Where was the review on this? Last year? They redid the entire dell xps and it looks gorgeous and theres a 17 inch version now, which i have today, because they just recently upgraded the graphics. They have the latest 11 gen processors and honestly the past year and a half you guys know ive been all about desktop life um the few times that ive needed a laptop ill either go with like the m1 macbook or if i have to edit ill go With my msi creator laptop because i really really enjoyed that but yeah i was like, i think, its time to have a really nice laptop thats thin, but its also performance driven. You know it has that intel i9, the h processor, which means performance right, am i. Why is it taking me so long to here? We go so im just so im so excited for this wow. That was terrible. Im tone deaf and ive been playing a lot of halo, um yeah shout out to millino for sponsoring this video. They are an amazing note, taking tool for creatives. We dont really think linearly right well, its such a great way to brainstorm with images. Video words, whatever is in your brain and im, a big fan of the recent edition of like this unsorted category, where you can basically throw in all of your images, have them right there on the dock, so you can get organizing. You guys know that were doing a few renovations in our condo here and we really had to get some things sorted out in between our kitchen and just a lot of random things here in our big living room that youre not seeing a lot of right now, Because its kind of ugly well, i am doing all of that work in millino, and that is what im sending to our contractors.

I want to make sure there are visuals there are to do lists and its just a great way to not only collaborate with other people, but its also just a great tool to brainstorm on your own and really use it with no limitations. Just whatever is in your brain, just flows out to this beautiful, unlimited canvas. So if you want to check out millinote check out my link in the description below – and we might talk a little bit more about it at the end of the video but lets unbox this new dell xps seven game begin Music. Okay, this is a big boy. I understand i ordered a 17 inch laptop but yeah its huge, its super thin, its great, i guess, im just so used to 15 inch laptops and i havent used a 16 inch macbook in a while. So the the girth of this laptop is a lot, but im super excited to use this test it out because holy smokes. My first impressions of just the 4k display is so gorgeous. The bezels are so minimal, and this is just yeah. Their new design knocked it out of the park. They obviously started with this big change in last years. Iteration of this, the 17 inch model, the biggest difference between the 15 and 17, is the active cooling that it does and im like yeah hey. If i want a laptop that does it all, i want the best cooling right and you guys know.

I have used a lot of dell laptops in the past. This was like my all time, favorite two in one, the xps two on one 13 inch. This is the model from two or three years ago. I think i really got a lot of use out of this guy and it was really weird because last year i had several opportunities to do some more xps reviews, but i got two xps 13. Two in one units in and they both had the same display issues. It was like a lot of flickering it didnt stay consistently bright already. Just using this. A little bit im like okay seems seems better on on the 9710, but i just got kind of over xpss last year that i just didnt review any of them im like get your quality control under control dell, but at the same time, im a huge fan Of dale dale dale dale dell – and you guys know this one. This is the old xps 15 and this is the 15 inch. So you can tell you know it was much more thick. I have the dbrand sticker on here, oh, but this keyboard uh, i mean they. They kept a good keyboard on the 17, but this will forever be my favorite laptop keyboard but yeah with those new dell xps, 13, 2 and ones its just super rare to have the same issue back to back with the same two laptops which indicated to me.

Like oh, this is a serious problem, so i kind of backed off of those devices, and this is my first time back to dell since then and im like dell dont. Let me down you guys know i do a lot of computer videos for creators on this channel and this laptop i actually bought with my own money. I want it to be my laptop if all things go well, if not ill, just sell it or try to return it. I dont know um, but yeah laptops computers. Companies will either hey. Do you want this computer and ill send it to you? And i say yes or no: i either buy it with my own money or sometimes videos are sponsored, and so this video is kind of just a raw and real first impressions and well see if this laptop will be my dream laptop because thats, what im kind Of counting on when i bought this, so this sku was three thousand dollars total, including tax. Now it has the latest 11th gen i9 processor. It has the latest and greatest rtx 3060, and then i didnt go all out with the ssd or the ram, because those are the easiest things to upgrade with this laptop. Yes, you can still upgrade things, so you just unscrew the back and i have an entire upgrade video that i did for the xps 15.. So if i really dig this laptop im just going to buy some more ram and storage online and upgrade it that way because its its too expensive to do it with dell.

