Taking a look at this, which is the new for 2021 dell inspiron 14 inch two and one 7415 laptop. This is a recently introduced model. I ordered it basically as soon as it became available on the dell website and i have purchased this myself. I have not received it as a review sample and the key reason i bought this was because it is based on the new uh amd ryzen 5000 series of apus uh. I believe it is the lucian code named apus, which are a development of the renoir chips. So still zen 2 core and the vego graphics, but with some improvements over what came before so looking inside the box being a 7000 series laptop, unlike the other two in one that i have from dell, which is the 4000 series we see, we get a 65 Watt usbc charger our uk power lead for it. Then inside the box we don’t get much else. There is no stylus or um adapters included, but we get the laptop itself and then just start our usual quick start guide, which basically tells us to go to the dell website and the usual warranty and regulatory and radio bits in there. So if we get the laptop unpacked we’re going to take a bit of a closer look at it now turning our attention to the machine itself and as we can see here, this is the entry level configuration which comes in at 700 pounds for that you get A ryzen 5500u: this has the radeon vega derived graphics and is based on the lucian core.

We also get eight gigabytes of ram, which, according to dell, is organized as two four gigabyte ddr4 3200 modules. So a dual channel configuration right out the box, unlike the somewhat disappointing configuration in the intel tiger lake core i5 system of this type i bought previously, and we also have a 256 gigabyte, ssd and i’ve bought this base configuration because um. I wanted the 5500u to compare to other chips and also i’ll be looking at upgrading that memory and ssd in another video. The system itself is color colored in mist, blue and the chassis is a mixture of aluminium and plastic. So some plastic panels some aluminium. Our dell layout for the keyboard is all pretty standard um, so i quite like the way they retain a uk style of layout for things like the slashes um, and i really have no issue with their keyboard. Having used the 5406 two in one, the screen here is a 1080p display which they list as wva or wide viewing angle, but looking at the specs does list itself as being a full um ips panel. Unfortunately, they don’t give brightness levels or color gamut in the specifications for the machine on their website, so i don’t have these to hand, but if i do a longer more full review, i will hopefully try and find some of these other things note the touchpad again Fairly standard for dell um, it is smaller than on the 5406, because the machine itself is a little smaller and we have our standard fingerprint sensor here.

We also have the 720p webcam in the top of the screen, with a little privacy switch. So if you do not want to be using your webcam, you can cover that over to make sure, even if someone were to gain access to it or if you accidentally join a video conference if it’s switched on, you can block it as so now. Looking around the laptop and we can see there are not a huge number of ports, because this uh particular machine is charged via usbc. We lose the little dell power connector generally that i would say, that’s positive. Obviously, if you have a few of these dell chargers that you have around already then yeah you’re going to have to invest in usbc charges if you want traditionals um, but we have so the uspc, not thunderbolt port, and this also does display port so can be Used to provide hdmi through usbc hub and obviously usb c power delivery. We then have what is labeled a five gigabit port for usb, a and hdmi, which i believe is 1.4 turning it around to look at the other side and we have a micro sd port. Another five gigahertz five gigabit uh usb a port and a headphone connector for those who still need them. Comparing this to the 5406 tiger lake machine i’ve got you can see the difference in color here you can also see so. The intel 5406 model is about a centimeter deeper, and this is really owing to the uh.

The reduced bezel in the display so obviously same size screen on both of these laptops, but there is less of a bezel on the 7415 with the ryzen chip. What we can also see is similar to the 5406 as we open the laptop the screen acts here to lift the system up slightly and just provides a little bit of spacing for airflow. This airflow then comes out the vents which sit at the bottom of the screen here. So it does blow hot air onto the base of the screen and if we turn the laptop around, we can see so the vents here, as i say, as the laptop pulls around blow onto the base of the screen, so they’re not obstructed, but they will heat That part of the screen – and they are rounded in shape heatsink – is on this side, and i believe these are just dummy vents on the other side, just to give it symmetry. Of course, one of the main selling points of this machine is that two in one configuration so the system can be twisted round and we can see in doing that. It goes to tablet mode, so we get greater spacing between items there. We can also switch it to the full tablet mode which gives us you know. Where is my acting more like a actual tablet, where we have full screen applications, not something i use extensively, but some people do like it when the system is twisted round like this.

