This is dell inspiron 14.. The exact model number is 5415., so it’s a 14 inch device powered by a ryzen, 5 5500u processor, 8gb of ram and 512gb of ssd. So without any further ado, let’s unbox this machine check the laptop out and then let’s jump to the review. All right, let me pull the laptop out from the box so on the top we have the charger. So this is your normal barrel charger. As you can see – and this is your power cord silica, gel and let’s – take the laptop out now paperwork. Let me keep this aside. Anything else, some more paperwork, and this is the laptop. Let me remove the plastic sleeve, so nice coat of silver paint on top. Let me open this up this, i must say the design is really really premium. So, as you can see, this is ryzen radeon, graphics, yup looks pretty good all right. So in the box you get the laptop paperwork and power cord and the charger now let’s jump to the review, hello people. So today we are taking a look at what is probably the best 14 inch laptop available in the market right now. This here is dell inspiron 5415.. I bought this from singapore at a discounted price of 640 dollars which, if we convert in inr, is around 48 000 rupees on the dell india website it is available for around 56k. Now let me quickly talk about its specs dell.

Inspiron 5415 is powered by a 6 core amd ryzen 5500u processor 8gb of ddr4 ram and 512 gb of nvme m.2 ssd i’ve ordered this laptop straight from dell singapore website and have been using it for the past 10 days. Here is my experience. First, let’s talk about its display. Dell inspiron 5415 is equipped with a 14 inch full hd ips panel with 1080p resolution. The display has a matte finish and its anti glare exactly the way i like the panel, however, is not color accurate. You may have to tweak some settings to make it more pleasing to look at. That said, the display is not meant for any content creation or any graphically intensive undertaking. The viewing angles are great thanks to white viewing angle, tech that gives you a clear and crisp view. Even if you aren’t looking at the screen directly for nerds, the srgb color gamut is around 65 percent and the niche count is 250. overall. The display is pleasing to look at, and you really like it, especially when you are working outdoors as its anti gear. Ok, moving on to its build quality and design dell has done an amazing job in constructing this unit. The lid, which is flanked with the dell logo and the palm rest of inspiron, are made out of aluminium, which makes the device feels ultra premium and durable. The exterior of the laptop is slathered with a coat of silver paint, which gives this a very classic.

Look. The interior is a different shade of silver, which paves the way for a very eye, catching contrast. As soon as you open up the laptop, you will be greeted with a no nonsense layout without any kaudi stickers or labeling on the bezels. Inspiron 5415 looks really good with this three tone finish on the exterior interior and on the keyboard. The hinges on inspiron 5415 feels solid and tight dell says it will last for up to 20 000 open and close. It also features a drop hinge mechanism that tilts the keyboard automatically when the laptop is opened. The design not only allows you to type more comfortably, but also increases the ventilation space under the chassis for improved heat dissipation. If we talk about the bezels, they are narrow. On the top and the sides, bottom is little chunky, but that’s. Okay, the narrow borders create an expansive screen to body ratio which helps in a delightful viewing experience the top bezel houses, a 720p webcam with a privacy shutter camera button. The quality of the webcam is decent and should be okay for your daily work. Family calls the back portion of the laptop is made of soft plastic and is comprised of 4 rubberized, feets and speaker grills on the left and the right side. The heat vents on dell inspiron 5415 are located on the back of the chassis behind the keyboard. Inspiron 5415 weighs around 1.44 kgs, which is a little heavy for a 14 inch device, but i am not complaining, as the weight of the laptop makes it really sturdy and durable due to the quality materials used overall 10 on 10, when it comes to dell inspiron 5415, build quality and design.

Now let’s talk about its performance when it comes to performance, thanks to the ryzen, 5500d processor and 8gb of ram. The experience is lightning fast. Inspiron 5415 is highly responsive and the power is ready to go whenever you need it. It boots up super quick. A lid open sensor gets the laptop started when opened even if completely off or hibernating a fingerprint reader on the top right will verify identity quickly for login using windows. Hello. When it comes to my testing as usual i’m, a very heavy chrome user, with at least 30 chrome tabs open, plus multiple programs running in the background and the experience was flawless, no unusual, stutter or lag is observed. 8Gb ram is sufficient for day to day tasks, but if you are a power user, you can upgrade the ram to up to 32 gbs thanks to its redesigned. Thermals the laptop runs cool for the most part. Dual heat pipes, move heat away from the processor and more fan, blades move more air and a drop hinge allows air to circulate underneath your laptop thanks to all this, i did not observe any thermal throttling whatsoever. Wi fi performance is super fast and reliable. Thanks to intel wi fi 6 ax200 module. Last but not least, i have confirmation from dell that inspiron 5415 is eligible for a free upgrade to windows. 11.. If we look at gaming, it is possible to do casual gaming on this machine. I tried gta, 5 and fortnite, and the games ran smooth thanks to amd radeon graphics with 512 mb of shared video memory.

The performance of this mobile, integrated graphics solution is better than radeon vega. 8.. The tdp is 25 watts and the base clock, speed is 300 megahertz and the boost clock speed is 1800 megahertz. It also supports directx, 12., now let’s jump to its battery life. Dell inspiron 5415 comes with a four cell 54 wattage battery and thanks to the amd ryzen processor, the battery life on this is hyper efficient. During my testing with wi fi on 80 brightness, i got around seven to eight hours of usage, which is really great. You can even eke out more hours if you are a light user, the included ancient barrel charger can juice it up to 80 in 60 minutes. The icing on the cake you can charge this machine via usbc as well. Moving on let’s take a look at the keyboard and the trackpad. The keyboard is backlit with three stages of brightness management. The style is chiclet and it’s kind of reminds me of the keyboard layout in the new m1 macbooks. The layout is clean with good spacing between each key 1.3. Mm of key travel provides a satisfying typing experience, while keeping your device slim and trim. The touchpad, however, is little disappointing. The gliding is smooth and it supports all windows gestures, but the clicking mechanism is hard and you need to press down firmly to register a click. You are better off with the mouse. Next up, io situation on the left, you have your charge: port hdmi, 1.

4 port. Usb 3.2 gen1 type, a port and a usb 3.2 gen1 type c port, which supports power delivery as well on the right. You have your headphone jack, second usb 3.2 gen1 type airport and a microsd card reader. When it comes to upgradability. There is good news for power users. Both ram and ssd, can be upgraded. Ram can be expanded to up to 32 gb thanks to two so damn memory slots regarding ssd, it can be upgraded to up to 2 terabytes. Lastly, speakers they are bottom firing and located on either sides. They are quite loud thanks to max audio pro. The audio, which comes out of the speakers is crystal clear all right time for final thoughts. I can foresee dell inspiron 5415 to be a very popular laptop for the rest of this year. If you are looking for a 14 inch ultrabook that can do everything, then your search ends here with awesome: build and design extremely powerful processor killer battery life and the option of upgradability. All this makes this a must buy if you are in the market for a 14 inch laptop. I can also see it becoming a top choice for students who are looking for an ultra portable device that can do a little bit of gaming as well features like backlit keyboard, fingerprint unlock camera privacy shutter button. Usb c charging will be appreciated by many. The only wish list item i have is a better display, which i guess is tough to do at this price point.

Everything else is pretty much on point go for it. You won’t be disappointed all right guys. This is it for the review. Let’S hang out in the comments section below and fire all your questions.