I processor. This particular model has a into 12 gen intel core i3 model processor, so i’m unboxing it for you. I know there’s videos of this laptop, but only the 9th and 8th and 10th gen, not the 11th gen model, but there it is power. Brick comes included with an inspiron 14 5000 instruction manual. Here is the uh power cord for the brick let’s take out the computer. This was. I bought this for 429 from the university of houston bookstore. I know a lot of people are thinking like what the hell you bought this from there. I wasn’t buying anywhere else because that’s the only place they had a good deal at and it’s a trustworthy place and if you try to buy an 11 gen core i3 model today, at this time, it’s going to cost you 500 or more just for the very Base model like i have now, anyways let’s, take it out little cardboard: egg carton, there there’s a pc itself and there it is along with this warranty information guide uh. I don’t even know how long the warranty is. Let’S. Take a look, i’m curious warranty from dell. I do not know well, i don’t want to read all this anyways yeah warranty, guide, quick start guide, there’s the computer itself and that’s about it. There’S nothing else in there. So let’s take off look at the computer open that up there. It is intel inspiron. 14. 5000 series, as you can see, we’ll, take a look at the ports here: there’s your ports or usb ports, your hdmi port, your um, your light and your charging port on the front down.

Here there is nothing and on the sides we have a micro, sd or sd card reader, another usb port and a headphone jack. So you get only two regular size usbs and you get the other uh size, usb port. On the side there anyways let’s open this up, as you can see, it’s a very nice finish: dell logo there um on the back here, i’ve never seen this have on the laptop before it’s kind of like a um it’s like a plastic uh, basically cover on Here, you’ll see its purpose in a minute: let’s open it up, it’s, not a one hand opener. I know that so you got ta open it up two hands. Okay, so you can see it looks very nice that’s core i3 at 12th, gen or 11th gen. Sorry not talking 11 gen i’m going up to the future 11 chain. Sorry uh yeah! Here we go inspiron 14, 5000, 14 inches full hd display, webcam, hd, plus dual microphone. Wireless bluetooth and wireless wi, fi hdmi position, touchpad and usb type c see there’s a touchpad. There we go click and click out, and you can see the um keyboard itself is nice size and very good, and it also has a fingerprint reader right there it’s located right here where the power switch is to activate that fingerprint reader so i’m guessing also windows. Hello works on this machine. Um there you there is your webcam with your dual microphones: it’s, pretty nice i’ve never had a computer with dual microphones before uh the screen itself, it’s very thin.

So it looks very good and, as you can see here, uh that’s like a little kickstand that i was talking to you guys about that is for um helping the computer get better air flow. In with these 11th gen processors, um that are brand new, they came out a couple months back um they lo, they use a lot more power than 10th gen and doing it. This way will allow the um computer to run faster, much more efficient and to get a lot more power out of it, because it’s a bigger um stand, so air could come out now. You can see here. I don’t know if you can really see that. Let me see if i can now there we go, you can see that these are the speakers located at a very awkward moment or awkward way. You can see that so the basically the audio is going to be going up and toward you so up and toward you. But overall it looks really nice. So the specs on this is a core i3. 11, 11 gen processor. Sorry, i was going to say 12 11 gen, processor, uh, it’s, 128 gigabyte, uh, nvme, ssd and four gigabytes of ram. Now you got you guys are gon na be thinking. Are you crazy like? Why did you buy that? Well, the reason i bought it for 430 dollars at that configuration that was the cheapest. You could probably find other laptops with 11 gen processors that have only eight gigs of ram and 256 ssds, but i didn’t want to buy any of those.

So what i did is i bought like basically a bare bone system and i’m going to upgrade it with uh 16 gigabytes of ddr4 3200 megahertz ram on it and i’m gon na be upgrading it with a 512 gigabyte, nvme ssd and for my extra storage i’m Going to be using a 64 gigabyte, uh micro, sd or sd card on there, i could put my files. My games – well, not really pc games, but like file games. You know like homebrew and stuff in here and pictures and stuff and keep the hard drive for other games and stuff or other applications uh, but yeah guys if you’re gon na buy something like this. I recommend you um put in a little extra money, it’s not going to be that much. I only paid about i paid for these two, probably like 60 bucks and for this 60 online, so it’s 120 plus 400, looking about 550 dollars about there for this setup and you’re about gon na you’re about it’s. Sorry, sorry, you know you’re going to be paying about that much money for a laptop with uh, a core i3 11 gen 256 hard drive or ssd and 8 gigabytes of ram, so that’s. Why i bought a bare bone system and i’m going to upgrade it myself? Oh and then the bottom of it, so you guys can look at the upgradability of it. Let’S take a look at the bottom close that up there you go here.

Are your screws screw there screw there there there there and there. This is a big big vent right there to pull out air it’s, one of the biggest vents i’ve seen, and you also get speakers here – there’s a dual setup for speakers basically here and in the front so be getting like surround sound kind of. But this is insane the size of this cooling thing when usually laptops have like a little square. This is insane. This is huge, so the cooling on this is going to be pretty good anyways guys. If you have any questions comment, i got this at the university of houston. If you guys want to buy it now for a very good price. Bare bones, like i do and just upgrade it yourself: you can do that and just type in just go to the university of houston website and um type in this model. Inspiron 14.: oh it’s it’s a non touch screen, so there’s no touch screen on it. It’S. Basically, 1080p display without touchscreen um, but yeah. You have any other questions. Please comment and i will answer them sorry for saying about 12 gen processors, 11, gen, 11th generation core i3. Oh and the beautiful thing about the new 11th gen processors for intel is that the laptops immediately accept 3200 megahertz a ram. I know in the past a lot of other makers claim 3200 megahertz and when you put it in, you can go to the bios.

It runs either at 21, 2144 or 2400 or 266 and there’s no way to access xmp because laptop with these they’re immediately clocked at 3200, so you’re getting what you pay for with ram you’re, getting the speed advertised. If you have any questions, you want me to play, games on it or make content or any requests for games. Just let me know and i’ll, do it alright guys. This is a. This is just an unboxing i’m going to do a full review on this computer. When i install windows back on this new ssd and when i install the ram in there and we’ll have windows activated and all that and all the drivers act activated and stuff and and updated just let me know, comment on this guys.