So what is the use case for this laptop, so we’re not sure at the moment, because we haven’t had a look at it, but um it’s, your type of everyday home and business use. Computer it’s, not a gaming laptop. This is for everyday use, so it’s ideal for home schooling, working from home and general use. So what we’re going to do today is we’re going to have a look at it. Talk about the specs and then we’re going to have a look at the upgrade options by getting inside it and seeing what options there are for upgrading memory. Adding additional ssd drives if any and potentially also having a look at swapping out. The m.2 ssd drive to see how easy or difficult that is so without further ado, let’s get into the unboxing and have a look at the device itself. We’Ve got a power adapter. If i can just get in here inside here, we’ve got our 45 watt power. Brick and then your typical plasticky cover um, which we’re really not a fan of on dell products, packaging them in plastic bags, there’s a lot uh a lot of manufacturers now who are putting putting things in a nice cloth cover um, but dell carry on, insists on Using the cheapest possible packaging material, not saying there’s anything wrong with it because it works um, it doesn’t uh make any difference really if it’s packaged well in the box, but we always prefer it’s a sign of quality when you’re using you know a nice soft cloth On the top of it, so let’s remove the box okay.

So what have we got so we’ve got a in quotes. Black finnish dell, inspiron laptops, nice and thin uh build quality is good, so let’s have a look around the device itself. So what have we got on the front underneath so we’ve got our two stereo speaker, grilles stereo, because one on each side underneath the back as well. We have an air intake across here and then we’ve got our exhaust two section exhaust on the back of the case itself. Um so let’s have a look inside the device opening it up. Okay, so we have got a screen protector on here, which is good. We’Ve got two little cutouts for the escape key and the power button, not sure why that’s got to cut out on those. Maybe in case you want to keep the device covered over when you’re turning it on, but anyway that’s it um, so let’s remove that. So this comes with radian, 8 vega, graphics as part of the cpu, which is great. It doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor on the power button um, but it does come with a few other options which are quite neat, so we’ll have a look at those uh when we’re talking about the specifications shortly. Let’S have another look around the side of the laptop so on the side of the laptop we’ve got a typical kensington, lock port here we’ve got an ssd drive slot we’ll talk about the ssd drive speeds shortly and we’ve got an sd card reader on this side.

On the other side, we’ve got our combined headset jack, so this is headphones and microphone combined. We’Ve got another two usb ports here and we’ve got our um rj45 network connection. Here, gigabit network connection and we’ve got an hdmi 1.4 port here and then we’ve got our power. Adapter and we’ve got our power led there in terms of other leds on the device. I can’t see any any drive leds, um so i’m, assuming that that will probably possibly be combined with the power, but possibly not so maybe we don’t actually get an uh. A disc or drive led indicator on this device. Okay, so that’s that’s, pretty much all there is to the outside on the inside we’ve got a standard track pad standard track pad. Here you can probably hear that clicking nice satisfying click there you’ve got standard keyboard, which is quite nice. You’Ve got a little bit of travel on the keys there, so it does feel like you’re pressing them. Unlike the the mac keyboards uh nowadays um, i quite like to to feel a bit of travel on the keyboards there. So that’s nice that it’s got that in terms of the webcam. So this is a 720p hd webcam and what else to say about the webcam uh just 720p and i think it’s, 0.92 megapixels um 30 frames. A second that’s all. There is to say that about that next thing, we’re going to talk about is the screen itself.

So this is a full hd. Uh 1920x1080p wide viewing angle: uh 220 nits, 141 pixels per inch and it’s got a 400 to 1 contrast ratio, 35 millisecond response time and 60 hertz refresh rate so that’s the laptop itself. So let’s now talk about the upgrade options. So what i’m going to do is we’re going to tear this down or we’re, going to remove the back cover and we’re going to have a look at what the upgrade upgrade options are in there. Okay, so let’s now have a look at how we get into the device. So we have a look down here. Bring this down a little bit. Okay, so we’ve got uh one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine screws around the back, there’s no screws hidden under any panels. We might have a couple of screws under the feet, but i’m not going to take those out just yet. So what are the tools that we need? So we need a phillips screwdriver. Actually, this panel is coming away, which is quite nice, so it it’s going to be relatively simple to get underneath here and get into the box itself and again this corners raising up nicely. That is probably because of the hinge. I would have thought so it pushes the corner up, which is good. I wouldn’t recommend uh taking the device apart. I would leave that to service center personnel, but if you do want to take it apart and upgrade it well, then you’re going to need to you want to make sure you keep all the screws nice and safe, so you don’t lose any of them.