So we have 512 gigabytes of ssd and then also only 16 gigs of ram. And then we have the 4k touch panel, which im such a big fan of 4k touch screens im, currently installing all of my applications im going to get some proper work done on this laptop and then ill be back with all of my first impressions im. Looking at the camera, does this laptop look as big as it feels? Oh, my gosh, why does it feel so? I guess im just not used to it. Ive been using a lot of 15 inch laptops or again two at once, but lets get into it. Lets talk ports on the 9710, there are four usbc thunderbolt, 4 ports. You have two on one side and two on the other. But what is that you see? Oh, i mean on this side an sd card slot, so four usbc an sd card slot and a microphone, jack and theyre kind enough to include a dongle here that has a usb type, a and an hdmi and the usbc cable, just kind of tucks. In on the back here, which is so kind of them, i think my dream absolute dream. Port situation would be this, but just with an added usb type a or they would replace one of the usbcs with an a, but i cant have it all guys. I i you know ill take this ill, take this and you can charge with the 130 watt charger on any of these usbc ports.

So you have variety. You have options on what side that your charger goes into, and the fact that these are all thunderbolt 4 are amazing for hooking it up to external displays, having multiple displays. Okay. So when i purchase this dell xps 17 97 10, it was honestly because were going on a five day, vacation uh very soon next week, and i just wanted to make sure this sounds silly, but that i had a laptop that was slim easy to bring around, Which you know this is a little bit heavier than i thought i should have. I was kind of naive with a 17 inch size, but something that could game a little bit because, honestly, even if im around nature um, you know somewhat of a vacation to me. Just means gaming im getting way back into halo and im, just so excited for halo, infinite, but im having so much fun, just playing the mcc right now, so that, but also editing uh. You know it did well in resolve. I started editing this video, which im filming on my a7s3 with 4k uh xavchs420 10bit. If you watch my a7s3 video, we went through the different codecs, but basically that kodak is like the second to hardest for a machine to get through and with resolve. It did a great job and obviously, in that video i covered premiere. So i did do some testing in premiere with this, but i i just dont, have expectations for premiere to do anything good with a7s3 footage its just like yeah, just dont uh dont.

Do it? If you can avoid it um, if you can use resolve or final cut, if you have an a7 s3 thats, what i would recommend thats why i switch to resolve obviously im still in premiere for some things, so this computer is very capable of that and when Gaming in halo, it was a lot of fun. It looks great. I mean this display im kind of wild like this is a gorgeous gorgeous display. It actually makes gaming on a laptop like seem very immersive all right here we go im gon na do terribly, but fans are definitely going. Oh okay got the first time that i died out. The way got him: okay, our team clearly sucks. Okay, if im the second highest, kill thats, how you know the team is terrible, you know, can you no? Okay? Oh got him. Oh dang, dude nice. That was a nice snipe. I love this level. You can like float its so fun and i just died. You get a good shot and then you die alright guys. Seven kills not my worst okay. So basically what you just watched, the graphics was original, all like very normal 60 frames per second. Basically, it felt weird in the beginning, because all of my settings were on default and i usually use a higher look sensitivity, so lets just play it one more time. Just over a time. Oh, okay, wow this is starting off really bad die.

Die die, die. Okay, so i threw a grenade at you and youre, not gon na die. Is that really where were at okay? But these guys are so good? Okay, he just headshotted me yeah get up, get him, get him get him! No! Even when i had the hammer, halo is a funny game, youre, confident one game and the next youre just getting absolutely slaughtered. Oh my god, all right, i just want one kill on this game. Im doing so miserably bad one person. Here we go guys. I got one kill. I would like to thank my mother and my fiance john whats up john, thank you for allowing me to get to this moment to get one halo, kill: okay, good game, good game, okay, okay, so it looks so good. It looks really crisp. I think its gon na be really great for just gaming on the go low key gaming, because you know i am understanding now ive always said 60 frames per second is fine, its good enough, but i can understand why people want more, and i think i might Invest in a higher frame per second monitor for my pc setup in there um thatd be cool because ive never had that, because ive never gamed as much as i as i am right now. I dont want this to turn into a video like i bought a del x fiesta game, because that would be kind of absurd, but just showing that you can do a lot with it.

I dont expect to like also stream from this, while im gaming. However, if i see a future where i can open up obs and actually stream with this guy thats, when that extra ram would come in handy order, the 64 gigs replace that myself so im gon na think about that. But overall, first impressions, im like cool yeah like performance, is really great. This trackpad feels amazing and i just have to get used to how big it is, because this is like macbook level size, big and im, just not used to that. The clicking is very soft, which i like i like a soft touch instead of a hard touch, um and the keyboard is going to take a little bit getting too used to um. It just feels like the keys are like too spread out if that makes sense, but ill get used to it. The travel is nice, its not as good as my xps 15 from three four years ago and the the biggest surprise was the speakers. The speakers sound. So good like they are so crystal clear, it is the first time in a while that i have a windows laptop and right out of the box. The speakers and the sound are amazing and they dont need to be tweaked a lot of times. Uh oems will basically use like max audio pro or like a third party audio program where you have to go in and like oh wait, i i see it here.

