I know it’s a little quirks. I know it’s pros and cons, um and i’m going to talk about them and what i use later for and what led me to buy this laptop. So i was looking for a couple of months to upgrade from my lenovo thinkpad t440p. Even after all the upgrades i did on my laptop, it was slowing down. Sadly, so yeah i was in the market for a new laptop and i had my own some ryzen laptops, because i know that they’re pretty much on top compared to intel at the moment. So i came across this and this stalin sprung. I bought refurbished from a company called europc for 580 pounds. It’S del refurbished um it’s got a one year. Dell, one t sort four, so what’s the worst that can happen um compared to new it’s about 600 pounds. I was looking. I was so close to buying new, but then i found this deal and it was pretty good. So when the laptop came, i was relatively surprised that it was in pretty much new condition. Came in the original box came the original charger um and the warranty on top. So i thought, oh god got a great deal here: um, but yeah brilliant condition. Um the build quality i’ll talk about first um, i think it’s made out of metal. I mean it’s called to the touch it’s pretty sturdy um. I think it’s, a mix of metal and plastic i’ve read online uh, the outer bezel is plastic and the keyboard itself is plastic, but yeah it’s, it’s it’s, pretty good.

I mean it’s a it’s, a cheap, laptop it’s good for a cheap, laptop um. There is some keyboard flex uh, which is which could be an issue for you, but it’s. Not so much for me, um. As for the trackpad yeah trackpad is pretty good. Um i’ve got no issues with it really it’s very accurate, it’s, very uh sensitive. I might need to turn the sensitivity down but yeah pretty good um. As for the keyboard itself, it’s, not it’s backlit, which is uh, which is a plus where’s, the one there we go and i’ve seen some people on the inside complaining that this is a bachelor keyboard, but on a silver, fascia that’s, not an issue. For me, i mean, if anything, it still works. The exact same. If i can’t see the letters on the keyboard, i just turn it on and works. Absolutely fine. I mean it’s an upgrade from not having a backup keyboard which some laptops don’t have in this price range. So pretty good, uh mine came with a fingerprint scanner. I can’t the light for me figure out how it works. Um it’s, it seems like windows, can’t recognize the fingerprint so that’s a shame. So i’ve tried everything. I’Ve tried, um things into the bios and stuff like that. Uh tried updating the bios, but that hasn’t worked so i’m. Just gon na have to deal with it. I mean i don’t – i probably wouldn’t use it anyway and people say it’s garbage so i’m, not really losing much here.

As for the screen it’s a 1080p screen, um it’s, not ips, but it’s dell’s equivalent to ips, i think it’s called wba or something yeah uh. I read online that the color accuracy is not great, but i don’t use it for art so i’m, not too fussed um it. To be honest, i think it’s a pretty good screen, it’s it’s good it’s, far better than what i’m used to, which is a absolutely terrible, tn 1366 760a panel from lenovo. So in my eyes, i’ve got a bit of an upgrade 60 hertz um. I mean it’s, not really a gaming laptop, but i mean you get what you pay for it’s. I use it for youtube um as well, and i think it looks brilliant uh as for io, so on the side there you can see. That is a usbc, no fundable capabilities, unfortunately, because this is an amd uh based laptop uh, usb a and hdmi and there’s the barrel, uh charging port yeah on the underside. There is a micro sd card reader and a another usb a with a headphone jack uh. As for the i o for me, i’m, pretty disappointed. I wish the usbc port was replaced with another usb, a because i don’t use usbc, but it’s it’s, not too bad. At least it comes with a card reader, um yeah, hdmi i’ve never had a hdmi on a laptop, so that’s a bonus. I guess, but i probably won’t use it um, as for performance, uh performance is absolutely brilliant.

