight. The touchscreen seems to work uh very well on here. Let me go ahead and get out of this, so no issues with the touchscreen, the bezels are minimal. As you guys can see. This has 512 gigabytes of storage. I want to see just how much we get out of the box that’s usable, so let’s go here.

Go to settings and let’s just see just how much storage we get so out of the 512. We get 461 gigabytes of free storage there, which is not bad so far, just moving around on it feels pretty speedy. I haven’t loaded anything on it. The keyboard deck has a little bit of flex, but not too bad. The keyboard lighting is pretty good. Let’S go ahead and let’s get this. Get the keyboard lights on i’m, going to turn off a few lights here, so you guys can see. Uh see the keyboard lights. Hopefully you can see them right here. I don’t know how well i may have to turn this other light off right here, all right, so maybe you can see them here. I think it’s, two stages or three stages. One two uh two stages on the keyboard lights, so not too bad keyboard lights looks great. I think this keyboard uh being this color, is gon na, be a little bit hard to see in certain uh circumstances here, uh, but not too bad man. This being a two in one, you have the option of placing it in different orientations, so you got this which they call tent mode. I think this is called presentation of presentation mode here. Of course you have tablet like so it doesn’t feel too bad at 2.2.671, and then you have your laptop so not too bad i’m gon na come back and do you know a follow up? Video on this uh let’s do a little size comparison with my macbook air, so the macbook air uh display sets up a little bit taller right there uh they both look pretty good, though as far as colors – and i may do a little small comparison between these.

I do have a skin on my macbook that’s, why it looks like that. So here they are here. As you guys see, macbook is a little bit hot, a little bit taller and then here it is here they are here they’re about the same width. Now this one is a little bit thicker than the macbook, not by much, but those are the comparisons. Now this did get a little bit warm with the setup. I could feel a little heat. I never did hear the fan come on so let’s check the fingerprint sensor, as you guys see, jump right in let’s. Try that again there it is finger princess on point. So all right guys so let’s take a look at some of the uh programs that they have loaded on here. Uh, so uh 3d viewer access. You got dell cinema guide. Dell cinema color dell customer connect dell direct delivery. Dell mobile con connect dell update uh. You do have adobe access drop box promotion, groov, music, intel, graphics, command center, intel obtain memory and storage. You got stuff like maps, mail, mcafee, max audio pro uh microsoft edge. You do have solitary on here movies and tv netflix’s uh app i’m, assuming you have to download some of these, but they have them already there. You do have your microsoft suite here office, onedrive, onenote, outlook, 3d paint, powerpoint, publisher, settings, snip and sketch spotify’s loaded, sticky, notes, uh, thunderbolt control center do have a little video editor and so on.

So you do have your phone out here. Xbox control, companion, word! So microsoft suite right here, and that is pretty much it guys so so far like i said this thing is moving around pretty good i’m gon na go ahead and use it for a few days come back and let you guys know what i think about it. So far, yeah guys that’s my uh. First look at the dell inspiring 7000 series, two on one laptop we’ll catch.