Many of you have been waiting for this review. This is the san leeda velocity x10 compound bow. Um make sure you check out the link in the description section of this video for details. If you want to order one of these great bow for the money, i mean just excellent, so i’m going to go over this right now. This bow some of the specs for this bow let’s talk about the specs and to make sure i don’t say something incorrect. I just logged all the data in my laptop right here. I measured the axle to axle it came in at exactly 33 and a half inches axle to axle the brace height came in at six and a half inches. The draw length, according to the manufacturer, ist 27 inches to 30 inch draw length. The limbs you have options, you can get a 40 An 50 pound limb, 50 An 60, pound limbs, 60 An 70 pound limb. Now the advertised brace or not brace height, but bow weight. The weight of the bow is four and a half pounds. Mine came in just a hair under i, i weighed it. Es war 4.43 with the hour rest on, so it would be even less than that. Bear bow it’s advertised at a 75. Let off we’re gon na check that as well and um to start off i’m going to draw the bow back with an arrow on we’re, going to test how firm the back wall is so right now i just put it on the 30 inch draw length.

Setting i’m going to put it on the draw board and double check the draw weight in just a minute. Also i’ll get the weight at each inch increment of draw and we’ll get a draw force curve as well. Give this a try here, pretty firm back wall for a cable stop, Wie Sie sehen können, not much give. There comes off it’s a it’s about a 75. Let off is what it’s rated at or what the what it’s advertised at it’s. You know once you get used to pulling bows and letting down you get to sense around how it’s going to feel coming off the back wall at a percentage, let off so around 75 80 Prozent, let off it stays on pretty well. But as you relax your muscles, it comes off it’s, those higher let offs like 90 percent that you you feel like you have to push your hand forward. So i prefer around. Excuse me around a 80 let off for hunting. I don’t like it too high, because if you ever have to let down in a hunting situation, you don’t want to be like shaking because of the animal and then you’re like struggling to let down and so just being able to ease up and have it come Off the back wall, i kind of prefer that so this is at 60 Pfund. Dies ist ein 60 pound model i’m going to take a shot through the chronograph here with a 5 grain per pound arrow.

So this is going to be um a 300 grain arrow and i’m going to put it on the draw board next and check to see what actual draw length we’re hitting here. It should be a 30 inch draw length, Das heißt 317 feet per second right. dort 60 pound limb with a 300 grain arrow all right, so at the 30 inch draw length setting i measured 29 and three quarter inch and the peak weight was a little under 60. that’s um. All you need to do really to adjust, for that is add a little twist to the cables and you’ll increase the draw weight or you could decrease twist from the string. So you could remove twist, make the string a little bit longer that’s, going to increase the draw length and draw weight so um with some swells very slight tweaking you could get this to be. Measuring those specifications uh that it it could be a and we would also have slightly higher speeds than what we’re getting here. But now we’re on the 29 inch draw length setting it measured. Just a hair under is like 28 and three quarter inch draw. The peak weight was just about 57 Pfund, so we’re about three pounds shy and a little short on the drawing. So this speed would is going to be a little less than what you could expect at this draw length, und das ist 308 308 feet per second, and i would imagine you’re going to be several feet per second higher than that with you know, if you have Time to do some tuning and tweak those types of things, okay, so we were 27 and three quarter inch pretty consistent, so we’re dropping an inch in draw length as expected, but it’s just a hair lower than the anticipated draw length and to to correct that it’s.

Just a matter of slight adjustments to the strings and cables, i wanted to talk a little bit about the bow as well: it’s using a hybrid cam system, cam and a half system. So what you have is you have your string? You have a bus, cable and a control. Cable control cable goes from one cam to the other, so the the cable itself is. Let me see it’s this one right here, so this cable is connected to this cam and it goes to the cam here and what that does. It helps the cam stay rotating at the same time and the uh the bus cable goes from the cam to the limbs, so there’s a yoke system here, so you can adjust for cam lean and that helps in tuning. You can adjust for your left right, tear when you’re paper tuning a bow by modifying the yokes and with the hybrid cam system, sie sind, not identical cams, so um one is more oval shaped than the other, and this is the type of a cam system. You you see like on a hoyt compound bow. The draw cycle feels very much like a hoyt because of that um similar cam system, so there’s a little bit of a hump at the end toward the end of the draw cycle. Some people like that and then drops down into the valley um. This is at the next draw length setting, Was ist. Let me double check, make sure i’m telling you everything.

