After a brief hiatus, we are back with some very, very exciting content to send your way, but the first video we want to kick off with is on a dell and spearon laptop. Very specifically, this is the inspiron 14 5000 series. Two in one that means its the 14 inch form factor which just so happens to be my favorite form factor in a laptop these days. But this one has the two in one screen where it can kind of fold into a tablet, and you know you can use it as sort of like an ipad or during classrooms to draw on with a pen that kind of thing anyway. What we want to find out today is the oh and, by the way, the the 5 000 series laptops from del oro is kind of their like middle to higher end machines, thats, where dell starts really kind of amping up the qualities and the power, and some Other things uh in the actual laptop 3000 being their sort of entry, level, 5000 being theyre, theyre sort of run in the middle and then the 7000 series being the sort of higher end of the inspiron series. Then, of course you then go to the xp. Yes, but anyway, i digress. What we want to find out today is if this inspiron 14 5000 series is any good and if you should buy one yourself, todays review is going to come with some exciting new changes.

We are finally going to start doing actual brightness tests on the screens of which we have some fun, exciting numbers to send your way, and then, on top of that, we are also going to be doing a rating system. Basically, a a best out of 10 type deal. We started doing that at one point or another kind of drifted away from it, but were gon na try to shoot this video off with uh, with uh doing it again, so uh anyway lets move right along, while were on the subject of the display. This one has a 14 inch panel. It is touch multi touch to be very specific, it is glossy, but it does help kind of manage itself in bright lights. Pretty well. In other words, youve got our overhead lighting. You can even see it in the camera there. Youve got our overhead lighting um, although when i edit it out, you may not be able to see it in the camera who gives a so uh. It does manage itself very well for a glossy display. Basically, if youre like on a college campus outside working in front of bright lights, this kind of thing i dont think youre going to have a whole lot of issues with um, with glare and kind of it kind of getting in the way. Some of dells displays that are glossy, had a tendency to kind of really reflect light and it was kind of annoying, but this one does a pretty good job at that uh.

Having said that, though, the panel all in is not particularly good. For starters, its an hd panel, which means its 1366 by 768 resolution, and i think that there is absolutely no excuse that in 2022 there is a laptop released with anything other than an fhd panel. Absolutely no excuse. As a result. What you are left with is a very pixelated kind of flat and washed out panel. It just doesnt really look all that good, and even though it gets very practically bright, which i will get into in a moment here, even though its very practically bright and doesnt have a lot of glare on it. Looking at it is just not all that exciting its a little bit fatiguing to the eyes, and for that matter another thing i dont like is that adele has a tendency to make very good color calibrated panels, and in this case they didnt really touch on that Either um, all in when you look at the panel, it just kind of looks flat and just not really i dont know it looks like um. It looks flat like a day old beer. It doesnt look very nice, but the other kicker is that this panel is rated at 200 nits, but we were only able to get it to 148 nits, so theres a little bit of a discrepancy there as well. All in were gon na rate this panel, a four out of ten, because even though it has some very good viewing angle angles and is a wide viewing ips display.

We are incredibly disappointed with the washed out color and the low resolution screen. Uh the touch capabilities on it are pretty good and it is responsive and nice to sort of touch and everything like that. But uh, it is just a really low quality panel. All of those things aside – and we really think dell made a misstep on on that um to kick off some specs on this thing. This one comes with a 256 gigabyte, nvme solid state drive, which is upgradable. It also has eight gigabytes of ram, which is also upgradable. It has two ram slots in it, so you can go ahead and upgrade both ram slots to a maximum of. I believe 32, in this case uh, which is kind of a nice touch, and it also has the 11th generation i3 processor. So what youre left with in terms of benchmarks or uh? Let me just go ahead and lets just go ahead and go to go to the benchmark here. Uh. What youre left with in terms of benchmark is a 13 in gaming, 75 in desktop and then an 11 in workstation that is, according to user benchmark. What that means is that this thing is a little productivity badass. It just is going to crunch out all of those excel. Spreadsheets word documents, powerpoints outlook, multiple chrome and firefox tabs. It will just basically knock out every single thing that you need to do with it. In terms of your day to day uh office, non profit, college student type things.

