Just to recap, these are the scores from repetitive benchmarking for both laptops and obviously the 7000 series performed higher than 5000. Now, when you put both side by side, you wouldn’t notice the difference in performance right away. Both are good snappy performance and they don’t start while you’re jumping from one task to another and both are decent enough for your daily office. Centric such as word, processing and spreadsheeting spread cheating. However, the gaps are starting to show when i push their capabilities in gaming. Again, i have covered this point in my previous video that the 7000 series shows to be more capable than the 5000 series in the non triple a games category and by this time it should be obvious enough because the inspiring models are not targeting gaming consumers. These two are not gaming laptops to begin with the design language of both laptops, so in terms of dell’s design in general, this actually look like look and feel like premium machines rather than for normal consumers and truth to be told. I love where dell is going with this by improving the design language the way they are right now and the 5000 feels like it can rival its higher end and more flexible brother, the 7000 series, so the body material of the 5000 is aluminium, except for the Plastic bit, that is the bottom piece of the laptop. It is coated to look like aluminium, though except it’s, not now the hinge, however it’s less 30 compared to the 7000 series, probably because this 7000 is made to be a two in one laptop i mean who would want a weak wobbly hinge on a touchscreen machine That would be a bad idea.

Another noticeable difference between these two is how the keyboard feels. So the 5000 series is slightly heavier with less clickity feels compared to the 7000 series and also the lower end 5000 has its keys sinking more into the body. Although the differences are at minimum, but personally i prefer the keyboard on the 7000 series more than 5000 it’s very hard to put it into a proper, descriptive statement. But personally i prefer 7000 on the sides. The port selection on the 5000 series for me is it’s. Okay, so personally, three usb airports is where i’ll put my starting point, because i can use one for my mouse another one for my wireless headset and the other one for probably external keyboard. If i’m looking to get a clean, laptop setup and there’s, also an hdmi cable, i don’t know if you can see that and the type c micro usb and is it microsd? I think it is microsd or sd card and the audio jack. Now. This is what it looks like on the inside. With a single fan and a thick single hit. Pipe i’ll talk about its cooling performance later, the nvme ssd is replaceable. However, the ram is not so you will need to make up your mind clearly before deciding which ram capacity you’re going for and when it comes to the display. The 5000 series has a 1080p lcd display with anti glare cutting. You know if you touch it, it has that made finish to it.

It looks decently sharp, especially at this size. The color is great brightness up to 300 nits narrow bezels on the top inside top of the side, and overall it is adequate for your average media consumption like youtube, netflix and scrolling through memes on reddit. However, the lead is flexible, both the 5000 and the 7000 are experiencing. This flexi build quality lid, but the 7000 is not as nearly as bad as the 5000, because this one is pretty frightening to put something on the top of the lid because it will actually flex. So if you’re thinking of getting this model just be aware of what you put inside your back along with the laptop the speakers, they sound good and plenty loud enough for what is intended for this device. Sound fidelity is not that good as they don’t have much suppression between the mids and the highs, as well as the leg bass. But if you really want to enjoy music fully anyway, just use any any decent pair of headphones. You’Ll be fine and the same thing. The same feedback goes to the 7000 series speakers as well all right, the 7000 series. Now this i think from that express itself. You already know that this is actually my favorite now this is actually a heavier machine. It somehow feels more premium like if you don’t know the specs of these two and you put them side by side by the looks of it instantly.

You will know that the 7000 is like a better version and the design language of this 7000 series is more inclined towards an industrial design which is beautiful. But if you dig deeper into the differences between the 5000 and the 7000, the 7000 has a smaller exhaust port with the size of like type c usb pointing towards the display. And if you flip the display into a tablet mode, you can actually see another exhaust port hidden, just where the right hinge is, whereas the lower end brother has a wider ventilation and then, of course, you have another ventilation at the bottom, pretty standard on normal usage, The fan noise is not entirely silent, the whole time and they do a great job in keeping the fan noise at a bare minimum, and even when i ran cpu stress test on this device, the fan noise is audible, but not you know loud enough to be Annoying even the cooling performance of this device is great. I have not encountered any excessive or unacceptable heating throughout my time of using it, and i checked this as a positive positive start for dell’s new gen laptops, because the previous gen, especially the gaming series or the g series most of the economic performance, were terrible. I’M. Gon na be honest with you, but still i’m going to recommend a proper laptop stand with to allow extra airflow at the bottom and the same command goes to the 5000 series as well.