I didn’t go for the ryzen 7 processor because i thought at all it probably won’t be that much of an upgrade, but this has the ryzen. 5. 4500. U my model came with a gigabyte of ram and has a 256 gigabytes sk hynix ssd, which is pretty low, but you can upgrade it, thankfully, which is one of the main selling points for me for this laptop. You can upgrade the ssd and upgrade the ram. I think the ram you can go up to 64 gigabytes, which is brilliant um. I probably wouldn’t do that. I’Ll, probably just go up to 16, but the options there if you need to but i’ll talk about upgrades more in a minute, because i have my fair few bit of drama um. So performance is brilliant. I haven’t tried gaming on it um it does have the vegas 7. I think vega, 7 graphics, uh. I think it’ll run some games on low settings. Uh. 720P. 1080P. I mean it’s, not really a gaming laptop it’s, not really good enough for that, but i mean the options there um. As for heat and stuff, like that, so this this vent up here and there’s like uh underneath there’s a exhaust i mean this is an exhaust. So yeah and it’s slightly raised a bit, so it allows more more air to pass through and cool the cpu um for what i use it for i run pretty heavy virtual instruments on fl studio, it’s brilliant, like i rarely ever hear the fan kick up and When it does it’s not too loud, it’s, not too it doesn’t have a high pitched wine, so yeah the heat output is great, and these riser processors, i don’t, know why amd have done some wizard stuff, but they’re, just very power efficient, as well as for power.

As well talk about battery life, so battery life was a bit of a sour spot. For me, when i was picking this laptop, when i seen reviews people were saying it’s trash, but me coming from a lenovo thinkpad t440p that lasted under two hours on battery life, with a brand new battery um. Coming to this laptop with a 40 watt hour battery. It lasts about four hours um, depending on loads. I mean when i’m making music it lasts about four hours, but anything that i’m watching youtube uh, just like browsing, probably that’s about six that’s, pretty good for me, but people like to complain. Um i’m, just not one of them, so battery is pretty good. What else can it solve? Oh yeah there’s a webcam up there. I don’t use the webcam it’s 720p, but yeah i’m, not a webcam user. The screen gets relatively bright. I should have mentioned that 300. Nits, i think, is peak brightness um. It could be too dim for some people, but for me it’s it’s, fine. I don’t use my laptop outside uh, so yeah speakers it’s got stereo speakers either side. Uh i mean you can’t really expect much. This is a 500 pound laptop um, but it does actually have pretty good speakers, so i’ll place this Music and they’re underneath as well, Music yeah they get relatively loud. I don’t use them particularly too much um i’m, more of using monitors and headphones, but they’re there and they’re decent enough, probably better than most the competition.

But if you want good speakers, you want a macbook pro, of course um. So yeah that’s, all upgradability. So, as i said, my my laptop came refurbished and initially there was nothing wrong with the laptop. I thought it was brand new condition, but it was only until i tried to upgrade it this screw. This is a captive screw there’s, two of the two on each side and these stay on the chassis. When you take the back plate off, this was stripped. This was a strip screw, so i couldn’t get the back off for the life of me, so drastic measures. I had to sort of cut away, drag away this brand new, laptop or refurbished laptop. I paid 500 pound for and i’ve already done that, but i mean other than that. I mean it’s i’m fine with it as long as i’ve got to upgrade the ssd and the ram in the future. So, as i said, um it’s got an sk ssd m.2 around here and then there’s another slot here for a second ssd. But please bear in mind that you have to buy a specific adapter, slash bracket which dell don’t provide in the box and when you ask dell for it online, they won’t give it to you, because so many people want to order this bracket. But there is a company on amazon um. I had to go on amazon america to find this specific bracket um and pay 20 pounds for it, which is disgusting to think about, for a tiny, ass bracket and two screws but yeah.

I had to do what i had to do but yeah i mean i’m, i’m, very happy with slapstick i’m very happy with my purchase um. The service i got from europc was top notch other than the fact that one of the screws was stripped. I mean that’s not really much of an issue for me, because the laptop sort of lifts up to get more airflow and it doesn’t really like grind on anything. It doesn’t really affect the functionality of the laptop other than the fact that my fingerprint scanner doesn’t work. Um, this is a pretty perfect laptop for what i need it for um. So yeah thanks for watching. If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to link them below or comment below and i’ll try and get back to you um, but yeah.