I hope you’re well in this episode, i’m going to be looking at my new toy, the dell 2722de um, which is a new monitor that has teams functionality built in or teams peripherals built into it. Um i’ve got one here, so i’ll show you all about it when i think about it and we’ll, try it out with teams so stay tuned. So this is a kind of slightly new class of device. I guess the world of covet 19 means that people are more looking for peripherals to work at home with teams, and the idea is let’s. Take a screen and they’ll make lots of screens let’s put into it. Webcams speakerphones, all of that kind of stuff. To give you a an all in one kind of device, dell make three models um actually on here you can see that there are there’s a 34 inch curved ultra wide 27 inch and a 24 inch. The one i’ve got is the 27 inch um it’s, the one i always tend to go for the one that sits in the middle of most things: it’s, not cheap, i would say so, 443 plus that it was 520 after then um. You might wonder you know this isn’t sponsored i’ve bought this device. If you want to why, i can buy these sorts of things, i work with a great company in evernote and we get a allowance each year to buy tech that we can play with and get used to and become technology or we can use it for all Sorts of other things like gym memberships, but that’s the thing that we want.

Okay, so um let’s jump in. Let me show you i’ll, give you a tour and you can see what it’s like right. So here it is any conventional screen. It’S 1440p 27 inch. Um 4040p is that sort of resolution between 1080p hd and 4k, so think of it, as maybe 3k, in between the two so higher than normal, but not as big as a 4k monitor um it’s, a nice screen, i mean all screens, have pretty nice screens these Days quite nice, narrow bezels around on here, you know they’ll always do a good job of a for the infinity edge display, um and other than that it’s. A well well rounded, well compatible screen. Now, in terms of what that means here, it is it’s running as a hub effectively for my laptop so plugged into this. Is my keyboard and mouse there’s an ethernet port in the back. So my my network comes into this as well and then the other proof rules i want and connects to my laptop by a single usbc. So this is what’s powering that screen adjusted that one connection, so the usbc is then providing all of the functionality. And then i can sit here using a regular keyboard and mouse no problem moving stuff around that screen screw. My mouse is on but it’s on, one of them at the moment, um the other trick that it’s got up its sleeve it’s, actually got a display port out as well.

What that means is, i can take the feed out of there and plug it into another. Monitor so here excuse me: around i’ve got a 4k screen which i’ve daisy chained off this as the uh as the hub. Still just that one cable, my there’s, my mouse goes. I can go all the way around from ones to the other, so you know single device single set of power going into charging my laptop single keyboard and mouse. All of that fired into that one place now, one other trick. I wanted to show you, which is which is kind of pretty cool if you’ve got this requirement, so let me just adjust some cabling um just to mention the stand. Nice solid stand, lots of height adjustment swivel, all that kind of stuff, and you can twist it now why you might want to put this into 1080 into vertical mode. I don’t think you would but it’s usually going to get the plugs, and what i’m going to do here is i’m just going to plug in the hdmi on my other desktop pc and i’m plugging in the um usb a it’s also connected to that desktop. P3. Music, now what that means is that effectively it’s got two sources of inputs: it’s got the usbc usba and they can be associated with the inputs, so, while it’s using the hdmi, it sends those things the keyboard and mouse gets sent through to my desktop pc.

I can then use it as a kvm and switch it back to the laptop. So if i do well, i’ll end it to that inside. The dell display manager it’s now going to switch across a few seconds for the laptop to realize that wakes up and it’s back on the laptop powering both screens the reason, the desktop didn’t power but screens it’s hdmi doesn’t support that if i had display pool, then It would work, but i don’t so what it is. So in terms of a monitor, you know, there’s, not a lot more. You could wish for a monitor to be able to do than what’s possible through this device and i’m, certainly expecting it to simplify my overall desk layout when i get it all sort of sorted out here properly. So in terms of teams what’s good about it. From a team’s point of view, well, this device is certified by microsoft as a teams device, and it has all the peripherals you need for teams built into it. So, firstly, the camera microphone they’re, actually hidden away slide up here as a little dongle, just slides out the top of it it’s quite nice that you can push that out the way when you’re not moving that’s effectively your privacy control, it mutes the microphones and turns The camera off, obviously, when it’s slid in no chance of seeing you it’s hidden inside the device, um that’s, also why you’d never rotate this? Yes, you could maybe have a camera on the side.

