Like i said this is the budget gaming computer that i’ve mentioned in previous videos uh when i bought it. It came with the i5 with eight gigs of ram and the 1660 ti uh gtx graphics card by nvidia. So this thing is actually pretty decent. Most, the computers in this price range come with the 1650 ti graphics card, so jump in the extra two gigs. With this one um i i thought it was definitely worth it now. This one was priced at best, buy in march of 2020 for about 1200, but was on sale for 9.99, which i think 9.99 was probably more so the price um, but for marketing they made you feel, like you, had a good deal as far as ports go. We got you know our power port, usb type c, um hdmi. We have a usb 3.1 port, a ethernet port with this cool little flappy thing and a headphone microphone jack, nothing really going on in the front. The only thing we have is just some blue trim and uh on the side. Here we have an sd reader right here, uh two usb 2.0 ports and a kensington lock. So um i mean you got a decent amount of ports as far as connecting you know: printer scanner or camera or phone or something um. The back. You got these two exhaust vents and i always thought this thing kind of looked like a vehicle. If you look at it, sort of it kind of looks like these would be the tail lights um, but anyway, this computer is far as speed.

Wise goes, i mean this thing stays current with most games like grand theft, auto. I think i have maxed and it does push about anywhere from 55 to 60 frames, um bread, red redemption – i did have on here, and this thing didn’t do horrible. I had to have the settings around high and we were able to push in the upper 40s to to low 50s for frame rates. Now, as far as the screen goes, this is the 60 hertz screen, unfortunately um, but i mean this thing is pretty fast. I ended up upgrading it to 16 gigs and then i ended up going to 32 because i wanted dual channel um and as far as the temperature wise goes on this thing i mean this thing is: does pretty good? It gets pretty hot right up in here. Um, which i believe the cpu and gpu are right about right about here behind, of course, under all the plastic, um and that’s. What it’s made out of is plastic, so that’s, one of the things that i think makes it a a budget. Pc is the fact that it’s plastic it’s very limited on as far as ports go um. We have slower usb speeds over here. In fact, this side of the screen or this side doesn’t even work right now. It needs to go back to dell, which this thing has been kind of a nightmare since january. If you do a little bit of research on the g3 you’ll notice, uh there’s, probably like 20 different pages of on the dell community – that talks about this hinge – and this is the second hinge that it’s had now and basically what ends up happening is it becomes Weak right in here on the hinge itself and um on the screen assembly inside here it breaks and what ends up happening is this becomes very wobbly.

This thing will lift up and when you go to close it it pops up. So then, on the back right here, all of this jets out this pushes out, and inevitably it uh, pretty much creates to the point where the case or the lid will not close properly for a while, when i was closing it i’d close it and then it Would have a big gap right here and then i’d have to push down um. So we went ahead and used the warranty sent it into dell and i’ve. Seen quite a few people say that dell wouldn’t cover it um or they had to fight through the tooth and nail. I’Ll be honest. I had a very easy experience. I told them that this, i believe, is a design flaw and um yeah. They took the computer, they got it fixed gave it back to me. I had it back within like five six days, uh, so turnaround time was actually pretty good. However, when i got it back, i opened it up and i have an external hard drive put in. They rusted off or somehow the clip that holds the ribbon cable was gone, so i sent it back in and uh they fixed, the ribbon cable got the ribbon back, got the hard drive in and everything is working good. Now until i went to go plug something in on this side and uh now it doesn’t work, so they replaced the screen assembly, the first time, um i’m guessing they just did a whole new screen, because the screen does look a little bit better than the other One um, the colors are a little bit more accurate and they replaced the motherboard and then they replaced the speaker.

