Oh, look at that. What a difference so i’m a little surprised. I think that the nvme in this laptop seems to be slow, although it’s still three times the speed of a regular ssd Music. Hello guys welcome to my channel. I am daniel. I have here my brand new dell inspiron 15 series: 5000, the model 5505 with the ryzen 7 4700u processor. I chose this laptop because i wanted a ryzen, 7 processor and also it was on sale at dell.ca for a couple of weeks at 730 dollars, canadian, which is about 580 dollars u.s, so i think that’s a very good price for a ryzen 7 and again 4700. U processor now there are very few reviews of this laptop, and this is why i decided to do it. This is actually the first time on my channel. I do a review of a laptop, so i’m, not a pro of laptop but i’m, a big user. We have in our house here, probably like six. I think six laptops – and i have here the dell inspiron 14 – that i got two of those five years ago. They still work perfectly, so i thought i would do the inspiron review i’ll. Do the unboxing and um a few, like, i said, reviewers very few uh one said that this is made of plastic according to the dell website, it’s made of aluminum, so hopefully i’ll be able to sort this out today and also i’m going to update this laptop.

It came, it comes with eight gigabytes of ram at 32, megahertz speed and the ssd drive. Is it nvme m.2 format, but it’s only 256 gigabytes. So i want to upgrade that also now, as as i opened the box and by the way, listen to that. First time i get the box where it’s moving inside so i’m wondering if the power supply is packed separately from the laptop. Now, as i open this uh, you will see on the screen here the specs for the ryzen 7. With this in this laptop. This is a vega, 7 graphic processor, not vega 10. I think one reviewer was saying vega 10, but it’s vega, 7.. There you go we’ll, see why this box everything is shaking inside. Oh yeah. You can see why here power supply is separate, as you can see here. The question we will see also is whether the hardware is included in the box to install a second ssd, because this laptop has two slots for ssds, and this is empty. So we have here probably warranty information, the inspiron 515 5000, but, like i said this is model 50, 55 and um. Okay! Well, nothing really interesting over here. I also chose this laptop because it has a micro sd card and, if you’re familiar with my channel, you know that i fly drones a lot and i want to be able to take my sd card from my drones and then just put in the laptop okay.

So we have here the power supply. We have the power cable north north american, so this is good and nice packaging, like i said at least one reviewer said that this is made of plastic. The dell website says it’s made of aluminum so we’ll see, and this is by the way, 15.6 inch look at that look at this inspiron. What does it see at the back here? Uh? Nothing, interesting! Nothing special lots of logo here and it’s hard to tell really but it’s hard to tell if this is plastic or aluminum now to open it. Just like that. Look at that the can. We see that on camera here. The logo here says 15.6 inch display uh hd webcam with a dual microphone. A dell mobile connect i’m, not sure what this is: hdmi uh dell cinema yeah. Apparently you can watch movies but um. I have to look at that and also a type c connector so and here ryzen, 7 and radeon graphics, like i said, it’s vega. 7.. If you want a more powerful ryzen 7 processor, you have to look at the 48 100 h or u that you will find lately mainly in gaming laptops. This is the 4700u. It has also backlit keys, which i will show you in a second. The keyboard is that it’s not bad. I want to show you the ports, because this is important, so charging hdmi usb. I think this is 3.0. This is a type c here and on this side, the micro sd card reader, another usb here and the headphones jack, and when you open it, as you can see, i’m gon na, do it sideways here you can open with one hand, and the hinge over here Will go under to rise the back of the laptop and over here you can see the vents right there.

You can see the vents for the processor, so the vents go onto the screen like many laptops, but really i don’t anticipate this to be a problem. The ryzen 7 is not known to be a a um processor that runs hot now. Looking at this, this is obvious that this is plastic here. Okay, the bezel around here is plastic. I mean you can you can tell this is also one reason i chose this laptop it’s because the bezel is in this case it’s white it’s, not black, which i prefer this white finish. I think it goes well with the silver, but looking at the pictures on the dell website and even uh from the the few reviewers i have seen, this looks like silver, so i’m, a little disappointed right now that this is not silver, it’s, it’s white, but again On pictures before i bought this, this looks like it was silver yeah, it’s more like white enough, it’s, okay, i guess so i’m going to plug this and we’ll see we’ll, look at the system. Information and uh i’ll. Give you more info also on the keyboard. I think the back click back lit might be a problem in this model, but again it’s not a deal breaker. Okay, i’ll be back in a couple of hours. All right. I did the initial setup and there are many things i want to show you here. First of all, this is the dell screen that you get.

