It is basically a 211 means. It can be converted to a tablet. Our adapter and the power cord. Then, Music, instructions about the force and the basic functions of this notebook and the omg card its an anti card from there. Basically, this laptop has 12 gb memory. Ddr4 ram 32 gb of 10 memory and 512 gb ssd solid state drive solution drives are Music in todays these days, due to their very high speeds and durability compared to artists, conventional portable, hard disks or internal external hard disks, so yeah. This is a beauty you can see. It has a fingerprint over here and a backlit keyboard. You can see its keyboard being illuminated and power key with fuel converter. Here is this power key with built in tool creator, which is a pretty fast sensor. Then 15.6 ultra hd touch screen thunderbolt 4, making privacy shutter wide its called 2n1. We can split it tilt it like a tablet. It works like a tablet. It has a orientation sensor which can turn its screen to any orientation. We hold the laptop okay. Now we into the template mode. Okay, i have basically set it up already its windows and all the settings and my user account and everything. So we are just going to review it. Okay, you can see how fast its fingerprint reader is. Look in a link of i, so i have basically put it second brightness to minimum now. Let me show you yeah example.

Okay, first of all, let me tell you about its technical skills specification. This is we have with it windows 10 program. Now we are coming to its ports. Here we have a hybrid headphone port, usb 3 port uh car reader sd card reader. Then we come to the site. This is a thunderbolt, 4 port, then again usb 3 port, hdmi port and the power port to connect the adapter for recharging of the battery. Okay, there are del applications, we it first of all. We have mobile connect. 3.3. You can connect your mobile with it. Okay, we shall have another video on how to connect your android apple smartphone, with your windows laptop and to see, while your call message, notifications and all other, you can use your applications through screen mirroring on your laptop. So it is another topic and we shall cover it in another. Video here is the main application by dell known as dell sport assistant, provided with a delay patch to facilitate you for any troubleshooting hardware or software issues, and the updates available to your laptops are automatically checked and installed in your laptop. But, of course it asks you before installing those laptops. Another option is the dell memory management. Okay. With this, we can check from that application about the obtained memory and the ssd installed in this laptop and controllers functioning Music. Here it is obtained memory. We have 27 gb available and basically it has total total 32 gb del opt in.

It is intel, uh chipset and then is the ssd. We have 512 gb off here. You can see the intel we have 512 gb of intel. Solid state drive installed in it. It has 2000 mb per second facility. Speed and available memory is four seven. Seven g 477, then, is provided basically with a few options to control the heating ventilation system of this laptop. So we have to wait a little bit for the application to launch okay in the. Meanwhile, we have a view about the battery okay. This battery is 88 percent remaining and i have set it to adaptive problem. So there will just add into my usage here. We have advanced charge option where you can, you say schedule different charging times on the different days of a week and times to avoid the damage to battery on due to continuous power supply. If, if your laptop is plugged in continuously, so you can schedule your charging by using these options, but i have turned it off. Name is the thermal management thermal settings. We have optimized, it is a standard setting where the top or the your operating system balances itself between cooling fan and processor heat load. Okay, then, is the cool here processor, its producing it? Of course, and the fan works at you can see maximum speed to cool the processor. It reduces the uh, you can see system performance and, of course, if fan is rotating at a higher speed, so it may be more noisy.

Then, in the quite quiet option, your processor and cooling speeds are balanced in a way that surface temperatures are a bit higher. Due to low fan speed, but you have a reduced noise, okay, noise and the ultra performance is the last option where fan speed is increased in a way that it cools the processor properly and you have maximum performance and of course it will come with a lower Battery backup and more noise, so i usually use it on optimize settings so that my operating system can adjust it accordingly. Then, in the battery extender, this have a special option where cpu speed is reduced. Screen brightness is reduced to 20 percent, keyboard, illumination is turned off and the sound is muted. So, of course, you can change these options in which one of this these should be working. While you select best extender in this way, you can prolong your battery time. My laptop is giving me 470 minutes, but of course it is the first time i am using it. It is not its actual battery uh, backup time it will come to its normal routine within a two to three or five and discharge. Okay, we are done with these power settings and thermal settings now coming to its camera. This dell laptop has a built in cam with a physical privacy shutter. Okay, let me show you now: this laptop is working and if we okay now i have turned on this privacy shutter.

So there is no image. If you are concerned about your privacy, while youre working online, you can use this physical shutter to save yourself from online schemes or modern era hackers. Now let us have a final look on its design and shape. You can see here the dell logo. These are its hinges, which are 360 rotatable. This is actually a beautiful and slim machine here we have vents and suction points for here. Intake for fan here are two speakers. Another good thing in this laptop is: when you open it screen it lifts up a little bit from the surface. You have placed it on it, so it has a better ventilation space beneath it due to lifting of its base. And yes, someone asked me about stylus whether the stylus works on it or not. I have this little jeep stylus we get from our marquees and you can see it works on it. Just like a magic, so dont worry any stylus available in the market will work with your notebook. If you get this one now coming to its lcd or display panel, it is a beautiful bezel, less you can see uh, slim and decentralized display and the touch functionality. You can see the responsiveness of its approach. It is a ultra hd with 920 into 1080 resolution display, so it has a crisp and very lit with proper color saturation, even on lower brightness. You can see it on minimum and maximum brightness.