That said, though, its not really going to be all that good for gaming, although with the very low resolution screen in there, you could probably get away with doing stuff, like maybe even some aaa titles on some very low settings, so certainly do like minecraft. That kind of thing, but its just not a gaming computer, the only thing really saving it is the fact that the monitor just doesnt have to drive a whole lot of pixels the display, also isnt hdr. So if youre looking to do any kind of hdr editing viewing gaming, that kind of thing your out of luck right there and then in terms of doing anything like video or audio editing and processing. It probably doesnt quite have the horsepower to chunk that stuff out either youre, definitely not going to be able to do any kind of 4k editing of any kind, because the display in it is so low resolution and as far as audio processing is concerned, it just Doesnt quite have the power to drive all of those audio related tasks, so which is kind of a shame, because the input and output on this thing is quite phenomenal, but im going to get into that a little bit more later in terms of features on this Laptop, we have a backlit keyboard, but the keyboard annoyingly. You know what, before i get into my gripes about the keyboard, lets stick with the features chris, shall we, it has a backlit keyboard which is really really nice.

It has a webcam at the top with a little privacy shutter that you can close in case. You want to dance around naked in front of your computer and it has a little dual uh microphone array at the top heres. What that webcam and microphone footage sounds like now. This is the quality you can expect from the dell inspiron uh 14 5000 series, two in one. As you can see, the quality is, like i mean its okay for zoom and its okay for, like the office, but youre not gon na. Maybe wan na like shoot any kind of major hollywood films with it. As you can see, it is decent. I mean you know: itll get the job done for for again, like student slash office related tasks, but its definitely not you know it look. It looks like a michael bay movie. I suppose, anyway, um more features on this thing comes with wi fi, six, the new ax stuff, so super super fast wi, fi uh, and it does have uh bluetooth in it as well. But it does not have a windows, hello, compatible, fingerprint scanner, uh or camera uh. So in terms of features, it is okay. It gets about like a six out of ten. I guess with features its an average run of the mill. Nothing really too exciting to stand out might even be like five out of ten in terms of features, but lets come over again were gon na, be nice and give it a six out of ten moving along to the speakers on this laptop.

It has dells max audio system, which doesnt mean doesnt mean crap. The speakers on an arca, okay theyre a little tinny theyre, not really full body, but they do get fairly decently loud, not a whole lot of bass, but it does have some pretty good highs and mids with not a whole lot of distortion. In summary, youll be able to listen to like a podcast or watch a movie with some friends um. This thing probably, would be good if youre, like a college kid or something and youre all kind of sitting around the laptop like watching, netflix or hulu, or something like that again screen gets bright enough great viewing angles and the speakers will get loud enough for everybody To hear, but that said, if you want any kind of meaningful, high fidelity for like audio or music listening, this kind of thing you are going to want a nice set of headphones to plug in speakers on this laptop are awarded a 6 out of 10, which Is just a nudge, a nudge above average, which you know again, i think, were, i think, were being a little generous there, so its a 6 out of 10. now lets get to the keyboard on this computer. It is silver keycaps which dude stop with the silver keycaps there, its its done its over. It means you cant see the keys really all that easily or all that well, and i know im gon na get people in the comments section talking about how well i dont need to see the keycaps, because i can i have.

