So this has been a year of development. Yes, what? Oh, my God, a surprise sketch pack its got everything so including alcohol markers for grayscale shading, really incredible pens. Oh my God. Look at that difference in line waves. Oh, I love it a particularly fun one that I hadnt discovered until researching, for this is the the water pen combined with liquid graphite. So on some of that, you get a case. Yes, the inside that is made to perfectly fit all of the contents. So all of the pens will fit in there, including the markers all the miscellaneous, refills erasers, sharp and all that stuff goes in. There pencils go there and then youve got some sketchbooks, so weve got the yes custom, drawing Sketchbook. This is the dry media Sketchbook. Oh a guide to sketching, and then this is a mixed media, so if youre doing the liquid graphite or if you do any gouache or watercolor yeah, this is the book to do that in its got a little and the pages are removable yeah. So this is for you all to have a play with you. Oh my God were back to the few Back to the Future. Oh my God shes having a baby. So you know, congratulations, yeah, thats very exciting! I know so lets jump into it. Shall we all right Alicia? Do you want to get started, so I just basically took every single pen and pencil everything that was in the brush pack and just did a few scribbles and working out how it looks in text how it looks as shading.

I love what you did there with the new one I did. This is my boyfriends dog. His name is Zeke the cutest thing that you would ever see, but hes also gigantic and um yeah yeah. All right now tell us about the bloody dog. With this portrait. I really found that using um the colored pencils underneath the sketch was really cool because you could get these really cute, like these really small bits of red that just like shine. I was gon na not show this, but this is like show all the stuff thats. The thing its really important that people know that scribbles are are as much part of any Sketchbook as the the thing you flick through and go. Oh my God that looks like an amazing piece. You have to have the scribbles chain page um, not knowing like forgetting how to use pencils and very gradually just remembering through play, but yeah, just like trying to reorientate myself with yeah pencils and paper, and then I kind of just jumped into like faces. I really like just again, I cant believe that youd have a little experience with markers because you look like someone whos been using them for a long time. I hated the skin tones yeah, like I think I was saying this to you before, but like um. Using these markers and having a more limited, color palette was like really like, took a lot of pressure out of it like decisions that might give you a bit analysis like yeah didnt happen.

For me, I was just able to just jump in brings the journey to life just as much in my opinion, and then I like actually tried like a character pace and it like worked really well, and I also finished with the um. You can kind of just see, I guess the white gel pen, sorry isnt, that funny the that the white gel pen is one of those things where, like its a garnish use, just a little bit thats all you need – and it goes oh yeah, yeah and thats – Where were starting so thats pretty crazy, because you guys have just mucked around in your spare time, but now weve got a couple of days in studio to really dive into it very exciting. How did you approach your double Alicia? I started off for the spirit basic shape, just to sort of try out the the graphite pencils. I wanted to try a few of the different markers like the Chisel one and the brush one and a few of the ones that I didnt really get to do. Just trying to become a bit more looser with my my brush Strokes, I love that little doggy yeah, I drew a little like crazy. Looking dog, I thought it was pretty cute. We were talking about like having like graphic shapes for like hair and first yeah and Im, trying to try to do that and try to do less of a blended marker style and more of a 3D yeah like a style shaded did you slightly? Did you lightly sketch and pencil where the shading would go and fill that in? I did okay, I could.

I could see that, and it actually adds a really nice sharpness to the edge of the shading. It looks really cool. Ah thanks that was unintentional, um yeah. I was a bit precious with this one, so I had to I just wanted to like pencil it in before I committed to anything I played around with some shapes and um so yeah, then I started doing a few um thumbnails and ideas for my dive. So this is what youre thinking of like diving into tomorrow: yeah yeah love, it all right, double time with Morgan. Well, you moved over today, okay, I thought it was like been obsessed with the the markers. So I came in here, and I hadnt touched this and then you showed the liquid graphite off yeah and I was like okay. It is one of those things as soon as you see it, working right there. Okay, I want to play with it like this yeah. I never thought to use pencils like that. Ever yeah yeah tried watercolors like a handful of times when I was younger, like you know, a kid didnt work for me, but then it looked so easy when you did it. This is a perfect place to start and you can yeah take what you learned with this and move on to watercolors yeah like it would inform that perfectly, but I tried, like some yeah characters dude. I love your like the Warped proportions like character.

