Actually, this has set in a garage for a while was owned by somebody else who wasn’t the viewer, but the viewer more or less inherited the system and it’s in need of a deep cleaning, as you can tell it’s quite old as well. But some of you have pointed out that you’re fans of these kinds of cases and you’re disappointed you don’t see these cases on the market. You know much at all anymore, so i’m gon na make it a point in this video to not upgrade the case. We’Ll upgrade something else in this system but i’m going to try my best to revive this case, keep it alive for the sake of being old school because old school is is hip. Now i guess to get rid of that. Annoying activation watermark hop on over to vip std key and purchase a windows 10 pro oem key for fractions of the price of retail. Just use a secure payment method like paypal, receive your key in seconds and activate your os here. Bye, bye, watermark and be sure to use our new offer code skgs for a sweet discount. So what we have inside many of you wanted to know the specs of the system before we start cleaning things up. This is actually talked about in a previous video. If you haven’t seen that you can check it out up here, it’s, an athlon, x4, 860k, so quite old, believe it’s, an a68 hm motherboard, a single eight gig, stick of ddr3 1600 megahertz, an r7 360 2gb graphics card and a measly 350 watt holy sh power Supply, so this is actually a pre built from a company called cybertron, pc, not sure if they’re still in business, i haven’t heard of them lately, but they put a really cheap power supply in here.

This is pretty typical. A lot of pre built companies out there. Unfortunately, this will be the one thing that we definitely upgrade might upgrade something else, so it’s gon na be pretty difficult on this old platform. I don’t have many uh parts to to swap out here. I had talked to the viewer about completely replacing the platform. Of course, he was okay with that uh, but i’m, still talking with some vendors trying to get them to send things. I don’t want to hold this pc for two weeks waiting for parts to arrive uh, so we might have to skip out on that. Nonetheless, he will have a clean system and that’s definitely a step in the right direction, speaking of which let’s run through the cleaning gear. I know i do this every episode but i’m going to make it really quick from now on. Just so new viewers kind of see roughly what we use to get these systems looking spotless again, so we have gloves a few people made fun of me for wearing gloves. But if you, if you’ve ever worked around dirty systems, it doesn’t really make sense to not work. Well, especially if you have kids at home, i have a knock off. I fixed the tool kit. Pretty much has everything we need to take apart, graphics, cards, coolers, everything down to bare board, bear cooler, etc. Q tips, precision, q tips i like to mix these with the isopropyl alcohol get the small spaces, especially on boards themselves.

These really help there, and then i also have an electric duster. Ah that sound never gets old. This thing has anti static, bristles on it, so i can brush boards and things without worrying about damaging those components as long as i’m, not like super aggressive with it. Of course, am i missing anything i don’t think so. Maybe some shop towels or paper towels, something to clean large flat surfaces. Are we ready to clean, i hope so? Music, so Music blind eyes in the darkness frail hands reaching out sort of causing the smoke as the doors behind me close no cure for the madness. Each turn, tangled in the fear of losing sight of the slowly fading light where every passage ends: Music, you’re, Music, all right. So this was our first aio we’ve cleaned so far on the playlist. It really wasn’t. So bad um, you just use the shop towels and some isopropyl get up that you know any stains. You have on the exterior and the frame of the radiator and then take some hot water and run that through the fins you see the fins on this one. Here, i’ll get it close, get my face out of the shot, so it focuses the fins look really good. Considering how old this system is, this aio is actually in great shape, so i’m really glad we were able to restore this there’s. Still a bit of water trapped in the fins i’ve been blowing it out with the electric blower but i’m gon na.

Of course, let this sit overnight, anything that i wet with water. I allow to dry overnight just to be on the safe side. Most of the water is, of course out of here, but you want the rest of that to evaporate before we obviously put it back in the system. Again so aio is finished. We’Ve got to clean the fans, then we have. The storage drives uh actually it’s. Just one storage drive the hard drive, we have the optical drive and then the graphics card, we’ll fully disassemble that here in a second Music you’re Music do Music, you, Music and all right. We’Ve got everything clean again, we’re going to start first with reassembling the case we’ll get all the wiring set back up. This is actually a pretty intricate case, despite it being fairly old, uh we’re gon na get this together and then we’ll reassemble the graphics card, install the motherboard cpu ram, all that good stuff we’ll power it on and make sure that it posts, Music, you’re Music, must Music, you’re, Music, all right and now we’re going to try to boot up the system. I believe everything is wired correctly switch that power supply switch on power button is here uh. I should probably plug in the power supply. First. Okay, i think we’re ready flip, that on power button is here all right sounds good. The pump and the io is working it’s concerned about that still good to go there.

Both fans are working and we have a post all right folks, pretty much all we need to see as long as it boots up as long as our drives are detected, which i’ll verify in a second uh that’s, really all i’m worried about. I want to make sure the system is working when i give it back to the customer or the viewer. Yes, it’s kind of a customer it’s not really a paying customer, but still so with this system, only a few things were changed. First uh. You probably noticed that i put two sticks of ddr3 in there. Instead of the original single eight gig stick so there’s still eight gigs in here, but i figured i’d switch them to dual channel. I don’t have many ddr3 kits anymore, just laying around so it’s, not like. I can upgrade them to 16, but the dual channel over a single channel thing for athons is not a huge deal. I just figured populating both them slots would look a bit better than having a single stick of eight he’ll, probably end up upgrading his entire platform before he decides to upgrade 16 gigs of ddr3 imo. The power supply was an obvious upgrade cx 550 and from corsair. I actually bought this myself. I had it overnighted from amazon, it’s, really convenient living next to an amazon warehouse. You can get things pretty much same day or next day delivery uh. This was a much needed upgrade the black cables look really good.

We tried our best to cable manage in this case it actually wasn’t too bad. This is an old apiva case and um i mean considering what we’re working with i’d say: aesthetically it’s, not too shabby we’ve got a nice red glow. Here. With this front, radiator fan, i flipped the aio upside down, so the barbs were facing downward again, not really a huge deal, but i figured since we could and we had the space to do it. We might as well, and then we have the hard drive off to the front here, which i’m assuming has the operating system on it uh. So the system looks good. I wish i could upgrade more. I was working with vendors trying to get vendors to send things for an entirely new platform uh, so a pretty big upgrade for the system, but those parts aren’t going to arrive in time and nonetheless, i hope this viewer is at least satisfied with how clean this System is now, and i think, thanks to this new power supply, he has a pretty decent upgrade path or upgrade uh potential going forward with that. If you guys enjoyed this cleaning video be sure to. Let me know by giving this one a thumbs up. I would appreciate that leave a comment. Let me know what you want to see. Next, we have an awfully dirty build coming. Next, it is extremely dusty. I really don’t have any words to describe how bad it is.

It is the worst by far and it’s, coming up in the next episode in the pcdc series. Thank you guys for the support in this one, and i will catch you in the next one. My name is greg.