You can have the mydell app you have here. Alexa is built in so you can have your alexa on this laptop and then here we have the fubo tv. This, i do not know but looks like you, can watch a tv like fox and espn and cvs on on the laptop here. We have a cinema guide, find watch and track your favorite streaming tv shows and movies. Here we have register the laptop. I haven’t done that yet and accessorize you can buy accessories so from there. So let’s get out of this first thing. I want to show you actually before i go through. That here is to show you the screen. So this is almost a full brightness. You can see here this is full brightness and if i go down too notch it’s fine, but below that it is, it is too dark. But again this is uh. This is the bright here in my studio. So if this was dark, i think it would be fine, but with lots of lights, we are basically here kind of at 90 percent of brightness to have a nice view on the screen. Now i want to show you the keyboard. As you can see here, there is no back lighting at the moment, but if i do this here now there is, as you can see, we cannot see the key. So during the day when you use the backlit, we cannot really see the key.

So you have to turn this off to see the keys, but if the lights are off, of course, which i will try at the end, then we would see the keys uh where’s my mouse right here, so i did here a geek. Oh, this is actually first of all, i want to show you the system info we have here. We can see ryzen 7 and i’m getting a skype here which is not installed right now. So ryzen 7, like i said, 4700u that’s, the cpu and going down. We have eight gigabytes of ram, which can be doubled by installing a second eight or you can install to a 16. I think it goes all the way up to 3064, i think maximum and here for storage in drives. This is the ssd that comes with this model, it’s 256 gigabytes, and we have 180 free once you have your windows installed, so 180 gigabytes free. Now i did a couple of things to show you. I did the geekbench five uh to show you some results here that you can compare with your computer at home. This is the uh again. This is with eight gigs of ram single core 667 multi core score. Three one: seven six, one i’m, going to redo that when i do a an update when i double my memory, so we should see a major difference over here, but to see this result compared to my desktop. My desktop is the ryzen 5 3600 overclock at four giga gigahertz.

I believe this laptop is running at two gigahertz, so for my desktop that you probably saw on my channel, i get 115 over here and 7 2 6 0 over there. But again, my desktop is running at double the frequency of this laptop now. Another interesting test i did was to test the nvme drive, and this is here. I use, of course, a crystal mark for that and look at the results here: uh, sequential, sequential and random. Here uh read and write 1572. This is num. This number here here is three times the speed of a typical ssd in a desktop. Actually, on my desktop, i have 850 evos and 860 evos from samsung and i have 500, but i have on my desktop a samsung 970 plus and i am double the speed over here so i’m. A little surprised. I think that the nvme in this laptop seems to be slow, although it’s still three times the speed of a regular ssd, but compared to the one, my nvne emmy. Sorry on my desktop. This is about half the speed. This is here uh, more than double and i’m puzzled by the random. If you look here at the uh, the crystal mark results on my desktop versus these ones over here, uh i’m, puzzled by the the random, read and write. This is way above these 970 plus in my desktop now. The second upgrade i will do in this laptop is to install a second ssd.

It will be the same as my desktop a 970 plus by samsung, and we will see here what kind of results we get over here now i turned a few lights off around me here and we’ll. Look at the keyboard again, so let’s have a look here with the the backlit. Oh look at that what a difference! So, if you are in a light, uh low light environment, it does make a huge difference. Look at that so yeah! This is very nice, so guys. One word also about the fingerprint here to turn on and unlock the computer. The laptop the power key has that it works very well. I had no issues with it. I cannot really see if this is aluminum. It does it’s hard to tell really it could be like a high quality plastic, but according to the dell website, it is aluminum that’s what they say, the the top and the bottom. This part over here. I am not sure so i’m going to do some more investigation and uh report back when i upgrade this pc when i’m going to open it. I may have a better view from the inside just to confirm if this is aluminum or a plastic, so you saw the the results here of a few benchmark. I did to compare with my desktop when i double the ram. We will again do the geek bench. Uh just to compare the before and after, and i cannot wait to put a samsung 970 plus in this laptop to see what will be the uh comparison with the same nvme in my desktop it’s identical.

It will be identical so guys thank you for watching and if you have any questions about the laptop or something maybe i did not cover, i forgot to mention.