In fact, i liked it so much i bought it. I kept it its my daily driver when it comes to windows. Laptop well talk more about that very soon, but i wanted to see something more affordable, as the xps 15 9510 cost me a little bit over three thousand dollars when its all said and done very expensive proposition, you are getting that gorgeous display and that premium build. Now dell just sent me the inspiron 16 plus what id like to call the almost xps 16.. It has a 16 inch 3k display. That is absolutely gorgeous. Got that premium sturdy build in the chassis. You got that really good performance out of the core. I7. 11. 800 h – and it has a discrete gpu – the rtx 3050. lets see if this all comes together to make this a winner. Hey everybody its andrew – and this is my review of the dell inspiron 16 plus here for 2021 coming up Music and, as we take a look at the specs in the interest of transparency in full disclosure, i want to let you know, im not being paid by Adele, im not being sponsored by dell, all the opinions youre about to hear are my own dell is not getting copy approval. That means youre seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this review unit is on loan from dell, and once this review is done, ill be sending it back.

Pricing starts at 1420.99 price as tested is 1449.99. I think this is very competitive. Pricing. For those interested ill leave a link in the description below for more information, and we can buy one and with the specs and pricing out of the way lets find out what you get inside the box lets open it up. Okay inside the box, you get some documentation along with some warranty information as well. You get your power brick, its a little bit of a hefty brick, but it is a 130 watt and uses a barrel pin connector now holding the unit for the first time. First impression is wow: this is a very premium finish, a very sturdy, rigid chassis and you got ta love it and at 4.51 pounds or 2.046 kilograms. Definitely not the lightest out there and certainly heavier than the xps 15, but portable enough to take with you on the go. Remember its still a 16 inch laptop at the end of the day, and one thing im noticing is the build quality, is excellent. Very little flex on this chassis again very rigid, very sturdy. You like to see that and for those wondering yes, you can open the lid with one finger and once you lift that lid youre greeted by the keyboard. Now, as far as that keyboard itself is concerned, i would say its actually a pretty good keyboard, although it is a bit on the shallow side in terms of the key travel, but i did like the tactile feedback i didnt feel like my fingers were bottoming out.

I thought it was actually pretty good and it has a two stage: backlight that allow you to get work done in a dark room or a dimly lit environment, always a welcome addition and for those that, like to crunch numbers, do spreadsheets. You have a numpad here. So thats going to be a welcome addition for those that like to use it, and it is a nicely sized precision touch pad that has a really smooth surface on it. That was super responsive as far as two finger scrolling is concerned and all the gestures work as youd expect. I think they did a pretty good job in this implementation. All right lets check out the port selection lets start off on the left side. We get your power jack some side vents. You also get your hdmi 2.0 port, which is good to see you get a usba, 3.2 gen1 port and finally, a thunderbolt 4 port. That is full service. That means you can do data charge and display out moving over to the right side. You get your 3.5 millimeter headphone microphone, combo jack, a usba, 3.2 gen, 1 port, an sd card reader, which is always great to see and finally, your side vents and, in my opinion this is a great port selection, especially when you compare it to the xps 15. 9510, which doesnt have any usba ports doesnt, have an hdmi port. This is a really good port selection. In my opinion, now to get inside this laptop, all you need to do is remove the philips head screws.

Now two of them are captive. The two on the top are the ones that are captive. The rest are removable once you do that, pry it open with a guitar pick or something very similar. Take your time. You dont want to break any of the clips around it or anything like that. But once you do get it off, you will notice that there are some things you can upgrade, which is always very good. Now, before we get to that youll notice. The two fans for cooling theyre a little bit on the small side, well talk about thermals, which actually are pretty good on this laptop. Nonetheless. Well, talk about that in a little bit and you also will notice that 86 watt hour battery will get into the battery life and charging times in just a little bit as well. Now, as far as the ram is concerned, there are two sodum slots here, and my review unit has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 3200 ram running in dual channel mode. Youll notice that this ram is the x16 ram a little bit slower than the x8 that we would like to see thats the same situation. We saw with the xps 15 95 10 that i reviewed a couple of months back and when it comes to the ssd. There are two slots for you to upgrade as well. Now my review unit comes with 512 gigabytes of ssd storage and, as you can see from the reads and writes pretty good now the thing to keep in mind.

This is pcie 3, not 4, which would have been faster, so thats just something to keep in mind. It has wi fi six along with bluetooth, 5.1 and both are working well now. The good news is this is slotted in so if you have to upgrade it down the road, then you have that option its not soldered into the motherboard, which is good and while were inside youll notice. The two downward facing speakers – and i got ta, say at best theyre. So so not the strong suit, of course, of this laptop, not quite as good as the xps, 15 or 17, which is the premium flagship that dell does offer. But as far as the sound on this laptop is concerned, i would say it fills up a room. Okay volume is decent. There is some little bit of bass, not too much and the mid sound, pretty good, not great, i would say theyre so so at best, that is definitely not the strong suit. As far as this laptop is concerned, okay lets talk about one of my favorite parts of this laptop, and that would be its display and what were looking at here is a 16 inch 3k display with a resolution of 3072 by 1920, and yes for those wondering That is a 16 to 10 aspect ratio which im a big fan of youll, do less scrolling when it comes to web browsing itll be better for productivity. It also has an anti glare coating on it, reducing the amount of unnecessary glare and reflections, which i absolutely love now.