Die 28 inch draw length setting it measured 27 and three quarter inch and we’re going to take a shot here, Siehe. What is the speed here for this draw length that came in exactly 300 feet per second, so at that draw length with 300 grain arrow 5 grains per pound, i would expect it to be a little bit higher if um, Weißt du, we did some modifications to Get it at the actual 28 inch and the peak weight only measured at 57 pounds again, it’s just slight tweaks in the strings and cables to get you there and let’s. Take a look at the 27 inch draw length: 290.. Okay, so at the 27 inch draw length, we were at 290 feet per second, so i’d say at the the longest draw length setting the 30 inch draw length if we had this bow just slightly tweaked we’d be at least at 320 feet per second. We we measured about 317 with where it’s currently at it is a very nice bow. I shot hoyts for many years and it is very reminiscent of that. You have your draw length, change your module right on there, so you can change it from the whole. Draw length range right on there. You can change it in half inch increments. I was only doing it by one inch increments for my testing today, it’s as simple as loosening the screws, turning the mod tightening back up and then moving the draw, stop peg and one of the nice things about san leeda.

Is they give you the tools to do that? Let me grab them real quick, so they give you a bag of allen, wrench and torque wrench tools. So the the drawer, the cam module, requires the torque wrenches. So they give you those and then the allen wrench key for the draw, stop peg those come in the bag. I really appreciate that you don’t have to go out like if you don’t have the right size. You don’t have to go out buying more tools or you know you go to work on the bow and it’s like. Oh, i don’t have the tool i need now. I got to stop and go get something anyway, they’re provided for you. I really appreciate that the price of this bow is outstanding right now, they’re running a special on these. You just click on the link to go to the website and see it because who knows by the time you’re seeing this video, the the price might be different. So i don’t want to tell you something and it’s not that way when you get there go check it out and as i’m, making this video they’re offering a discount for this bow. The um promotional code that you put in at checkout is sean s e, a n. You can kind of see the first couple letters of my sean’s outdoor adventures banner here i can maybe turn this a little bit c s e, a n, so dass das.

How i spell my name: es ist, the gaelic version uh, so you type sean in for the promotional code in checkout and right now, they’re doing a 50 Rabatt, so that’s a pretty steep discount incredible. I mean i’m, releasing this video right around christmas time. This is probably the best uh christmas present bow that i could think of for the price for what you can get here. What you’re getting for um you just can’t beat it does not come with these. This irs i just put on there for the testing, but they do. This did come with a peep sight and d loop installed. So also, i want to put up my little chart here. Just for you to see this is the chart of data that i acquired. While doing my testing, you can pause the video and stare at this. If you want so, on the left hand side you have the ata, i gemessen 33 and a half inches or whatever so the the percent let off it was coming in a little bit higher than the 75 advertised. The back wall is pretty good it’s for a cable, stop back wall it’s pretty firm. Ich schätze es. Let’S take a look at the next column. Over the draw length advertised 30 inch draw. Mine was measuring just a quarter inch under again, just a little bit of tweaking with the strings and cables and that’ll put you right there. The draw weight was a little under the 60 Pfund.

