Today i have a dell inspiron, i5 combination, two in one laptop just here. It was delivered by john lewis and they actually have a sale on so that’s. One of the reasons why we went with john lewis, first of all, it’s still in its box it’s got eight gigabyte of ram and 256 storage, ssd that’s a solid state drive, which means it’s slightly quicker than the old disk drive if you like, but that’s, probably About all the technical stuff that i’m going to get into what we’re going to do is is we’re going to open the box and we’re going to have a look at it together. Once i get this open and we have a proper look Music, i set it all up off camera, so i won’t bore you with that and then we’ll come back to it once it’s all set up. So you can have a proper look around it with me, but this is what it looks like as it comes out, get rid of the chargers we don’t need those for the moment: lots of packaging instruction manuals, but ultimately this is it and it looks pretty smart Already in its bag see if we can get it out there, we go wow that’s light. Do you know what first impressions that actually looks really good see if we can open up? Oh that’s, smart that’s, really impressive. I like that and it’s really light. So the two in one folds, all the way over on itself.

If you didn’t know that keyboard feels nice, the screen looks: lovely it’s even got a tiny little shutter. I don’t know whether you can see this, but just right at the very top tiny little shutter, and i think that is going to be for that tiny forward facing camera which we’re going to test as well. It looks like we’re going to need to charge it let’s go around this, so we have well looks like we’ve got a power hdmi, which obviously goes into your second screen or to your tv one usb socket and we’ve got. I think, that’s one of those. I think that’s one of those super fast charger, the new usb sockets on the other side, we’ve got an sd slot, another usb port, a jack port, that’s headphones and microphone input and that’s, where you put your lockable cable things. If you work in an office – and you want to get it locked down on the back, we’ve got some fan. Ports, obviously that’s, where the air goes through, and that is that it’s pretty smart, so the power port. I don’t know whether you can see this that’s. The first thing i really worry about it, doesn’t actually look that big it’s, quite small it’s, probably about the size of a pen. On the end, if you look now, i don’t like little ones like this. I prefer much much more large sockets and the reason being is when you put them in to the actual laptop itself.

They give a more satisfying clunk, whereas this one i’m going to imagine yeah it just slides in and as you can tell there’s a tiny little light underneath now to say that it’s charging let’s see if this will power on. Oh, we got lights, let’s see what it’s going to do now. This is the first time it’s been switched on. I have no idea how easy this is going to set up, but all i want to do is to see how bright that screen is, and at the moment, just for the dell coming up in just a moment. Hopefully you can see that on the screen. It actually looks quite impressive, certainly from my last laptop i had, which was another dell. It was the inspiron, 5000 and i’m here to help a little sign in here touch your wi fi there and we’ll. Have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard wow cortana is talking to me. Let me sort this out with her and i’ll. Come back to you and show you once we’re set up as to what the screen looks like and how the functionality of it works. Now the laptop’s been updating for about an hour no fault of the laptop it’s. Just the windows, with all the little patches that’s been going on in windows land, whilst the laptop’s obviously been in storage. However, it’s now updated and i think it’s about time to test how quick it is to start up and for us to be able to start working on it.

So let’s have a look: all switched off powered down power, button, let’s type in the code and let’s see if we can get online and start working now. I don’t know about you, but that is quick compared to my last laptop. That was incredibly quick. I like that, so let’s keep windows open and i’ve, also downloaded the wondershare, the filmora x, to which this laptop’s already now got the software and where i should be doing this editing for this video on as well. There is already a review of the filmora on my website. I’Ll put the link down in the bottom. If you like, however, this is one of the largest files i’ve ever used on any laptop and it’s always taken ages to upload, but i’m. There i’m in i’m running that’s, quick wow. I like that let’s have a look at how responsive the screen is, because this is a touch screen and funny enough. It loads pretty quick now down here. I don’t know whether you can see this. If i flick this over and turn this into the combo and turn it into a tablet, there’s a little button and it gives us a whiteboard saved – oh, have we got an installing we’ve got snippet as well, so we can do. This is pretty cool? Oh we’ve got white boards and everything i can’t tell you as well how nice this is now the first time i actually used. One of these combos was on my chromebook that i bought again.

Another review is in my website and i was really impressed with how it all works, as you can see, i’ve never used this before so let’s. Give it a and see what we can do. Gon na need to do some more practice. I think Laughter yep. I definitely think i’m gon na need some more practice, that’s all pretty cool. I like that let’s try out the video features, i’ve downloaded amazon, prime just so as i can play a video to test the screen. Let’S click anything lego, movie, 2. Everyone likes lego and let’s, try and work out how bright the screen is: Music to move it forward, let’s make it full Music screen. Now you probably can’t see this on the screen, but that is crystal clear, that’s really good and see. If we can do all the endure, the controls best quality that actually is rather good. I like that. So we see if we can work out the camera. Oh now, you can see my rig in the background it’s supposed to be a hd camera. Now here. Yes right there is the camera it’s tiny. It really is small. It doesn’t do any intrusive marks into the screen as i’m. Looking around it, it’s right in the bevel and as i was showing earlier, there is a security slide which is there on and off. He says and off really good. We like that and let’s do on the camera. So this is the video side of things.

Take video we record him: can we record him there we go now we’re recording this is clever stuff. We like this let’s make a bigger screen. Now it looks like i’m recording on our game bar and also on our video, which is pretty clever. Now this is hd, as we say so, i’m just need to move around and see if, before we do, this let’s kill the light on the back and that’s the kind of standard room, stuff that’s. Actually not too good. Is it. I wonder why we have suddenly become pixelated i’m wondering whether it’s, because it’s the bad light. However let’s see, if that transforms into anything else and let’s play that back. Can we play that back and there we go really easy if you’ve never had or you’re? Actually, a bit worried about updating your laptop once you’re online, you put in your windows account, and that could be your hotmail or your outlook, and it mostly transforms a little transfers. A lot of the stuff that you have on your old laptop to this one provided it’s all synced and as soon as you go into your google chrome, you log in to your google mail, and it brings up all of your saved addresses as well. So it makes it nice and easy other than that. I can tell you that so far i am really impressed with this. The screen is great. It’S really lightweight battery is almost fully charged.

No, it is it’s now fully charged. It was easy to set up it’s. Quite comfortable using it on your lap because it is a laptop and see if we can type make it easy. Let’S type in i don’t know right, move, it’s, quick, it’s, responsive nice keyboard. So my plan is to write the review on this dell using this laptop i’m going to edit the video to which we’re taking here we’re going to put it all up on youtube, and the experience of me doing that is going to help me form an opinion. As to whether this laptop is any good i’m still so far, really impressed it’s lightweight, it feels good. The screen feels lovely. The sensitivity on the screen is very impressive: let’s give it a real trial thanks for watching and if you’d like to this video.