Both on the great and both on the limitations, Zuallererst, its a beautiful tablet and one of the things that, meiner Meinung nach, is more important on the tablet is the screen. The sound the overall build quality and here will be more than fine. Wir sprechen über 11 inches with the screen, mit 120 hertz hdr10 dolby vision with a resolution of 2560 durch 1600 mit 274 PPI. So you can get really close and you will not be able to see the pixels and its just a joy to use a stream search as this one. Auch, the sound quality really awesome that comes out from these four speakers to on each side. So really nice. In Bezug auf die Leistung, its not chevy at all, it has a snapdragon 860, with six gigabytes of ram 128 GB Speicher. There is a version with 256, but this is the 128, and it also has two really nice cameras. The front facing camera has 8 megapixels and it will record at 1080 30 Bilder pro Sekunde, and the back camera will record that 13 megapixels up to 4k at 30 Rahmen pro. Sekunde. This is the quality of the front facing camera. Nur für den Fall, dass, you want to see the image quality so that you can do a video call for your friends, your family. So this is the image quality that we can get out of the back camera on the xiaomi mi pad 5 und, meiner Meinung nach, audio im, nicht wirklich sicher, but regarding the image quality its more than enough to do a few interesting things in terms of recording Video and editing in terms of performance with these specs, the experience is awesome.

We will not feel any kind of downside. It will play everything, great graphics, great everything, and if we want to play games then you will be able to play any game. If you want to do multitasking, you will be able, if you want to play around with video, herausgabe, einfach in Ordnung, and if you want to do some entertaining then more than fine. Jetzt, starting with some games, i did try a few one of which is the gangshin impact. I did put it graphics on the maximum resolution because we want to enjoy this great screen right over here and the experience is but a smooth. You will be able to play this kind of games, and probably this is one of the heaviest games on the google play store at this moment, and it was just fine. If you are more on the pub g mobile thing, then you can, and you can pair with your mouse and keyboard and things like that with which well talk in just a few moments, so you will have a lot of fun. Auch, i did try with asphalt. 9, which is a game that will play on many other tablets and, Natürlich, right over here, its a really joy to play. Auf der anderen Seite, if you want to go for multitasking, you will be able to split the screen in two and you can put two apps at once. Lets say you want to put a words document plus youtube or words and browser or netflix and words.

So you can split into and decide which app you want to do now. One of the things that i really love is video editing. Tatsächlich, i will once i finish to record this, but video editing on a go on a device such as this is a really joy. Dann, Natürlich, if i have the choice, i will prefer my computer with a 49 inch display and i will do real multitasking video editing, but but if im on the go, then its really cool to have a device such as this, because i can just import My videos and while im waiting for the buzzer for the train waiting for someone, i can be edit and i did try with several apps. So this will be just a personal choice, but in terms of performance, if you are into video editing or photo editing, then just great. I havent had the chance to try the pen, but it looks that with some limitations as well works really nice. So for video editing, that will be a great tool to add. Now something boring is if you want to watch, netflix or kodi or mb or plex or hbo or disney plus, oder so etwas wie das, although its not boring for the tablet, it is a boring task because it will do that. Nur gut, you can select your software of choice and the tablet will do just a great job. You will be able to take full advantage of this beautiful screen and, Natürlich, also the sounds now.

One of the things that i did check out is the pc modes app. I did try a older version and a new version and my opinion is that still not ready. It is really nice and i believe that in the future will be a great tool for xiaomi devices, especially tablets like this one right over here, but at this moment of the recording is just not ready. There are a few limitations in terms of the resizing of the windows and resizing of the apps and the way that we use and the way that we see the settings and some bugs here and there, which it is on the right way. Im really happy to see that it exists and someone is working on it, but there is still a long way to do until its usable in a real world environment. Im talking about multitasking talking about working with an external display, which we will talk about in just a few moments, so thats my opinion now. The other thing similar to this is samsung vex that we have seen right over here and this. I believe that its a it is not an alternative, but its a try to be an alternative which is not there yet its a long way to have the same experience that we have on samsung decks, which we have tried here with samsung s20 fan edition 5g, Which in one moment, we have a phone in our pocket and then when we connect to an external display and using samsung dex, we have a full fledged computer, which is great to use a lot more mature, a lot more features unless whatsoever.

That makes a great experience which we wont have at this moment right away. Dennoch, im really happy once again to see the app exists, but at this moment i prefer to work like this for multitasking and even for real work, video editing or word editing, and things like that than using the pc mode. Jetzt, one of the things that i really would love to see would be the native hdmi output, which doesnt exist now yesterday, if you havent watched the video ill post a link right over here, we tried a way of using this tablet with an external display and It works just fine, we did the test on the delay on the lag and so on so forth. It works just fine, but its not the same as having a native output, and this happens because, although we have usb type 3 right over here, the technology inherit is usb 2.0, and this will limit us in two ways. Zuallererst, we will not have hdmi output right over here, and the second is that the transfer speeds that we will have are roughly 30 Megabyte pro Sekunde. So if you are transferring filesand i did transfer some files from my gopro recorded at 4k – 60 Bilder pro Sekunde – which are quite bigand this just means that it will take a whilebecause ive got several files there with a few gigabytes. So that is a limitation nonetheless, in terms of the using the external screen, i would suggest to check out this video right over here, because the experience is not bad at all its, not the ideal like having a native hdmi output, but its better than what i Was expecting now, Schließlich, battery usage, it has a really nice battery of 8720 milliamp hours and this translated to usage its very simple.

If you are going to use it to work, browse the internet, Wort, processing and so forth, you can count on 12 An 13 Stunden. More or less on my testsand that is just fine because its a full day, meiner Meinung nach, if you are going to mix three games and lets, sagen 50 50, then just reduce half and you will stay with six hours more or less using it for Browsing and using it for games, if you are just using it for games, then i would subtract another two hours and you will be left with four hours: three and a half four hours depending on the game. If you are talking about the gen chin impact, then it will consume a lot more than asphalt 9, so this will depend, but i would say that the battery is great and even four hours on gaming. Meiner Meinung nach, it is a lot of hours playing. Also, schließlich, this is a awesome tablet. Great display right over here great build quality, great sound with a really awesome performance. Es hat, meiner Meinung nach, two limitations and they are uh coming from the same connectivity, which is the usb type c. It doesnt have native hdmi output, which we can use the wireless display right over here and the other one we havent work around, which is the speeds of transfer. So if you are thinking about transferring a lot of files every day, and so on so forth to edit your videos and then exporting your videos count with 30 megabytes per second on.

Dennoch, if you are okay with this, i believe that in a market right now, this is one of the best good charges. Having in mind all the pros and cons that being said, hope that the video was helpful in some way and if it was dont forget the usual thumbs up right over there.