Music right here, ive got the dell inspiron 5410, which is a 14 inch laptop that was released in spring of 2021.. The one ive got here is just a laptop and not a two in one, which means that there is no touchscreen and the screen cannot be folded all the way back. The unboxing experience is very basic and the thing just ships in this very box that you see here inside the box, theres just the laptop inside of the packaging material that i think you call air pockets, but yeah dell could have done much better on this part. Alongside the laptop is the charging adapter with the ac, cable and obviously theres also the documentation which, at this point, i dont think we really need thats, basically it for the unboxing moving over to the actual laptop. This thing comes packed with an 11th generation intel core i5 11 300h processor. This ones got eight megabytes of cash and can be clocked up to 4.4 gigahertz. If that was a little bit of jargon for you just know that it is fast enough and capable for most home and personal applications. The config i have here features intels integrated, iris, xc, graphics, now, theres a couple other options on dells website that you can get for the graphics which includes intels, uhd, graphics and also a discrete nvidia geforce, mx450 graphics card. This one that ive got here comes with shared graphics memory, and the performance of this one will be a tad bit lower than a discrete memory card.

But dont get me wrong. This ones a major update over the previous integrated graphics. They always used to be a nightmare to render videos or do any graphically intensive tasks on. But now things have changed with this. One intel boasts about an 8k viewing experience. The ability to connect four 4k hdr monitors all at once and also dolby vision, hdr and dolby atmos support. I mean: what more do we really need? 4K exports have gotten much faster thanks to the ai matrix engine that intel includes with this graphics card and that same ai, matrix engine reduces the tool on battery and improves battery life while delivering a sufficient graphical experience. This configuration came with 16 gigabytes of memory made up by the two eight gigabyte memory cards, each of which are ddr4 clocked at 3200 megahertz. So theres no compromise there over in the storage department. This one came with a 5 12 gigabyte, nvme ssd. It is an m.2 drive that uses the pcie bus and, honestly, i think this setup has become a standard these days on laptops and for a good reason, theyre fast at doing whatever they do, and the boot speeds are incredibly fast. Another great thing about this inspiron 14 is that both the ram and the rom are replaceable and upgradeable. Nice move dell. We always appreciate the customizability and they didnt skimp on the ports, either on the right side of the laptop theres, a headphone jack, a usb 3.

2 type, a port and a micro sd card slot over on the left side, theres, a power jack, the hdmi 1.4 port. A usb 3.2 type, a port and a usb 3.2 type c port. Now both of the type a ports are gen 1 ports. That means that they can only hit speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second, but the situation is quite complicated with the type c port on the i3 and i5 versions of this laptop, the type c port integrates a displayport and power delivery port, along with the Usb functionality, but with the i7, the same port is a thunderbolt 4 port. So that might be a deal breaker for you if you intend on using this with a hub or a centralized docking station, but this laptop is great on its own too. The 14 inch 1080p full hd panel on this one comes with an anti glare matte coating, and they also did a great job with the screen to body ratio on this one by narrowing down on the bezels and making it look very sleek. The touchscreen option on this one is only available on the two in one variant and that one doesnt have an anti glare coating of any salt. Now the viewing angles have been optimized and its pretty decent, but they still are not as great as a glossy display. Now id rather have a matte display without any fingerprints over a glossy display with a bunch of them.

Another great addition on this one is the webcam with the shutter. Now the webcam itself feels like its a slight compromise, considering the fact that its just a 720p sensor in there, but the inclusion of a shutter, is always welcome and theres also a light right next to it to indicate when the camera is active. So you know, if mark is spying on you or not, and the keyboard and trackpad on this one also turned out to be much greater than my expectations, its a full size keyboard with dimmable backlighting, which again has become a standard and its also quite comfortable to Type on the keys feel really sturdy and its just the right amount of key travel that we need. The trackpad is a precision trackpad, so theres all of those windows – 10 gestures that sound really cool and you might really never use, but its always great to have this one comes with a 54w battery inside and can last for a day with light to moderate usage. But heavy users like myself, we never settle for any battery capacity. We always love to have more and thats, also considering the fact that this one charges only at 65 watts and while that doesnt sound like much initially dell says that 60 minutes of charging with the included adapter will give you about 80 of charge with what they Call express charging so thats something that i will have to test out later.

Another small inclusion with this one is the lid open sensor, which turns on the laptop, even if its completely off as soon as the lid is opened. Overall, the hardware is top notch and turned out to be much better than my expectations. However, it comes in only one color, which is platinum silver, but all of that aside, it feels like a premium laptop. Its got a cool touch metallic top surface and the weight balance is absolutely on point and the design is very sleek and modern, too. The hinge raises the keyboard of the laptop by just the right amount for a very comfortable typing experience, but the part where i felt a bit disappointed was with the software. They said that this game pre installed with windows 11, but to my disappointment, i found that it has only windows 10, but they do give an option to upgrade it to windows. 11. I think, because thats an option that ive not found as of the date of recording this video and it also comes pre installed with dells proprietary software, which im not sure, if ill ever use or not, and also it had a bunch of driver updates. On the first boot, which isnt a thing that ive seen happen very often, however, these are just minor inconveniences, which i think are very personal to me, and most of the average users really wouldnt be distracted by any of these. The plus points on the software side are that this one comes included with microsoft, office, home and student.

So all of the microsoft apps that you need are pre installed and it also comes with a 15 month subscription for mcafees multi device security tools. And since i bought this one directly off of dells website, i also got a sleek backpack, the dell essential 15.. This one can accommodate up to a 15 inch laptop and it features a zip that ive never seen on a backpack before its a secure zip, which is on the inside of the backpack, which means that its inside the arm, straps and theres also a pouch for Small things, so you can store the charging adapter and the cable inside this pouch. All of this came in at about 66 000 rupees, which, for this laptop, i think, is pretty much worth it. So if youre looking for a laptop under 70 000 rupees, this ones a pretty good bet for you, you might also be able to grab a few extra deals if you buy it directly on dells website and dells website is also the cheapest place.