Okay, okay, that’s all the screws out most of the screws out in terms of screw length nice to see that they’re all the same size. At the moment. These two at the back here might be slightly uh, slightly bigger and then to get into the device itself. We are going to use a little prizer tool that we’ve got, which will just slide in all the right places, prising the cover up, as we go now we’re using a metal one of these, but you can use obviously a plastic one. You do want to be very careful when you’re levering under the edges to make sure that you’re actually not damaging anything, and it will just unclip all the way around and once it does, that will just lift off the top. So we’re going to take that and put that to one side: okay, nice – to see um the layout in here, so let’s have a look. What we’ve got underneath here? Okay, so once we’re inside, as you can see here, what have we got so um nice to see some upgrade ability on this device, so our cpu and heat spreader runs through to our um heat dissipation block with the fan here. So that will draw air from underneath the cover and expel it. The heat out from the back here, which is nice, so we’ve got two two areas, one slot there and one over the top. So you get the maximum airflow pulling air in and ejecting it over.

Here we’ve got an m.2 wi fi card, as you can see here. No upgrade ability on that at all. It is what it is: it’s, ac, wi, fi, so good high throughput rate there um here is a memory, so it comes with eight gig of memory as standard, but you can obviously upgrade um put another ram, stick in or take that ram, stick out and replace It with a matched pair, so it will take up to 64 gig in total and it’s ddr4 2400 megahertz ram over here we’ve got our m.2 ssd drive. So this is one of the small drives, but you’ve got the ability to add a variety of different lengths. Here comes with 256 gig as standard, but that can be upgraded to whatever size that you want. Nice thing as well is, in theory, um there’s, no point upgrading the m.2 drive unless you really need it um. What i would suggest is using that for the operating system itself and your applications, but over here we’ve got as you can see here. We’Ve got a space to add two and a half inch hd or two and a half inch ssd drive here. So potentially, what you could do is have the os running on in 256gb. M.2 drive to keep it nice and fast, and then you can use your data store. So your documents and other um things that you want to install like games. For instance, you could install on a two and a half inch ssd drive over here, so this will take whatever size you throw at it.

Basically it’s starter 3, so you can connect whatever size, ssd drive you want in there in terms of memory and sorry. In terms of cpu and graphics upgrades you can’t um, so this is a mobile chip, ryzen 5, which is that already comes with the vega 8 graphics on board. So it’s a 3500? U processor quad core, so this runs at 2.1 gigahertz and it bursts up to 3.7 gigahertz and it comes with a 4 meg cache. So in terms of the inside of this device, um great upgrade compatibility so adding more memory. Upgrading the drive, adding additional drive. Also, a few years down the line when the battery wears out you’ve got the ability to take the back off and change the battery. So in terms of battery life, it’s reported to be eight and a half hours of general use. What else comes with this? So on the wi fi card you’ve got bluetooth built in as well so that’s, bluetooth, 4.1, so um it’s, not the latest offering of bluetooth but it’s perfectly good, for you know connecting headsets headphones and that type of thing for your general usage. So let’s now talk about the let’s talk about the speed of the usb, so um on the single port on this side, so the side with the memory card reader. This is a usb 2 port and then on the other side, you’ve got two usb 3.2 ports. So that’s the high speed data transfer rates that’s.

All there is to it um. I hope you found having a look inside useful. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to put it all back together and we’ll, get it connected up and we’ll have a look at the software that comes bundled with it. Okay, so here we are now booted into windows. So what we’re going to do is we want to have a look at what comes bundled with the with the system, so we go into our settings and then we’re going to go into apps, because we always remove all of the uh. What we call bloatware, dells, aren’t too bad, usually um, however we’ll, wait and see. We normally have some antivirus mcafee or something like that to remove let’s go through this, so lots of dell applications, as you would imagine, dropbox promotion so that can come out as a client is not going to be using dropbox. If you are going to be using dropbox, then the promotion usually gives you a little bit more storage office 365. So they’re not going to be using office 365, so we’re going to get rid of that as well and in terms of bloatware. That is fairly impressive. There’S, absolutely no bloatware on this system at all. So if you’re looking for a system just to get set up to start using for homeschooling or working from home, then this will be a fantastic device, so the radion graphics, the vega 8 graphics, not sure on the ability of that.

However, if you’re going to be playing very basic games, then it’ll be absolutely fine for that. Don’T expect the latest call of duty to work, particularly well in terms of frame rates. However, zoom microsoft teams, business software that uses the built in webcam it’s going to be perfectly good for that. So all in all, would we recommend this device yeah definitely um. So this is a great machine. It’S got really good. Build quality feels nice and solid. So let’s have a look at the weight of the device, so it’s 1.83 kilos, so it’s, nice and light easily, transportable very, very thin and the output as well from the hdmi port. As you can see here, we’re actually using hdmi that’s going into our capture software.