The ios on this device is extremely limited. You’Ll get like one thunderbolt, 4 aka, the type c and another one type, a port and the same like the 5000. It has the hdmi micro, sd slot and the audio jack, and you would most probably need to invest in a nice usb hub like what i have right here from ugreen. This will help you more if you’re, someone who needs to triple the ports, that the 7000 series has to offer, not a sponsored, but i plan to do an entire video about this brand on my instagram, so make sure you follow me link in bio now, because This is a flippable two in one laptop, the design language along the hinge is dissimilar with the 5000, because dell wanted to use the available real estate here to be something more useful. Thus, the pens charging part so there’s, nothing much to say about the touchscreen experience, though it feels responsive. The pen is an additional touch to the overall mechanism additional touch. If you get what i mean, the button here will act as a right click. When you touch the display, while holding it, whereas the clickable part at the top, this one’s customizable through the setting and for me i’ve, set it to screen capture with double click since easier. That way. Now, because of the need to have the space to store the pen while maintaining the keyboard size, it does compromise on the size of the touchpad.

So, unlike the 5000 series, this one is actually 0.6 centimeters shorter in height, but it doesn’t, however, affect the overall experience, but i do have to point out that the 7000 series is much the touchpad on this one is much more smoother than the 5000, not sure. Quite you know what’s the difference in cutting, but it definitely feels different and from what i observed. The touchpad on this 7000 series is almost level with the chases around it, whereas for the 5000 it’s not you can actually feel the difference in height. When you run your finger through it, okay, moving on to the display 4k led 300 nits, brightness, great color accuracy with 100 srgb rating, very vibrant, while keeping the standard 60hz refresh rate. Now i am a fan of 4k led display, but the question is: is having a 4k panel on a 13 inch laptop is going to be worth it because you already know that 4k consists of a lot of pixels and having all those pixels in a smaller Display some people argue that it’s kind of overkill and not worth getting 4k if you’re getting a 13 inch laptop because most of people won’t be able to see the differences and the pixels are too dense and the other team might say yeah it’s still worth it. For me personally, having a 4k panel on a 13 inch laptop is a yes provided that it’s, not lcd and not using anti glare mat cutting, and i spent a lot of my time.

Editing videos photos watching 4k youtube netflix so having the privilege to see more details, no matter how minor it is, it matters the most to me, but again it depends on what you’re gon na do day to day basis with the laptop and your lifestyle. I cannot simply jump into a conclusion, like oh this laptop with 4k panel here’s the recommendation star, no that’s, not how it works. I do wish, however, specifically for this device. They would go for a 16×10 like the xps instead of 16×9, because the bottom bezel here looks like it could have been put for better use. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still nice, but it would have been nicer and slick. Looking with a more vertical real estate display, the battery performance of the 7000 is significantly better than the 5000 as expected, knowing the fact that it is sporting, a larger 60 watt per hour battery capacity and charging, it will take only around two and a half hours From zero to 100., i do, however, have to point out that, even though it says that this is actually a 60 watt per hour battery, but the full capacity when charged is only up to 57 watt power that’s, something that you should be aware of. The webcam quality on both machines um, i don’t, know how laptop with this quality can even bother with low quality cameras. I wish laptop nowadays can take the microsoft surface go to as their leading example in terms of webcam quality, because the webcam on that portable windows tablet is amazing, and this is personally unacceptable and there’s.

Absolutely no reason why laptops with these calibers or any laptop in 1921 have the same quality low quality webcam as they did in the past couple of years. Also, if privacy is your greatest concern, you’ll be able to block the camera completely. With the 5000 series, you don’t have that okay, so overall i’m happy with these two laptops from dell. Finally, i feel like this is the best option i can recommend to people who are in the market for lightweight slit. Looking laptops that do not compromise on the overall performance for basic tasks. I’M also excited to see how the rocket lag 11. Gen xps will go against this, particularly the 5000 series. It would be a great comparison, but and for me the 7000 is my go to model. I would understand if people don’t want to go all out having touchscreen on and 4k panel. Just you know you can just go for the 5000 series, but whatever your choice of machine will be if you’re thinking of buying one just head on to netcom and tell them, i sent you all right. I hope you enjoyed this review. I don’t know how long this video is going to be Music thanks for watching hit the like button.