So i don’t know why they replaced the speaker. Both speakers were working, so i don’t know if they had just damaged it or or what but um yeah, so they ended up replacing that and honestly. I, the only reason why i wanted a different computer is because this one i have had for over a year and honestly, it it’s a really good computer don’t. Get me wrong. It has the i5 9300 h cpu at 2.4 gigahertz and the 32 gigs of ram um. My only issue with this one is this it’s an i5. I really wanted to go with the i7, but i sacrificed for the i5 versus the i7 at best buy, because i wanted the graphics card that this thing had um or not has but or not had has and honestly. I really can’t complain with the graphics, the graphics look, amazing um, you know for under a thousand dollars. This thing is pretty sweet um. I would say that this is probably a good starting system, because there’s a lot of bare bone options that you can go with, and that was one of the things that i did like about this. Is it a lot of it’s upgradable memory, hard drive, i’ve seen some people actually take out the 60hz panel and put in 144 hertz panel? Some of it looks a little bit uh interesting because they ended up having to change the cable to the motherboard. I believe this uses a 30 pin and they have to go to a 40 pin.

I think i read and then some of the builds i’ve seen that they’ve used electrical tape to kind of seal in the lid. But honestly, i decided that i would just fix this computer up clean it up a bit i’m gon na get it sent back to dell get the site fixed, hopefully, hopefully, they’ll fix it and nothing else will go wrong, but i have a feeling since it’s been The uh let’s see it’s been uh. I think it was mid february. I got it back so about beginning of march. I noticed when this side was out, so yeah it’ll probably end up going back in and then something else will get messed up. Hopefully, not though it does have premium service, so i don’t know if that’s, with a different team than the standard warranty, repair um but yeah, but uh overall. As far as gaming goes on this thing, temperature wise this thing does pretty good uh. When i first got it, it was pushing right around 93 92 um degrees celsius, so i ended up repasting it with some arctic silver and honestly, it lowered the temperatures a couple degrees than we were gaming in the the mid 80s. So i definitely recommend if you’re gon na you know game on it hard look into getting different thermal paste i’m, not really sure about the alienware um. I haven’t really done any research on thermal pasting or anything like that, but uh. This thing doesn’t do too bad and, as you can see here, i do have the terabyte hard drive right there and then the 500 okay, so um, you know most these games up here.

It does amazingly fall guys grand theft auto pretty much all the grand theft auto’s grand theft, auto 5 everything’s on uh max settings, with a exception of like one or two things where it’s lowered a little bit and um need for speed. Hot pursuit actually performed pretty good on max settings. Uh planet coaster has a little bit of a struggle on full setting so it’s down a little bit. It is a pretty high demanding graphical game which you wouldn’t expect of it, but it does take quite a bit. Um all the other games on here pretty much do a pretty decent job trials of mana world of final fantasy. All the tales games that i i have more than just this one, but i mean these work all flawlessly dragon quest works flawlessly um pretty much. The only game that i can’t run on max max settings is doom eternal. I don’t have it installed on here, but red red redemption 2 and need for speed heat were all games that had to be run on either medium or high settings instead of the max max setting. So overall, i really can’t complain like i said this. Computer is really good for anybody, who’s looking to start gaming. Somebody who’s, you know not sure if they want to invest a lot of money into a computer um, maybe you’re new, maybe you’re, switching from console and you want to try gaming on a computer. You know picking up.

One of these is not a bad idea. Um i don’t know if you’d want to get the dell g3 per se, it is really a bare bones system. As far as being able to upgrade and having a really nice processor just make sure you get one with the 1660., i think they even have the 2060s out now or even a 2070 in the g3, but uh one thing i want to make note: this is A horrible horrible design – and i believe this is what also led to the failure of the hinge and by the way, this thing is a fingerprint magnet. The exhaust vents are right here and if you can tell they blow directly onto the screen, so the heat hits. This so this gets fairly warm on both sides, and i believe that is what inevitably caused the hinge: failure and it’s ironic, because it’s only this side of the hinge that fails, that side stays strong, um it’s this side here on the charge port side that that Has a tissue, and so all the ones i’ve seen online. It was this side but uh yeah. This is the doll g3, just a quick review over it and um.