Es war 57 to you, know 57 pound range, so über 3 pounds under and my percent. Let off was a little bit more than what was expected, and so slight modifications is going to speed this bow up. Tatsächlich, i was measuring 317 feet per second, with a five grain per pound arrow at the 30 inch draw length, so i would imagine we’d be up at 320, maybe with a little bit more at the 30 inch draw. Five grain per pound is. If we did some modifications to the strings and cables, and then you have you know, Siehst du, the stats for the next group down 29 inch draw came in just a hair under the draw weight was right around 57 Pfund, 80 Prozent – let off 308 feet per Second and uh, 28 28 inch draw length, came in again just a hair under 57 Pfund, 80, let off 300 feet per second 27 inch draw was coming in right. Um 27 Zoll 57 pounds uh draw weight the let off actually measured around 81 Prozent 290 feet per second now on the right. You have the draw length and the draw weight at the draw length so right around 10 inches uh. I was at 5.4 pounds this. I only did the draw force curve for at the 30 inch draw length setting and then you can see all the draw weights as we increased draw length and we maxed out around 57.2 pounds right around 23 An 24 inch draw in this draw cycle, and then It dumped off into my peak weight, our peak length actually was 29 and three quarter inch.

Even though it’s marked as 30 there and you can look at the draw force curve, you see there’s a little hump at the end. I talked about that um, but it is a fairly smooth draw cycle and that’s kind of what you can expect from the hybrid cam system. Now that i’ve gone over the bow let’s go ahead and give this particular bow away. Now san leeda has been very generous. We have given away a bow every single week for the past three months, and so this is the last bow in the series we’ve given away a lot of bows this year. If you want to see that go to the giveaways page of my website, shawn’s outdoor adventures, dot com, but uh let’s give this bow away and i’ve decided. This boat was going to go to a very loyal fan of mine, who has really given a lot of financial support to sean’s outdoor adventures. Over the years i mean far and above anybody else, anybody else out there if you have donated. Vielen Dank, but this person has donated several hundred dollars more than anybody else ever has, and i just want to say thank you to him, so this bow is going as a thank you to jerry conoyer for being such a super fan and such a Super supporter of shawn’s outdoor adventures, let’s give jerry a call hello, jerry, conoyer, what’s up what’s up man. How are you i’m doing good? I love yourself i’m doing pretty well uh, so you busy.

Nein! Nein! So i wanted to call and tell you that um you know this month, ich bin, giving away this velocity x10 compound bow yeah, and you are the recipient of this bow my friend no way yes way, really yeah man. You have been such a support all these years. I just thought there is no way that i could uh not give this bow to. You is a is a token of gratitude for all the support. All these years, so um sanllita had sent me two of the velocities to give. Gut, they sent me two and i said: can we use them as giveaways and they said yes to that, so i sent one out last month and then um you know it dawned on me, like hey jerry’s got to get one of these bows so i’m holding The the all black version for you to set up and use, jedoch, you want man. This could be like a you could set up for your son as he gets older. You could set it up as a target bow. You could hunt with it. Yeah i mean you got all kinds of options. I i i can’t even say thank you enough. Das ist unglaublich! You definitely did not did not need to, but you know i i’m obviously very thankful. Sure man well i’m excited that you’ll be getting it it’s. So it’s all black and it’s got um. The the limbs are not like a solid black they’re, almost like this cool little checkery pattern on them, but the uh, the the strings are it’s it’s, half black half red, so it’s got that.

You know that fiery. Look to it and it’s got the the red um. You know little silencer type things in the limbs. You know in the split limbs those rubberized pieces there, so it’s it’s got the black red kind of uh combo to you. So i think that’s. I think that’s something you could work with when you’re personalizing. You know you could kind of go with the black red theme with the rest of the accessories um, but yeah it’s, a it’s, a nice bow man and i’m going to be sending that out to you. That’S really awesome cool man. Gut, folks, there you have it thanks so much to all of you for tuning in thanks for to san leeda. For this bow to give as a gift to somebody right around this time of year is great, and i just thank all of my viewers. I try so much to show that appreciation throughout my videos and i’m very grateful to san leeda for allowing me to bless one of my viewers with this awesome. Velocity x10 compound bow, hey stay tuned because maybe someday you’ll be one of the recipients of such a gift. Praise the good lord! I want to thank god for giving us a chance to be alive. I want to thank god for giving us a chance to practice. Archery, to have this platform to to view to see videos to view videos to get to know, people that we otherwise wouldn’t have thank you, god for that, so have a very blessed year, this year and depending on when you’re watching this a very merry christmas or Or not, you could be watching this in july, aber ich bin, making it right around christmas time.

Also geht es los.