What do you call caricature style, but its yeah like its not quite caricatures its like really accentuated character, features? What is why whats your approach there whered? You learn that thats, what its really cool a lot of it comes from watching uh and just observing art and artists do a similar approach and it just looked really fun it also. Just for me, like it, helps capturing like a gesture like a movement like if you can just pull someones face literally in that direction like its like plague, yeah exactly and yeah. At least you tried uh with her dog picture, just the red like sketch and just drawing straight over it. I felt like it just made everything pop a little bit like. I still havent really worked out a way that I want to kind of use it, but I dont know like it was really fun to play with. It still looks cool um and then something terrible all right. So take us through this next monstrosity. What was going through your head when you started during this, I I dont know no, I literally just drew a line and I was like yeah, I dont know like um. The pose was just really fun, and then I also just I dont know why it needed to be a skull like vomiting like smoke. It just did it had yeah. It was calling to you yeah. I totally get it. I think as well. The oh and this one, the orange really like, worked quite a while, like sort of like gives it some.

I dont know its almost like uh kind of looks like glasses. I was just gon na say its like a three day effect. I might even it could. Even be cool to experiment with the blue, oh yeah, this was just like planning stuff for tomorrow, but I dont know I dont think Ill use this its the sifting that actually makes you a better artist. Its. Like my shame, page yeah, you dont hide the shape. This is all about. Everyones got a shame its fine and you can find your shame page, but also become a better artist and have a lot of fun exploring by checking out the link in the description go to Oh doesnt that look bloody doesnt that look high quality. Oh my God check this out what this is so worthwhile, but for real guys. This has been in development for a year now and its been a real passion. Project Ive had a lot of people on the behind the scenes, sort of feeding back and involved in what are the best choices, because at the end of the day, when I make something like this, it has to be the absolute best curation of things that I Possibly can make its also the most custom thing Ive ever made like this. The custom sketchbooks the completely hand designed case that it all comes with and protects it all in and its really really premium quality Jazzs Pro sketch pack is a premium and extremely carefully curated.

Everything you need from start to finish sketch pack, including a sketch guide for those of you who feel a little at sea or maybe want to start learning how to draw on how to figure out your ideas. But dont really have the confidence, especially when putting a mark on paper feels pretty permanent. It can be a little overwhelming. So there is a handmade guide by Yours Truly in there to take you through the process and through all of the mediums and the ways that you can use them together, theres over 200 worth of Premium professional illustration and sketching materials in the sketch pack and as Yours for 99, and for a limited time this is only going to be sold for about a month, so get one while you can, and whilst stocks are available, that was just dead Apple. We have a whole day of diamond to get into so lets, get into it its the next day and Im here with special guests, Alicia and Morgan over to you Alicia. So this is my dive. I knew I wanted to do like a horse and I wanted to get some like chunky sort of fur texture. So I added the wings. I just added a cute little character as well, so I started with the blue construction pencil for like my initial sketch, just because I knew I wanted to add some red later, and I thought it would be nice having like the two colors and then I did Like a more refined sketch with the mechanical pencils, because I knew I wanted to use the liquid graphite pencils, but if I added lines like the mechanical pencils would stay where they are.

Yes, so um, I used a combination of the two and then once all the the lines done, I started with the liquid graphite, pencils, yeah and I just blocked out some, like Shadow shapes. What did your Vibe feel like working on this as opposed to your sort of rough and more experimental sketches, because this is a really delicate and refined result like its really polished so like? How do you switch your approach and what? How are you approaching this one? I think I was. I was a little bit precious with this one. Before I would do anything with a liquid graphite pencil. I would do it with the blue stitching pencil just to make sure I 100 liked it yeah. It was 100, so I was being very, very precious about it, which did take me quite a while in comparison to my my dabbles, but I think it really paid off. In the end, I think it looks incredible. Youve done a fantastic job. Oh, I know I just realized there: Blades of grass yeah theyre huge yeah. I love that thats. So good well done. Yeah thats great its interesting seeing the touches of colors when people think about sketching usually think about the graphite sketching ink is, can also sort of be further or whatever but like when you get into markers and then color pencils as well. I think its pretty liberating as well like there were times where I was thinking of using the green to like color in the grass.