Actually this does have wave max audio pro, so maybe thats whats making it sound good. But a lot of the times thatll make it sound like echoey or whatever and ill have to like uninstall it and change um. The settings which hold on i didnt do a headphone test. Yet let me plug in headphones, real, quick, okay, when i plugged in the headphones guess what program popped up the max audio pro, oh god, im just gon na go to like a normal like a podcast, no yeah, it sounds terrible. Okay, im glad! I checked that. So, basically max audio pro. Does this thing where, when you plug in earphones, it sounds like theres, this weird echo like theres, reverb theyre, basically like oh, it sounds so good because it makes it makes your audio sound, big. No okay, okay, see i in previous uh dell laptops and i think, like one other oem uses, it ive never felt sad about like going through the trouble of uninstalling it because the speakers really didnt sound good either. So hopefully that doesnt mess with the speakers. But okay, so youre definitely going to want to uninstall max audio pro so thats the thing and as were getting, i guess into the negatives because ive said so many nice things about this laptop classic dell and the the display is super saturated. Even when youre watching normal youtube videos, you put your iphone right next to the screen. The difference is night and day and iphones are a good kind of like you know, theyre not perfect in terms of calibration, but in terms of who is viewing your content.

Guess what its a lot of phones, its a lot of iphones so thats, a good kind of like standard to judge by oh! This is something that has been a dell thing for a while, and that was the biggest issue with my xps 15.. So im literally gon na have to go watch an old video of mine to figure out how to color calibrate this correctly again and uh im im so lazy. I feel like i dont want to do that. All right. I havent tested out the webcam and audio. Yet on this xps 17. um and honestly, this is the best case scenario. We have a 120d in front of me and also just the the very warm and inviting light of the texas 100 degree weather sun. That was a great sense. Sarah um, okay, listen as i spent more time with this laptop. I would say four days since weve talked im kind of over it. Let me explain im slightly disappointed so, as you can tell the performance of this guy from playing halo at 4k, 60 frames per. Second, to editing sony a7s3 4k footage in resolve and exporting a 10 minute 4k video. In three minutes. Amazing i mean like i am not complaining about the performance, its kind of like everything else, so the keyboard is fine, like i said its a little bit more spaced out than im used to, but i would get used to that. Ive been using the thinkpad keyboard and even the old dell xps 15.

I like more so theres, better windows, keyboards out there right weve covered the audio and how that situation is kind of weird, but this freaking trackpad guys. I was like okay theres, no way that im going to be the people like in the forum who are having issues a lot of people are actually having issues with it, but i had it got me. It got me basically like 10 to 15 of the clicks that i do just doesnt register on the trackpad, so ill be sitting here clicking if you just touch youll, be fine. The way i rest my hand on a trackpad which i think is kind of normal is ill just be like going like that and then ill click down here and the bottom left hand corner. If i get too close to the corner, the click just doesnt happen and then sometimes when im like swiping or just doing my normal track pad controlling a mouse right thats. What trackpads supposed to do? Sometimes it just wont register even swipes, which is like dell. You built this beautiful, huge trackpad that is so great when it works when it works. So, basically, my conclusion is what a powerful laptop. I love the ports, the full sd card, amazing, but when you have these things that cater to content creators who do this full time, but then you have just like very normal things that dont work and then you have the screen that is over saturated and you Have to go through the hoops of color calibrating it when i was in uh davinci resolve in lightroom testing things out, editing photos, editing, videos that becomes a problem because then you cant color grade, because you dont know what its actually going to look like.

Once. You export it and what other people will see so its just like hell. Why youre like youre so close to creating the perfect laptop, but for me its a miss just because im, either gon na, have to contact them and get this fixed or im just gon na return it so yeah? I was gon na. Do a part two video of this on like a long term review, but now i dont even wan na mess with it because, like oh, no, i dont know what more to say. So i really wanted this video to be the most positive thing ever um. You know going off of my two in one experience i was like okay, this is the dell laptop thats gon na its gon na make everything better, but it ended up. Not being that, usually i, like my videos to stay positive, so i apologize its not the most positive uh rundown of this laptop okay. So guys, let me know what you thought of this video, also, if youre an xps user, give me a comment down in the comment section below. How has your experience been because i really feel like these computers are just so close to being perfect. They were the first line of windows, laptops that i switched to when i switched from mac like four to five years ago. It was a while now um, so yeah. Let me know – and thank you so much milano for sponsoring this video.

It is such a great way to get your ideas and projects into like a visual board, its a very visual program and, like i said its, really helped me visualize, saying that words so much visualize our renovation with our condo and its been a really fun process And the right tools just makes that a blast so whether its a home project, whether its you making videos all of your beautiful creative endeavors, because i know you guys – are creative, well check out millino. My link is in the description below.