I’M, not sure how you twist the videos around to make it all make sense, but it may be possible um down the bottom here this extra bit on the bottom it’s part of the screen. It looks like a sort of sound bar attached to the device it’s covered in fabric um and it’s got the speakers inside it and down here on the very far left, see we’ve got the call controls you’d normally have for teams meeting the teams button that’s. What would bring the team’s client to the front? It’S not already we’ve got the hang up button, and so you can answer a call with that volume up and down and mute. So i can press these buttons and you can see that they light up and they function and they control my team’s client directly for it so that’s. My experience so now let’s go on and let’s have a look at what it looks like to the other side and we’ll start by having a look at the quality of the web camera so i’m. Just going to press that themes button on the display you see it goes my teams, client straight away onto the screen and i’m just going to jump straight into a meeting here now. If i look at the settings in this meeting, you can see that i’m using the the screen, the 272, as both my echo, cancelling speakerphone um and microphone, and the dell rgb webcam monitor let’s join this meeting 80 seconds for me for teams to wake up on A sunday morning, um and actually the you know, the quality of the image um outbox um here inside teams is, is okay, um it’s a little dark at the moment um.

But how can i compare? How do i nourish those? So let me show you there’s that bring up this is just obs and what i’m showing you here is comparing the um monitor webcam against my previous webcam, the logitech c930, as a webcam i’ve had for years, um, pretty much bomb proof sort of webcam that been Around for years, um now in terms of the quality of the two of them, uh he’s a little dark darker in the 272, but it is actually a little darker inside the inside. The room here logitech is better at handling what you do or is it better? It means it brightens the image, but if you look, the tones on my face are quite weird: i actually actually lighten the room, so i’ve got um fancy lights. I can turn on that. Give me a better uh, a better environment. You can see there um. If you look at this now, really i think the dell is ahead of the logitech. You know the logitech colors do look sort of weird and pasty. Maybe i do look good in pastry i’m, not entirely confident that it’s, not my problem, though at least the dell makes me look slightly better um in terms of the. If you look at the angle, there they’re pretty much the same um. The logitech is slightly wider field of view, i think it’s 90 degrees. I think the dell is maybe 80 degrees, but really not gon na make any kind of significant difference.

Um, so yeah pretty pretty pretty pleased with the monitor you might want to tweak it slightly. Uh slightly increase the the gain on the image is quite useful. It does have a slightly annoying habit of adjusting its auto brightness while i’m moving around. I think it’s water exposure is the setting control um and you can turn that off in obs, but you can’t easily turn that off through into teams um, but either way. You know, it’s looking fairly reasonable. Now now check the sound to show you how well it picks up um on audio something for me as a listener. It sounds perfectly good. You know, it’s it’s got nice speaker, it sounds fine. You know it’s quite hard in teams for anything to not sound, particularly fine um, but really what’s it like for the other side. So what i’ll do now is i’m going to throw you over onto another machine, so you’re listening to me and i’ll broadcast to you through teams. So this is you listening to me through the at the dell 2722’s built in microphones, um it’s a little bit echoey. I mean largely that’s, because my room is a little bit echoey. You know i could do with some softer things in here to try and absorb some of the sound, maybe a match on my desk some carpet stuff like that um, but let’s, see how this compares. So what i’ve been using up until now has been this thing, so a sennheiser sp20, quite an old thing now, they’ve now sp30s um but it’s been a pretty good speakerphone.

Let me switch on to that one so that right so now you listen to me through the um to the sp 20.. You can see the sound is pretty much the same. There’S really nothing to determine between them. Actually, what i’ve found compared to using the sp 20 is that it’s quite a quite refreshing, to have the audio actually coming out of the screen rather than out of the pub, and it feels sort of oh that’s, new and different um final test. Just to prove you know, let me try with the headset um i’ve got an old poly um black wire, 520 and that’s. Now me speaking on the black wire 520, you see, headsets do tend to sound different or sound better because they are. The microphone is just that much nearer to your face, so um that’s. What let me go back to the original there. We go so that’s the that’s. The experience for someone who’s watching me let’s now have some something up. So there you have it um, pretty good. I’M quite happy with it um it’s, expensive, 500. Quid for a monitor is it’s, nothing, nothing to be sniffed out, but it is a slightly higher resolution than most it’s now that 1440p uh resolution with all those other bits added into it as well. So if you took the price of a of a standard 1440p monitor, you add on maybe 100 quid for a webcam, another 100 quid for a speakerphone to kind of go with it, yeah it’s sort of that sort of price range um anyway um.

I hope you found this useful um. I hope you found it interesting. Let me know what you think um and i’ll be into that. Obviously this is now mine, so you know i’ll be using this from now on um, as i learn more about it, as i use it more um if there’s stuff, that i find that’s sort of super different i’ll, bring it back and i’ll show you um. I have had it for a few days now, i’ve been using it in real life in teams, meetings and it’s. You know it’s working just as i’d like it to so. I hope you found this useful.