But then I thought like thats, not really what these are made for, like theyre sort of theyre, very subtle and theyre very light. Thats a really interesting point actually because it kind of highlights one of the. I guess the subconscious purposes of it is directing attention yeah and if you did that, my attention would be pulled away to the grass yeah. But by doing it the way youve done it. The the red that brings to life the characters faces actually, in fact even the blue is most prevalent in the horse, yeah um and the car and the character, and then the red is sort of like even more subtle but more Central to where your attention goes. So it works really well, not so much as a literal guide, but as a an attention guy yeah. That was totally intentional. Thank you. Well done, Morgan, okay. What rhymes with the morning I was trying to organ this morning, busted out this little thumbnail yeah. That was sort of like inspired by one at the moment I sort of like aside from twerking demons. This is like the demon picture. Ive shown you before that Ive done in my spare time. I just yeah witches demons like theres, something about its like the inkiness of it. Its almost like a tattoo thing, yeah to me like just makes me want to draw like sharp, like angular sort of yeah, very Graphics, graphic sort of things um and those shapes to me like just pull me towards tattoos stuff, and I just wanted to draw a Cute lady, so you started, we started with the chemical pencil yeah practicing with it yesterday and last week and stuff.

I found that, like the more construction and planning you do once youve got everything laid out and you know where everything needs to be youre, basically coloring in yeah much more playful. When youve got a nice sort of road map after the mechanical, I actually rubbed it all down, went in with the orange construction pencil theyre, pushing yeah that pushing through the markers gave it a bit of like energy in life, yeah, yeah and so then got the Construction pencil in there moved on this was something that cat actually told us to do. You get like the lightest marker you can and just Mark when I was doing this black shiny material marking all that in first with the gray. Ah, I see gave me like sort of something I could sort of just Trace over. It was like going in with straight black is like terrifying. Yes yeah, you can very easily stuff it up, thats a great idea about doing a practice. One yeah there you go cat is in this video. I do like its a probably a good moment to just interrupt and say congratulations cat. She has had a big for baby boy, but obviously she couldnt join us uh, shes, otherwise occupied. But we said weve said to her our best wishes and Im sure you do too. Anyway, as you were, as I was okay, yes, so then, once I got all that in I got a rough idea of the colors and I went in with the the brush brush pen brush the big long one big long one.

Yes, how much of the piece was that was it all of it, because theres quite some theres, quite detailed areas I actually use brush one, and then there was it was a flex liner. It might have been yes, yeah yeah, so good plaster tips yeah. So so good for the um just fire lines, it still has like a bit of the sort of sweepy like line weight, variation, exactly um, and then I actually ended up using the construction, pencils again and sort of just like yeah. I was gon na walk that out the way youve sort of like youve shaded, the skin in the warmer Grays and a lot of the rest in the cool grays and then youve gone in and highlighted or shattered, shattered, actually youve extension Shadows with the red red On the warm Grays and blue on the cool grays yeah, which is really interesting because its not like youve colored in the piece per se, not really, and yet the whole thing feels like a finished colored piece. You know what I mean like its like, really showing how you can take a sketch to the level where it feels like a full final illustration that you dont need none. Yes, alcohol, markers or pencils. Yeah you can yeah, you can achieve something that looks finished and its stylistic, but it looks complete yeah the little bits of blue as well its incredible. Your style is phenomenal and thank you. I tend to be quite heavy handed in the line weight Department myself.

So I really appreciate that uh that we can share that in common, its really cool it looks sick and the pose itself is like the fact that it boasts yeah so much and that the way the legs sort of turn out and you can see the bottom Of the boot yeah, but the front of the face yeah its so cool Ive, tried to do that a lot, and this is maybe the first time actually it works, and I cant believe I did it on paper: yeah yeah, no one, no control! Yeah! I mean your digital work is incredible, but theres, something very visceral and kind of uh earned about oh an artwork on paper, yeah, well, thats, so cool to hear, because its incredible to see very nostalgic as well. Yes, it actually brought up a lot of stuff that Ive kind of Forgotten from like going to art school but its like yeah. It took me right back and I was like I definitely had a point, some of those teachers. This was so cool you guys. This is amazing, I hope you enjoyed the packs absolutely but its so its been such a treat to see if you use it Im, keeping them forever. You know what Ill be keeping forever our patrons. I hope I am because we love our patch. Actually, we uh Weve since the New Year released a patron schedule that were keeping to and having a lot of fun doing so theres a whole bunch of bonuses.

If you want more tutorialist content, thats all on patreon, so go check it out and support us. It helps make our videos possible and were eventually going to upgrade our set, and that will be things to patreon. There was a stage where Morgan was like. Oh, I wish the sketch pack had like a gray fine line up, and I was like just use the other side of this everything. So it really has everything that you thats, amazing, Im, so glad thats great to hear – and I guess thats the reminder go check. It out links in the description, its limited edition and only available for three or four weeks so get it. While you can absolutely thanks for watching everyone thanks a lot of my love heart and the face youre gon na.