This is a non touch display with very good wide viewing angles, its also a 300 nit display according to dell, and i measured 301. So its pretty accurate as far as the display brightness is concerned, and it has some really deep blacks. Some very good white points, excellent contrast and it has a low delta e score of 1.86, making it a somewhat color accurate display. Anything under two is considered very good. It also covers the color gamut very well: 100 percent, srgb 77 adobe rgb 78 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 72 percent ntsc, making this a very good choice for content creators who do lightroom, photoshop, color grading and, of course, video editing. Now this display is great in its own right, but it wont be quite as good as the displays you get on the dell xps 15 or dell xps 17, which are more premium flagship device, but i got ta hand it to dell. They put a really nice 16 inch display on this inspiron and im really liking it. So this is the front facing camera on the dell inspiron 16 plus here for 2021. What i like to call the almost xps 16, its a 16 inch laptop thats, very impressive, especially for the price to performance that youre getting that good ratio that i like to see now. As far as the webcam is concerned, its a oh, not a windows, hello webcam – that means you cannot log in with face recognition, its a 720p webcam that does 30 frames per second.

What do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality of the internal mics? I am curious to know, and there is a physical shutter switch that you can use to turn off the webcam to give you more security and privacy. Now there is a fingerprint scanner by the way, located uh on the keyboard, its actually the power button which doubles as a fingerprint scanner. So you can log in with windows, hello that way again. No windows, hello, camera on this again im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below. Okay, lets talk about the performance and, as i mentioned, this has the core: i7. 11, 800 h, processor thats an eight core 16 thread processor from intel 11 gen. Of course it has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and it also has the nvidia rtx 3050 gpu and, as you can see from the numbers very impressive indeed, although not quite as good as the xps 15 95. 10 – that i recently reviewed with that core i9. But i think for most people, obviously the core i7 here is going to be perfectly fine everyday use for things like microsoft, office, email, web browsing, it all worked well now, when it comes to gaming, as you can see from these numbers very playable frame rates, uh. Even on the highest settings, when youre playing on qhd so really good numbers overall, i think the cpu gpu combination is going to be great for most things you do.

Of course, this is not a dedicated gaming laptop, but it can play the occasional game here and there and thats always good. And when i ran the prime95 stress test to put this under maximum load, it would turbo boost up to 4.1 gigahertz, and that would last for about three seconds. Until it reached a core temperature of 100 degrees celsius, then it would throttle down to anywhere between 2.4 and 3.2 gigahertz to maintain a cooler temperature of 83 degrees celsius. So you will see some throttling, but i think it maintained pretty good clock speeds in order to keep it cool, so its a nice balance here, good performance, very impressive in terms of the thermals and as far as the surface temperatures are concerned, they didnt notice. It get overly hot under heavy load, maintain pretty good temperatures throughout and thats been pretty good in terms of the cooling and when it comes to fan noise, i have to say its been pretty quiet. They werent overly loud. You will notice them kick in when its really under heavy load, but for the most part the fans have remained pretty quiet and thats been pretty good and, as i mentioned earlier, this has an 86 watt hour battery thats the same as the xps 15. 95. 10. That i recently reviewed, although this outlasted the xps 15, it did 10 hours and four minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 115 inch now, if you do need to plug in it, takes about two hours with the included 130 watt power adapter.

Okay lets bring it all home what i think about the dell inspiron 16 plus here for 2021. I am very impressed. This is a very premium laptop with not the quite so premium price tag and thats always very good. I, like it sharp 3k display. I, like that strong chassis, i like the color and the finish on this. It looks really nice, sleek and modern. I, like the good port selection you get with it, including that thunderbolt 4 port, the responsive precision touch pad, has been great. As far as user upgradability youve got two sodum slots for the ram. You got two slots for the ssd highly upgradeable. You got ta love that it is quiet under heavy load which was really impressive, especially when youre doing things like gaming and video editing. You dont really notice the fans all that much the big negatives here or not really so big, i would say no pci 4 support, although you get some pretty decent reason, rights with the ssd that is included the so so audio is not. That great wont be quite as good as the xps 15 or the 17. Of course, its heavier than it looks. Uh, though its not very heavy, when you think about it as being a 16 inch laptop, its actually pretty portable, and it has a 720p webcam which here in 2021, i kind of wish it was 1080p, but were seeing the 720p webcams and, to be frank with You its not that good, but when its all said and done, ladies and gentlemen, this is an excellent choice.

Im gon na give this a score of 90. Making the dell inspiron 16 plus here for 2021, definitely worth your money. So what do you think about this? Bad boy, the inspiron 16, what i like to call the almost xps 16 – yes, not quite as premium as that flagship device, but were getting there. This is a very affordable device when you think about price to performance ratio. Core i7 11800 h youve got the rtx 3050 in this youve got some very good thermals, underneath the hood, with the dual fans, of course, and youve got really good battery life more than 10 hours on my continuous web surfing test and thats the same 86 watt Hour battery that youd find in the xps 15, not too bad. Now, as far as that performance is concerned, you can game on this, although it is not a gaming laptop, but you can play games on certain settings. I showed you. The numbers performance on everyday tasks was very good. What do you think about the inspiron at about fourteen hundred and fifty dollars u.s? That is a very good price, considering what youre getting as far as that performance as far as the build quality. As far as the battery life and that 3k display, this is not something we see every day. Ladies and gentlemen, and yes, this is the almost xps 16., its that good, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below so please hit the like button.

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