I can type with asd and the home row keys and all this other stuff, except that there are some people that do want to see the keys on the keycaps and with silver you cant. Really it does have a backlight on the keyboard, which is nice, but thats, really still not a very redeeming fact that you cant see the keys. I mean im looking at the damn thing right i mean im 34 years old. I can barely see the keys on this thing. Ive got decent eyes, people i only wear glasses, sometimes, but its tactile. It feels good to type on everything is sort of accurate and kind of like it feels good and clicky in the hands and the keys dont. Like shake or move all that much, i think i scored something like 98 words per minute, which for me is like again kind of in the average issue like. I think i think i get like 120 words per minute on like some of the apple laptops and stuff, so still very, very decent keyboard, uh keyboard. We are going to go ahead and award a im gon na im, gon na say five out of ten. You know i like it: doesnt have a full size keypad. So if youre like an accountant or somebody doing a lot of data entry which, on a 14 inch laptop those are kind of hard to come by, but the point is, is it doesnt have one of those its got silver keycaps? They do feel good and theyre.

Pretty accurate and precise um, even so, im gon na go were gon na. Go with like five im gon na go like five out of ten track pad its big and luxurious, its actually really good size, and it is its its. What dell calls their like? Precision touch pad, which really doesnt mean anything um, its got a good kind of firm click. I might even be a little bit too firm like a little too hard to press down on, but nevertheless got a good firm click. Its mostly accurate, like it generally goes. Where you point it to and with fairly little issue, and it doesnt float or ghost, so that means it doesnt feel like the cursor is kind of like on ice, which is kind of nice too, and it does have good multi gesture dual like it just kind Of like when you try to do a right click with two fingers, it just knows that youre doing it its a its a decent touch pad. As a result, we are going to go ahead and give it a 7 out of ten, and i think that um, you know it might even be closer to like the eight out of ten ish area. I mean theres, really not a whole lot. They could have done to improve upon it other than maybe make it like slightly more accurate, like for something called the precision track pad its only like, but so precise, but um oh and its a decent trackpad.

So we so yeah hey at least at least they got that part down input and output on this computer, though lets talk about it. Shall we on this side, weve got a full size, sd card, which a lot of people are going to be very theyre, going to be very happy with got a full size, usb super speedboard. We can plug in a mouse for like an external hard drive, something like that: a little spot, little uh little jack for your headphones too, when you want to pop in those shores or those bows or whatever, to get that nice 3d audio experience, then of course You got kensington lock here, because everybody uses kensington lock and then on this side, youve got a usb c 3.2 port, which is capable of doing like a display or all of that other fun really super fast data transfer stuff. That 3.2 is capable of. So you can plug in like a solid state external hard drive for quick data transfers. You know its like when you have that kind of power in a port. You want it to be able to do things like video, editing and audio editing, and things like that. So you can like edit on the drive directly but youre, not gon na, be able to do that on here and ill get back into that again more later another another super speed port right there full size, hdmi and then, of course, where you plug it in Because its 2022 and the laptop doesnt run on solar energy, that said, we are gon na go ahead and give this laptop a nine out of ten.

In terms of the i o, the i o is basically fantastic um. I really actually dont know how they could have improved upon it other than giving the computer itself better specs to be able to utilize that beautiful input and output it really is top notch. I o moving right along battery life on this laptop is going to be sitting somewhere around the practically 10 to 11 hour range. That means that if you are like writing surfing the web and have like maybe some audio and stuff playing in the background, uh youre gon na be able to get probably about a good 10 to 11 hours, which we consider to be a practically speaking. All day. Use that means that if you are a college student or a traveler, somebody floating in and out of an airport, youre gon na be able to pretty much use this thing on battery um for the duration of your your flight, your travels youre going to in and Out of classrooms, this kind of thing and all in like we think that the battery light now heres an interesting thing about the battery life. Actually, so you can, if you pop open the bottom cover and its fairly easy to do its just got a few screws on there. If you pop open the bottom cover, that is where you will, of course, reveal your nvme and your ram and this kind of stuff, but it also has the battery in there, of course, oddly enough, though they like left more space for a bigger battery.