As well, the vents then become on the top of the machine uh. So this is quite nice if you are say using it on a fabric surface. I often use them for watching like this. So air comes out the front here and is drawn in through the vents here, and you can also lay it flat where there are some little spacers again just to ensure that the screen doesn’t rest completely against the base. For me, the 14 inch size is a bit too big to use as a proper tablet, but having the option. There is nice – and i quite like using it in this configuration if i’m watching a film or something on it, with both laptops, open and side by side. We can see that the 7415 actually has less bezel towards the bottom of the screen. So while the screens are the same size, the top and side bezels look to be about the same, but they lose that extra height there. That does mean the touchpad is a little bit smaller, but uh not as much as you would think. As again. There is a little bit less spacing here on the 7405. Looking at some of the other details of the windows 10 install and the hardware, we can see that this indeed, ships with the windows 10 home 20, h2. So the latest regular build of windows. 10 comes straight out of the box, as you would expect with this being a pretty new machine.

We can then also take a look at pre installed. Software now i’ve installed a couple: cpu z, cpu id tools so cpuz and hw monitor. We have the usual selection of dell tools dropbox and we also have mcafee which i’ll be using, but not the a great deal of sort of additional bloatware installed. Just the normal things. We’D expect to find on a dell system, and i would say this is pretty usable. I would take off mcafee and just either go with your av of choice or windows defender in preference rather than the trial version of that looking elsewhere and cpu zed confirms that we have the amd ryzen 5 mobile 5500u, this against the 4500u found in a lot Of verizon based laptops increases the so keeps the core count at six, but increases the thread count to 12.. So this has smt as simultaneous multi, threading or hyper threading as intel refer to it and also checking the memory configuration. We confirm that we are running ddr4 at uh, so 1600 times two 3200 megahertz in a dual channel configuration and checking the spd. We can confirm that as well. Looking at hw monitor, i have obviously not been doing a great deal with the system as yet we only get a package temperature for this and not individual core temperatures, but see that what is mostly idle usage at the moment. You know we are in the 30s. This will increase with load.

We see the turbo speed goes up to just over 4 gigahertz on this, and also pleasingly. We have the larger 5400 milliwatt hour battery in this uh. The uk specification uh 5406 laptops only had a 40 000 milliwatt hour battery, which was detrimental to battery life, obviously versus some of the competitors also worth noting, because it is one of those things that people always ask me about so currently, with 68 remaining on default Settings here the laptop is projecting around six hours of remaining battery life um now. Obviously, this has just been with the laptop running doing some initial windows updates, so it hasn’t been any kind of intensive workload. It is connected to the wireless, but hasn’t been doing a great deal besides that, even so, with the full charge you could expect to see around, i would hope nine hours um, although with heavier use that will decrease. I will try and do some formal battery testing, but having just got this machine up and running, i was really keen to just do an initial impressions and that will take some more time, along with some performance tests. Taking a quick look at performance in cinebench r20 and you can see here, we line the system up side by side with the core i5 1135 g7 based dell inspiron 14 5406 2m1, and we compared them running directly against each other and also thrown into the mix. The ryzen 4500u apu as well, and what we can see here from the results graph in the top left, is that versus the core ie5 1135.

G7. The new ryzen 5 5500u, has a big lead in multi threaded performance we’re. Looking at a nice 69 increase in performance relative to the intel cpu, which was already losing out to the ryzen 5 4500u, this isn’t entirely surprising. The 5500u is very similar in specification to the old 4600. U uh not a chip that i ever got to use, but one which was quite sought after and rare to find in a laptop. So the fact that the 5500u is going to bring smt to the main sort of ryzen customer is a really nice benefit and you can see through here it just absolutely destroys the competition in this test, um a lot quicker than the 4500u and the i5. So i hope you think i found this video useful and do let me know in the comments what else you would like to see me testing on it. Any questions you have. I will be doing a fuller in depth review of the system and i will do my best to answer those as soon as possible.