I kind of got it in my head. I’D, like to do some review style videos about the streams that i do so i’m going to take the footage that from there and try to make a pretty in depth video here dead space is a franchise meant a lot to me because it’s one of those Games that, like a diamond and rough, i discovered it on my own, i didn’t know anything about dead space. None of my friends had ever mentioned it or played it before so. The thing that sold me on the first dead space was, i went to gamestop and i saw the cover art, for i just saw. The case saw the box saw the cover art and i thought that’s that looks pretty cool. I wonder what that is, so i picked it up, never read any reviews or anything like that. I still don’t tend to go by reviews as far as purchasing my games or anything like that, i can’t say what my expectations were or anything. I can’t say that i remember like my first thoughts of it were, i remember, playing bits of it uh when i lived at my uncle’s house and feel like i played other parts of it elsewhere, but i do know i loved it. I do remember telling my friends about it. You know like hey guys, you got ta, come check this game out. I convinced a few made a believer of one and another broke my case when i let him borrow the game um anyway, it’s.

The reason i like to stream these games and then make a little review style, video about it, so it’s fresh in my mind and well, if you’ve never heard dead space. The simplest most blunt to the point. Comparison is resident, evil, 4, but in space i could go on some big rant about who the main character is and what he’s doing and try to break down the plot of the game, but that’s, not something i would want to do. I would want you to play it for yourself unless you’re a sony fan, because they don’t believe in backwards compatibility uh, i mean you’ve got to remember. This is a game from the 360 area, if i’m not mistaken, or at least in 2008 can check sources again later, if that’s not correct, so keep that in mind it’s, not the most cinematically enduring game, no ray tracing or photogrammetry uh. I don’t believe there’s any hdr support or anything like that, i’m sure there’s mods on pc, if it’s on pc, i think it holds up fairly well visually kind of has a style, gritty and dark and i think it’s just the way you look at this game. However, i will make one suggestion: playing the game in any kind of surround sound or with stereo headphones is the way to go. I learned that from these streams it was my first time truly experiencing audio design of the game and it is absolutely fantastic echoes in the dark and mysterious hallways whispers of nursery rhymes.

You may or may not remember from when you were a child. Ah Applause. Ah Applause, the audio design is a true highlight of this experience and hearing those whispers and echoes and thumps in the dark and what direction they came from it does bring this experience into a whole new level. Doesn’T hurt seeing the game in 1080p. For the first time, either for that matter, but yeah, my overall review would be it’s a solid game and the gameplay holds up well it’s, fun and frightening, intense and insane. And if you’re unable to play the game in any way, shape or form, then i’d have to suggest watching my streams: um i’m, a little jaded on the concept of jump scares and stuff and i’m, not the type to make some big performance out of it. Just for laughs or whatever i don’t talk over story parts, so yeah you should be able to follow along with the game pretty well, especially considering. I basically use these streams to dial in my new headset and well that’s, just how it is. Sometimes, if you enjoy this or those streams, please do leave a like and subscribe and if you don’t well ignore everything i say except one thing: you’re here you’ve shown interest. If you haven’t before, then you need to play dead space it’s worth it from there. It’S that’s pretty much really it i’m going to be working on streaming, my way through dead space 2 and getting those videos up – and i just got to say, it’s a game worth experiencing it’s a franchise worth experiencing if you’ve never played them before.

So hopefully, you found this video somewhat informative and uh that’s pretty much it. So, thanks to my current one and only patron swift logic, and if you want to join me on live streams, follow me on twitter and twitch.