Now we tried to find a um inspiron 14 5000 series that utilized that extra battery space and we couldnt find one so um. I, like dell like planned to have a model with a bigger or faster, bigger, faster, bigger, longer lasting battery, but they just like didnt put it in this one and i guess thats okay, but nevertheless you could find another dell battery aftermarket and mount that in there And probably get somewhere, maybe even in the 16 hour battery mark so anyway, little just the juicy little interesting tidbit that we thought was kind of kind of cool, so uh battery life, eight out of ten okay. As far as some residual notes and comments that i want to make about this laptop, it is a fairly quiet machine under normal operation. You cannot hear it at all. It doesnt make a peep that said when it does start cranking away at some of those hard hitting tasks. The fan will kind of buzz a little bit, but we want to make a big recommendation. Anybody buying any laptop, much less a dell, but specifically these dell laptops. You will want to update your bios and your drivers almost immediately out of the box uh dell and lenovo and hp all of them theyre all guilty of the same thing, but they tend to ship these computers with old images, meaning that, like youre, getting something thats Kind of like just doesnt, have all the latest drivers and things its not optimized.

So if you go to, you click on the support tab and go to download all your latest drivers. Just let the thing do it automatically. Windows 11s update system will also tend to just do it automatically and that will sort of optimize things and make sure that everything sort of is running fast and cool and quiet um. It is. It is a necessity, so stop watching this video for, like one second to go, update your computer, but in that vein the computer itself is just it feels very good in the hands like it is a like all in just a good quality feeling machine. If not a little bit thick and maybe a little bit heavy it just like, it feels good to touch its made out of premium materials. We feel like its going to last a long time and be able to take a beating. So if youre, like somebody that is unkind to your laptops or your computers, and you tend to kind of abuse them a little bit again, if youre a college kid throwing it out into a backpack and its ruffling around with other books and pens and kinds of Getting scratched and stuff, we do think that it is going to last a long time same with the hinges. Everything just kind of feels good and crisp and sturdy um yeah itll patina. Well, i mean dont, you know dont, throw it out of a window, but it will itll build its built, its built good, its good built goodly built.

Who is this computer for? Well, we again, we dont, really think its for, like accountants, uh and just really specifically, because it doesnt have that numpad for data entry um. We also dont really think that it is for gamers or video editors or audio processors. You probably could use this thing. I take that back slightly. You probably could use this thing for like if youre a podcaster, you could use this thing or, like maybe like a mobile audio studio. Then then this would probably do quite well with that usb cio. You can pop in some switches, some microphones and all kinds of fun things to kind of make this thing like an all in little mobile studio. The problem is, is that editing software on on this screen is going to be? Is going to be terrible because you have this low resolution, so the timelines and all the stuff that youre going to be working with effects and things are just going to look really really janky 14 inch form factor, i think, is the best form factor for a Laptop but its just it just they really missed the mark. With this display, we do think that it is probably for like non profits, somebody needing a sort of slightly more premium laptop, and we also think it would be very good for, like travelers and college students as well uh, if we like, crunch all the numbers together, That we did on our one on our like at a 10 scale.

We get basically about a six to six and a half out of ten, and i think that that is a fair number. This laptop costs about 429 bucks when its on sale, maybe about 450. When its not on sale, that is okay, oh, what did i let it lets go back slightly. We want to look at cool shapes on the screen. That is okay value. It is, you know its, so i think i think it its earned its its its thing here. So um, six and a half out of ten thats, a fair number do. Should you go buy one yourself yeah? If you want, like a 14 inch laptop that you can kind of beat up and maybe its like youre sort of your daily driver, why is it? Why is this the start menu up there um then yeah, you know id say its, probably not so bad. Again. 430 bucks – i dont know you decide thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe, were very excited to be bringing you some more videos here really soon were throwing around the idea of doing like a patreon or something like that. Um also, like an ask uh ask your tech segment. Talk tech, talk, people call it tech talk. Basically, you can ask me whatever the hell you want and ill answer it ill ill answer. All your tech questions, um yeah reach out to us in the comments section, send us some love uh.