First of all, we would like to thank you for all the love and support you guys have shown on our top three convertible laptop video. So especially on that note, we are going to review dell inspiron 145406, a latest and impressive two in one convertible laptop that consists of all the latest technologies under the hood. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the video Music dell inspiron 145406 is composed with all the necessary functionalities. You would need in your laptop, and the convertible form factor, makes this device more productive as well as attractive, which is specially a great choice for students and editors, starting with the design, which is the prime factor of this laptop with all metal. Like titanium gray, finish gives this device aesthetics and premium look. Dell inspired 145406 has a compact design with the thickness of 17.94 mm and weighs around 1.72 kgs. Dell has done an impressive job with the hinges. After rotating at 360 degrees multiple times, we didn’t notice any noise and flex on the lid, so you can easily convert it to any position and watch your favorite shows for hours without any issues and interruption, you get a full sized backlit keyboard, which has well spaced Keys which are comfortable to type and the double functionality feature of a fingerprint scanner embedded on the power button. Underneath the keyboard has a responsive, mid size touch pad now, looking at the ports, the right side consists of an audio combo jack sd card reader, usb 3.

2 gen1 type, a ports and, on the left side a power plug a usb type c port hdmi port usb 3.2 gen1 type a ports. Sadly, there is no ethernet port for lan connection Music. Coming to the display of this laptop, it has 14 inch full hd wav touch screen display with vivid color quality having srgb 65 and 157 ppi. Furthermore, the screen is bright, but only at a certain angle, it has significant glare. The thin bezels on both sides look fantastic, but the bottom bezel of the display seems a little bit annoying. Despite this, the screen produces punchy and crispy colors, also with the use of a stylus. You can maximize your touchscreen experience too. This laptop has the latest 11th gen tiger lake i5 processors with the base clock, speed of 1.3 gigahertz and can boost up to 4.2 gigahertz with the intel turbo boost technology 8 mb of cash 4 cores 8gb ddr4 of sdram comes with 512gb nvme ssd of storage Combined with the integrated intel iris, xc, graphics, processor that will easily handle all your daily basic computing tasks, which includes photo or video editing, note writing, programming, mid level, gaming, etc. Overall, whether you are a college student or a business worker, this device will get your things done. Battery backup of this laptop in normal settings is around 4 5 hours because it has lithium ion 3 cell battery in the hood now let’s summarize our review with some pros and cons that will clear all your doubts regarding buying this laptop.

The laptop has fast booting because of the nvme ssd drive great option for programmers and office workers, attractive design and robust, build quality latest i5 11th gen processor, with the convertible features under seventy thousand rupees price is a great deal battery, backup of only three to four Hours reflecting screen at some angles, if you are a hardcore gamer don’t, go for this laptop, no ethernet port. At the end of the review, we give this laptop 4 out of 5 star rating, which shows that this laptop has the potential to replace the mid range non gaming, traditional laptops for a better price with excessive functionalities. You can get this laptop both on amazon and flipkart. We have given the link in the description below you can get it from there. So that’s all for today’s video share your thoughts and queries about this laptop down in the comment section and if you enjoy the video please do like share and don’t forget to subscribe.